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It feels like yesterday that I was hiking up here with these two in my arms. I used to carry Ruby on my back and Jake in a homemade carrier on the front. There are so few pictures from that time in life. It was blurry, marked by sleepless nights, and so many diaper changes. It is hard to believe we are already here, with all 4 kids walking on their own, not always willingly, but they are doing it. Throw back to the blurry days...

“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.” ~Mother Theresa

This guy cracks me up! He’s the first to tell a joke, with the goofiest sense of humour. This cross-eye is his go to look. 😂 He is also the quiet one and can sit and draw for hours. When he was 4 he fell in love with trail running and is happiest with the dirt under his feet. He notices the way light filters through the trees and the sound rain makes on the water. He’s a whole lot of mystery to me still and I can’t wait to watch him grow more ❤️

The smell of campfire stuck to our Monday clothes reminds us of a weekend well spent! Who was out camping this weekend?!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you amazing women out there who have ever felt your heart beat faster for a child you've longed for, held or loved. You are special. Whether they are in your arms now, grown up and out of the house, or forever a rainbow in your heart, you are a mother. We see you and the sacrifices you have made. We feel your heart as you cry into your pillow at night, not knowing if you were cut out for this job. And we know, all you women out there, YOU are the MAGIC that makes the world go round ❤️
Last night we discovered a new flooded forest right outside our doorstep! Head to the link in my bio for more information 😉 #sharechilliwack #paddlingkids

Happy Mother’s Day weekend ❤️ We laughed so hard after we saw this photo on the back of the camera, it was such a lighthearted, goofy moment. Truth be, it hasn’t felt all light and easy lately, motherhood can sweep you off your feet in more ways than one, you know what I mean mamas? This beach day felt so good though, and belly laughing is always medicine for the soul. No matter where you are at in your motherhood journey, whether it be in loss or love, beauty or pain, sleeplessness or finally rest, we hope you can find a reason to gather around with those you love this weekend, and celebrate the woman of strength you are. You are an unfinished piece of art, and in my books, you are all a treasure ❤️ #strongasamother #mothersday

“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?" That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.”
~Hermann Hess

I remember the first time I saw this lake. You know the kind of memory that’s all fuzzy and all that you remember is the feel of the magic? This lake and views still hold that magic for us, though it’s changed over the years. As the population grew around here, people started coming up in droves. Party groups started deciding it was too much work to drive their garbage out, so they’d throw it into the bushes, or just on the ground, or even worse, into the lake. And quickly other campers followed suit.
The campground here is owned by a Hydro company, but they do little to stop the illegal dumping. Now, we no longer visit the lake in summer. The sad state that it’s left in is just too overwhelming. How, as humans, could we get it so wrong? So I’m posting this photo to highlight what is right about this place, and it has everything to do with nature. #leavenotrace #theresnogarbagefairy

All she needs is a one piece rain suit and boots and this girl is good to go! If you look carefully the nicely packed, dry trail is just on the right, but of course the kids find the mud much more attractive 😝
Tip: Dress your kids in clothes they can get dirty in, or just stick them in a muddy buddy and boots. Then set them free to play. When you can encourage them towards simple play, (climbing, splashing, crawling), without stressing over their clothes, they will be building important brain connections for future problem solving and more! It more than just play, it’s brain training 😉
#raisingragamuffins #goadventuretogether #iwasbornwild #bogsfootwear #ospreypacks #childrenofmountains #familyhike #goodtimesoutside #optoutside #childhoodunplugged #mud #puddlejumping

Endless rows of colours and endless fun for these guys! We just love this festival each year, wandering down the paths, admiring the different colours of flowers. Do you have a tulip festival in your area? @tulipsofthevalley #tulipsofthevalley #sharechilliwack #thefraservalley

She’ll hike anywhere for a handful of Jelly Bellies. 😂 Often we get asked, how do you start young kids hiking? My first suggestion is make it rewarding for them. Hand out a jelly bean, every time they find a... green rock, stream, bird, white flower, or whatever might be every 100 m on the trail. When you make it a game, you’ll be blown away how far they can hike. A realistic goal for beginners is to hike their age in kilometres. But don’t just go out one time, with that goal, and be surprised when your child doesn’t want any part in it. Go out often, play at the lake, or find a creek to climb around. Let them climb piles of rocks and on trees. Their balance and endurance will build through playing on uneven and steep grounds. This will give them the skills they need to master a trail.
Then head out and for tiny hikers, pick them up and give them a short snuggle when they are tired, but put them back down. See how far they can go! For older kids, having a rough time on the trail, make it a game, give them a reward for reaching certain goals. Our kids all started at crying on the trail, then they grew to their age in km, then double and last year we worked on triple! It is worth the effort! #hikingwithkids #childrenofmountains

Sometimes as parents we forget to take care of ourselves. Life gets so busy with little ones running around, we just let the business take over and our cup runs dry. I want to encourage you to take the time to do the things that feed you soul, and don’t feel bad carving out time for yourself. It might take a bit of creativity to fit it in, but know that your mental well being is worth every bit of effort. You can’t pour from an empty cup.
On this hike we left at 5:30am and my hubby dropped the kids of at school for me. We hiked fast, just up to the saddle, to make it home for school pickup. The kids were none the wiser, but mama had a smile and a bit more in her cup to pour out that week.

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