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Interview Magazine  🔮 The Crystal Ball of Pop 🔮 The official instagram account of Interview magazine, founded by Andy Warhol in 1969.

"Everything that I do is very autobiographical. I'm trying to be as much of an open book as possible and give the audience every single piece of me." @dualipa in our April issue 📸s @dominicksheldon. Styling @ajmukamal. Hair @hiromari8787. Makeup @seongheeparkmakeup.

"My early career wasn't as strong as it could have been. I kept getting cut. I was an extra on a [Robert Altman] film called Vincent & Theo. They put me in a costume and I was supposed to play in a puddle of mud. I didn't want to ruin my costume and I cried...I was in Reservoir Dogs in the background of one scene and that got cut." #JackRoth , son of #TimRoth and star of the @sxsw film #usandthem on his failed child actor years 📸 @mattholyoak. Styling @wayperry_edit. Grooming @chersavery.

"I& #39;ve always been so intrigued by language and how it completely changes you--because of cultural context, because of humor. Everything is so different." Raised between Scotland and France, #FreyaMavor (@frejska) acts in both British and French films. This spring, you can see her in #thesenseofanending and #cezanneetmoi 📸 @jasonhetherington. Styling @rachelbakewell. Hair @hurrbydavid. Makeup @victoriabond007

"I think sometimes we are, as people of color, a little more empathetic to the things around us. I think from an early age I was just aware of certain things." Artist #HenryTaylor to his friend, fashion designer @duroolowu #WhitneyBiennial

"Can we stop talking about it and actually co-exist?" @ondriahardinofficial for #BeyondHereLiesNothing 📸 @c_brylle. Casting @legainsbourg. Special thanks @milk

"I didn't have any formal training. I didn't come from Juilliard. I was just getting by and learning in front of the world. So I've always had this feeling that one day they're going to find out that I'm really a fraud." #MichellePfeiffer to @darrenaronofsky 📸 @mikaeljansson. Styling @georgecortina. Hair @shayashual. Makeup @diane.kendal. Manicure @ashlie_johnson. Prop styling #ColinDonahue . Cc @fabienbaron @chateaumarmont @milk @thestandard @lolaproduction #WizardofLies

"I& #39;m very willful, you know. I'm a survivor. It's in my nature. I don't look so tough, but I am." #MichellePfeiffer interviewed by @darrenaronofsky for our April cover 📸 @mikaeljansson. Styling @georgecortina. Hair @shayashual. Makeup @diane.kendal. Manicure @ashlie_johnson. Prop styling #ColinDonahue . Cc @fabienbaron @chateaumarmont @milk @thestandard @lolaproduction

📸 @craigmcdeanstudio. Styling #KarlTempler . Hair @duffy_duffy. Makeup @diane.kendal. Manicure @megumiyamamotonyc. Set design #GerardSantos . Model @cara_taylorrr. Casting #MichelleLee

@marni at the mall 📸 @craigmcdeanstudio. Styling #KarlTempler . Hair @duffy_duffy. Makeup @diane.kendal. Manicure @megumiyamamotonyc. Set design #GerardSantos . Model @cara_taylorrr. Casting #MichelleLee

"I knew that it was very important for me to spend my 20s in NYC...I think it forces you to define yourself." @missevangelista 📸 @annie_powers. Styling @l0uiseb0rchers. Hair @sabrinaszinay. Makeup @marikoarai #TheArrangement

"Movies are expressions of our imagination. They are expressions of our conscious and of our subconscious. I think movies can be analyzed the way dreams are analyzed." #OlivierAssayas 📸 @vsteves #PersonalShopper

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