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Regrann from @indivisiblenoho - Probably our biggest attended march today. We are filling up downtown #Northampton. #MarchForOurLives #Enough #WesternMass #Indivisible

Regrann from @artistsfordemocracy - ⭐️@carlylarsson ⭐️ NOT ONE MORE! March for Our Lives, Portland OR 2018

Regrann from @valeriehefnerforablue62 - Today, someone at March For Our Lives launched a political attack on my husband's military service. Danny has been to Iraq 3 times in active combat, which is a matter of public record and can be verified easily. He is very proud of what he has done for his country and those he loves, and does not regret risking his life to keep America safe.
To have someone who has never been to war dishonor Danny by implying he “stole valor” was unbelievably insulting, and Danny understandably lost his temper for a moment. We managed to de-escalate the situation, and both parties are unhurt.
Afterward Daniel told me, “I’m so sorry, but I lost too many friends to stay calm when someone calls me a liar.” I don’t condone his actions, but I deeply understand them. My hope is that we can move forward from this incident into a conversation about the issues that really matter.
Below is a photo of Daniel with his brother Justin, who died in combat. These two men were prepared to sacrifice everything on our behalf, and they both paid a heavy price. Our troops deserve our utmost respect and gratitude for their service.

Regrann from @thefive15 - Friday/End-of-Week Reminders 🖤
In a society that glorifies busy, looking after ourselves -and living whatever life we want- is an act of rebellion 💪🏽✊🏽
Happy Friday 🙌🏽☕️
Art by @traitspourtraits

Regrann from @indivisiblerichardson - Reposted from @mfoldallas
Ready to launch? We are sick of these statistics, that so many have lost their lives from such a preventable violence, and we hope you are too! Parents, teachers, students, everyone: join us on Saturday from 1-3 Down town to #marchforourlives ! Share to raise awareness!

We will be there tomorrow! Come out and make your voices heard and support these amazing students! If you'd like to march alongside us, please send us a DM and we can arrange a meeting location. #marchforourlivesdallas #indivisiblerichardson #mfold #marchforourlives

Regrann from @andrewwhitetexas - Student leaders planning the March for Our Lives this weekend to show Gov Abbott what leadership on gun safety looks like...

Regrann from @neil.degrasse - Vote whether or not you agree in my page's story. Comment below why / why not.

Is it time to call out, collect, rein in, educate, and otherwise speak up about your friends prejudice and racist comments? What strategies have you tried, and what works?

Regrann from @surviving.medicine - If you do it for the money, if you do it for the prestige, if you do it for the title, if you do it for anything other than the patients, you will struggle. Medicine isn’t about the time it takes to get into medical school. medicine isn’t about the time it takes to learn everything. Medicine isn’t about how many hours we spend in residency. Medicine is about connecting with patients, being there for them when they are most vulnerable, and working to better the health of everyone around us.

Better than phone banking. Regrann from @sister_district - Mom always told us it was important to write our thank-you notes. But did she also tell you how important it is to register new voters? (Hopefully, yes!) This month, our Chicago area team wrote a whopping 5,195 postcards by hand to encourage voter registration! Here they are being delivered to the post office. 😍 #bluewave2018 #postcardstovoters #grassroots #activism

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