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Mary  Lover of simple things: coffee • classics• mysteries• baked goods• dog walks• flowers• hand knit socks• tea

I've been finding that I've been missing taking photos of things besides books lately and so I thought I'd share some black raspberries! This is the cluster outside my kitchen window and I've been admiring the subtle color changes as they make their way from yellow to red to darkest purple. Black raspberry season also means bear season where I live and more than once I've looked out the kitchen window to see the black bears feasting. Has any one else experienced the deliciousness of a black raspberry or is it purely a East coast/ mid-Atlantic thing?

Rainy afternoons are all about cups of tea and comfort reading. Bakeries? Chocolate? Paris? 🙋🏼 What's your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

Getting ready to wash and block my "Princess and the Pea" socks that #sweetsparrowyarns dyed for #littleskeininthebigwool . I really loved knitting this pair and watching for each little "pea" scattered amongst all the "blanket" stripes! Definitely one of my favorite pairs of all time.

I'm sorry for being so absent on here lately. I had oral surgery the end of May and it took a while for me to feel like myself again. Even though I wasn't posting or commenting much, I thoroughly enjoyed all of your photos!
Today I'm enjoying a lazy day with Lauren Elkin's Flâneuse which I'm thoroughly enjoying so far. I'm also sharing a pair of socks I finished during my recovery- loving all the cheery bright colors!
Hope everyone is having a lovely day!
Yarn is a whoopsie skein of "Sugar Cookie by #hknt

I've been slowly making my way through Frances Burney's Evelina in the mornings. When I first started Evelina I was amazed at how evident its influence on Jane Austen was, but the more I read, the more I find it reminding me of Henry Fielding. I'm enjoying it and will definitely be reading more Frances Burney, but I'm finding myself having to adjust my lens with it a bit- away from Austen- in order to do it justice. Have you read Frances Burney? What did you think?

Coffee and books: a habit I got from my dad and the best way to start the morning.
My Life with Bob is written by Pamela Paul, editor of The New York Times Book Review, and chronicles her relationship with reading and Bob, her Book of Books.
Having kept my own reading journal since high school, I pretty much ran to the bookstore when I saw this one coming out. A cursory glance even reveals a shared love of my new favorite, Nancy Drew! Fingers crossed it's a good one!

I just watched the first episode of "Anne with an 'E'" on Netflix and maybe it's because I grew up with the books and the Megan Follows miniseries, but I'm really not enjoying it so far. In fact, I'm a little bit 😱 over what they did to my beloved Anne. I'm having a hard time accepting this darker, grittier Anne and I think the problem for me is that I don't go to Anne for that kind of story. I go to Anne when I want to feel brave again, when I need to remember that "tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it." I feel like this series is totally missing what I love about Anne which is her optimism, her resilience, her ability to maintain a good attitude despite her past and to be hopeful about the future. I love her kindness and how hard she tries at everything. I love her fierceness and courage. I love how she isn't defeated or ruled by her past. I realize that some people will love this new adaptation but frankly, it's just not my Anne. Does anybody else feel the same way? Or am I missing out and need to try and toughen out the rest of the series?

Sneaking in some knitting this afternoon while I catch up on some of my favorite bookish podcasts. Also, trying to remember what the sun looks like. 😅

Rainy afternoon happenings.
I first started studying Latin in preparation for pursuing a graduate degree. It was love at first word and in many ways, it changed my life. It was the first subject I came across that really challenged my love for literature and my life plans.
While I haven't always been very good at keeping my Latin up over the years, I always come back to it and this battered old text remains my "if I were stranded on a desert island" book.
Starting over from the beginning again with it now, I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I remember. One day, I hope to be lucky enough to have it mastered, but for now, I'm just content to live alongside it.

It's been pouring rain here today so I've been cozying up with cup after cup of tea and working my way through Pride and Prejudice again.
Also, it's one of the strange coincidences of my life that every time the going gets rough, I've been reading this book. Turns out that there's nothing like reading Jane Austen for real comfort.
While I love Pride and Prejudice, it's not my favorite Austen. My top three Austen novels are: Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and Emma. Which Austen novels are your favorites? Any other Fanny Price fans out there?

This is my first time reading Nancy Drew and I'm in love. I can't figure out why I never read these books as a kid but I'll certainly be making up for lost time now.

Life has been throwing me a lot of curve balls lately and I've been worrying myself sick. That's why this book, which requires no thinking and offers much needed distraction is so welcoming at the moment. It's just a fun read with a likeable protagonist and plenty of tasty sounding treats which I've been jotting down to look up recipes for. Because sometimes, when the future seems very uncertain, it helps to dream of the things you can control- however small they may be.

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