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  jack🇦🇺 sasha🇲🇾 goldie🇨🇳 andrea🇮🇳 »#imhaotw (archive of headassery) »use our code "INTERSECTIONAL" for $$ off at soaestheticshop and baesicco

also for a fetus that would be born to a family that is impoverished or abusive, how do you think that child would feel, either living a life of suffering + lacking opportunities to succeed OR being chucked into the foster system which is rife with rape, abuse, etc.? if you actually gave a shit about embryos and fetuses then do your fucking job to make life easier for pregnant people by advocating for paid parental leave (yes both mothers and fathers), universal health care, better resources and funding for resources for pregnant people, homeless people, people suffering from domestic abuse, MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE, better sex education and accessible birth control, etc. get your fucking shit together lmao -g

i love andrea jack and sasha sm this is an appreciation post for my faves good good -g

SERIOUSLY!!! and dont make fun of someone’s quirks (repetitive things that they do etc.) because you never know if these quirks are a result of them being neuroatypical, and it’s just trashy to do so. be respectful and accommodate people. -g

(@nahstalgic) the same people who complain “why does everything have to be about race” are the ones who think feminism is a fashion statement lmao huge pet peeve -g

I just started accutane, wish me luck lmao. ALSO if you've ever taken it/you currently are, what are some things that you've noticed? -andrea

I swear to fucking god if someone comments some stupid ass shit I will snatch your soul. But anyways relating to the post, I agree.

Yall why the fuck are there so many right wing white boys coming on here just to annoy the hell out of us?? Like you know who you are, I know who you are, the majority of us know who you are and have seen you in the comments before. If you're one of the people of talking about, get👏🏽the👏🏽hell👏🏽away👏🏽. I understand sharing your views RESPECTFULLY, but this is like a whole other thing. I've blocked most of these people but I know some of them still lurk around. -andreanananana

please - j

get qizai a bodyguard i'm serious
edit: this was jack i really need to start signing off

(@asian.empress) THE 👏🏽 TRUTH 👏🏽 IS 👏🏽 HERE

Skskskka someone help this man

he's still goin at it

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