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jack🇦🇺sasha🇲🇾goldie🇨🇳andrea🇮🇳  » archive of headassery - #imhaotw » use our code "INTERSECTIONAL" for $$ off at baesicco! » pro BLM, body posi, POC, LGBT+ and etc.


linda you look like barbie took a 4 day crack binge and copped facetune free shut the fuck up - @jkca

i hate that this is me

it is vile that he would call neo-nazis “fine men” even though their rioting and racism resulted in the harm of black + jewish people, but say some shit like this even though protesting by kneeling down during the anthem is a fucking RIGHT. honestly people still defending him are trash, how can you support someone like this

can we admire how angry this white girl is over makeup i did for an asian bratz doll

A FRAUD anyway go follow her/me @goldialocks // people love 2 hate but can they do some sickening eyeliner.... begone thotz! // @ people saying im not wearing makeup........ do you think eyeliner is just a natural part of my face and that my lips are naturally shiny??????? bc if so then clearly u shouldn’t be commenting on other people’s makeup soz // even if you’re hating the other 29,000+ likes disagree with u xoxo

must be nice

NoBoDy iS pAiNtInG tHeIr fAcEs yElLoW @helpmefindanewname nobody said learning korean is yellowface you dipshit omg how about you read the god damn caption before you make yourself look foolish on a public forum thank you

i hate non-asians tbfh stop


ThE pEoPlE aReNt pAiNtiNg tHeMsElVeS yElLoW

NO. the international kpop community needs to learn when to shut the fuck up. honestly the only reason u’d even say yes is because u think that by letting non-asian people debut that you’d have a chance to debut as an idol and i hate it smmmmm “omg as long as they learn korean its ok” NO. kpop isnt just about the language lmao, u really think its acceptable to let a non-asian yellowface for kpop? honestly bye // yes, yellowface for kpop. how else is a non-asian supposed to appeal in kpop without using appropriating and using makeup trends? such as drawing on fake epicanthic folds, using double eyelid tape, straight brows etc... all in a bid to look more “asian”. next time actually use your brain to think before u speak thx

guess who’s going to taiwan mid october for her LNAT!!! me. gonna snack on some delicious street food awwww yaaaaaaas baby -g

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