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Something great is playing in Lian’s record store. If we get him online, the whole world can hear it.

Mehtar and Mostek are providing water to their local village. They did this without the internet, imagine what they'll be able to do for their village with the internet.

Lian's listening to music that you will never be able to hear. If we get him connected he can share his rare vinyl with the world.

These 11 year-olds built a robotic arm without the help of the internet. Imagine what they could accomplish with it? Let's get the world connected and find out.

Mehtar and Mostek created a windmill with no help from the internet. Let’s get innovators like them connected and sharing with the world.

Lian has some amazing music. And no internet connection. That's no good for him or any of us music lovers. Let's get him connected, because a connected world is a better world.

Erika and Esmeralda are award-winning robotics engineers. They are just two of the 4.5 billion people who don’t have access to the internet. Robots with no internet? Imagine what they’ll build when they are connected. The more we connect, the better it gets.

Erika and Esmeralda built this
robotic arm without an internet connection. Get them connected, and just imagine what they would build if they had access to all the ideas, inspiration, and other 11 year-old robotics engineers.

Erika and Esmeralda have so much to learn from the world. And the world can learn so much from them. But none of it can happen until they get connected to the internet. So let’s get their energy and creativity online for all of us.

This is Bolivia, home of Erika and Esmeralda.

Erika and Esmeralda are 11 year-old robotics engineers.

Erika and Esmeralda’s village is nestled into the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

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