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Mary  A story of warm knits, good books, and other cozy things.

Sneaking in a few autumn memories before the last leaf falls. 🍂

I’ve been knitting something besides socks this morning! 😱 This is the Woodlands Scarf from #swansislandyarn . I’m knitting it in their All American worsted in the McIntosh color, for the curious.

Spending my Friday with socks, tea, and my unruly ivy plant. What are you guys getting into for Friday the 13th? 🦇🕸🕷 (yarn is #adelaidecottage in Blueberry Muffin).

My Effervescence Cardigan is officially ready to be blocked! I admit, I’m a little nervous about sewing on the cap sleeves, but I’m going to have to figure it out because I’m already super in love with this sweater. Also, after a year of knitting pretty much nothing but socks (and this), I finally feel ready to get back knitting all the things. Yay!!

I’ve hesitated to share this project because it’s not perfect. In fact, I’ve been calling it my “perfectly imperfect quilt.” Or at least it will be a quilt after I sandwich it and bind it. We’re getting there. It’s my first quilt top. I’ve learned a lot making it. Things like, it’s probably not a good idea to cut your fabric sitting cross legged on the floor because it turns out that cutting is probably the most important step in quilting. Go figure!
Anyway, there was almost a point where I just scrapped this whole project and tossed it because it wasn’t perfect. Fortunately, from knitting I’ve learned that closets are also a good place to stuff things for a while when they’re not going your way. And, after a while, every time I opened my closet I found my eye lingering on this, dare I say- admiring it.
So, I one day I took it out of the closet, pressed it, and got back to work. I accepted that it wasn’t going to be perfect and realized that was okay. Instead, I found it beautiful because it was, and is, a chronicle of my first attempt and contains scars from all the lessons I’ve learned making it. It’s mine in a way that no purchased quilt could ever be. That’s what I love about handmade.
Sometimes though I feel like, as makers, we need to be perfect. We sometimes talk with bravado about taking a whole project apart and starting over to get it just right or to fix a minor mistake. One thing I’ve learned with this project though is that sometimes, it helps to look at the big picture. Sometimes, in the grand design of the whole, the small imperfections get lost and what remains is something more beautiful than you thought possible.
That said, if anybody knows of a good YouTube video or book for sandwiching and binding, please send it my way!

Split pea soup is bubbling away on the stove, leaves are falling outside, and I’m turning the heel on another pair of socks. Autumn, I love you.

Cozy lunch break: homemade sausage and white bean soup and a new book about books.

I’ve been trying to work through my yarn stash a bit and so it was quite a bookish birthday this year! Making the rounds of the used bookstores, I was really excited to find this edition of Cowper after finishing my re-read of Mansfield Park (he was a favorite poet of both Fanny Price and Austen herself). Addison and Steele’s Spectator is one of my favorite works of all time and the only book that I really collect. Rounding off the bunch were two new Frances Burney books to console me for finally finishing Evelina, which I loved. It was quite a book haul and I felt very lucky! What’s your favorite kind of birthday present?

It's been a while. Nearly two months in fact. I knit socks, I read books, I turned 35, and I went to Maine. I'll share more of all that later. For now, to celebrate my favorite month of October, I thought I'd share some festive socks I've been working on with my cherished #makershaven "October Gave a Party" sock kit. Hope your Sunday has been lovely and that you've been well. 🍁

Feeling very grateful for a mail carrier who not only works hard 8 days a week bringing me all the pretty things but who, when something gets mislaid, has it found and in my arms in record time. Thanks to him my Friday night plans are all set.

Yarn: #sweetsparrowyarns in "There's Coffee in That Nebula" (gobstopper) and "Evenstar" (tonal).
Best Progress Marker Ever: #tiltingplanetyarns

Progress and coffee. A few more toe decreases, a mite of seaming, and we're done.

Lately, it's been all about the knitting. Knitting in the morning with coffee at hand, knitting in the afternoon and watching birds, knitting in the evening with tea and podcasts, knitting until my hands hurt. Sometimes there are just seasons to your life and this is where mine is at the moment.

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