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Angela  👣 Travel Content Creator from Tokyo 🇯🇵 Capturing the natural raw moments of the places I visit and sharing the stories of the locals

I have a question to ask you guys!

I was going to announce this on my channel after everything was set but I thought why not reach out to you guys for some suggestions and let you in on part of the planning!

Starting next month for a few months, I want to move to the countryside of Japan, somewhere where I can experience the local life, maybe farming, rice harvesting or picking tea leaves and somewhere surrounded by nature.
Also, somewhere near Tokyo or with easy access as I need to be near for project events&meetings etc.

If any of you have suggestions of villages/towns/places please let me know!!! Also, if you know of people who need help on their farms etc I would be happy to help out :) I’ve been travelling non-stop and exploring the beauty of the countrysides for the past 2.5 years.

Every one of these places have inspired me in their own way, however each time I leave I feel like I have only scratched the surface... which is why I’ve decided to make this move and to step into the shoes of the locals.

Yes... I get pretty excited when I explore... and EVEN more when I find my favourite hidden spots 😅😆
Off to explore #Iseshima tomorrow sooo let’s see what awaits me there...😎
P.s little throw back to my night out in Osaka video with @magicaltripcom ✌🏼

This is also Tokyo.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Tokyo is that it is just a big fast pace city with tall buildings, neon lights and crazy rush hour madness on the trains - while that is true... people don’t see this other quieter slow pace side of Tokyo.

I’ve been living in Tokyo for over 4 years now and one of the reasons while I love this city is because it has everything!
I’m a person who loves to have a good balance in my life - I love to have a good fun (sometimes crazy 😜) time with my friends BUT I also love nature, exploring, taking life slowly and enjoying the little things.

And the beauty of Tokyo is that you can have the best of both worlds.
There are the busier livelier areas like Shibuya and Shinjuku but just a short walk away, away from all the crowds you can find yourself in a whole different atmosphere and discover little neat hidden gems.

Even going a station or two away from the bigger stations in central Tokyo, you’d be quite surprised at the dramatic contrast... finding quiet residential areas, local neighbourhoods where the locals hangout, traditional Japanese architecture and wonder where did all those tall buildings go?

But my favourite is that nature is never too far away from the center of Tokyo. Under less than an hour, you can get to places where you’re surrounded by nature, great hiking spots, parks, beaches, lakes, rivers etc.

So... I challenge you!!
The next time you’re in Tokyo or if you’re living in Tokyo now, just get off at a random station and walk around.
That’s how I discover my favourite places and how my hidden spots series are created 😉😝 P.s how are your cities like?? Is it easy access to get to the big city life and nature?? #tokyolife #tokyo #japanlife #tokyohiddengems #japanhiddengems #tokyohiddenspots

When your job revolves around social media and you see all these beautiful photos in “Instagram-able” locations with beautiful people online, you get this illusion that YOU also have to take amazing photos.

But... I realised that’s not my style nor do I feel fulfilled by sharing it.
Like my videos, from day 1 - I’ve always wanted to keep it real, share a message through the story and capture the raw natural moments so from today I would like to do that on my Instagram too:)
Starting with this post.

Saturday, June 30th: My favourite local restaurant near my house run by an old elderly couple closed after 40 years in business.
Due to their age and health conditions they couldn’t keep running it and apparently there was no one in the family able to take over.

I first stumbled across this shop by mistake when I first moved into my new home a year ago. Ever since then, I’ve been going back almost every week.

Not only do I love the home-made style food and listening to the natural sounds in the restaurant while I eat but it’s the friendly kind elderly owners that make me look forward to returning each time.

And... I don’t think it was only me who loved this shop dearly - so many people lined up on the last day to taste obaachan’s last meal and to say thank you&good bye.

It must be such a rewarding and happy feeling to see how much your shop/food means to the locals and how it has allowed you to connect with each one of them personally too.

Some may say, this is just a shop but this shop made me feel joy every time I went & it’s those little moments in life we should never forget right?

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all find joy over that something little today too 😉😋
#cornyAngelawillgonow #excusemycorniness😂

Every adventure comes to an end........ for a new one to start again... :)
Goodbye for now Europe! 🇫🇷🇨🇭🇬🇧🇵🇱
Back to Japan in the mean time but Asia..... #internationallyUS is coming for you nexttttt 😉😏 🇸🇬🇵🇭🇮🇩🇲🇾🇹🇭
P.s Thank you to all my old friends who I could catch up with and finally be at the same place and same time with 😂❤️, new friends including my awesome viewers who I could get to know and make #internationallyUS come to life, my lovely Polish clients who were so cool to work with and made the project go so smoothly and of course my kind friends who gave me a shelter over my head ❤️
#europetravel #poland #wroclaw #visitpoland

Me to my friend: “Can you take a photo of me please?”
Friend: “Ohhh!! I got a good one of you!”
-Looks at photo-
.... LOL at least it captures the moment?? 😆😜
#toogoodatphotos #photosdonthavetoalwaysbeperfect🤪 #visitpoland #poland #lowersilesia

Wrapped off my London trip yesterday with an #internationallyUs meetup! London weather was on our side too so we could enjoy some good quality deep talks over a picnic 😉 + explore the streets of London....though we forgot it was the Queens birthday and got stuck between crowds everywhere we went 😂😂 Video coming soooon
#internationallyUs ✈︎✈︎WHERE TO NEXT? You tell me 👇🏼👇🏼😄

Kicked off the first ever #internationallyUS meetup in Paris last Sunday and couldn’t have wished for things to go any other way!

The idea behind these meetups are not only for me to meet my viewers but to build a community connecting like-minded people together who share a similar interest in different cultures and a passion to explore and travel.

It was so nice meeting this group of international people and being able to take online things offline.
I also wanted to keep these meetups small and intimate so we could get to know each other better and hangout like friends and I’m happy to say I was able to make 8 freakin’ awesome friends on this day ☺️❤️🇫🇷 It’s not the places you visit but the conversations and company you have along the way that matter so thank you guys for an unforgettable day and for joining the start to the #internationallyUS community!!!! Look forward to the Paris video!! And don’t worry to those who couldn’t join, internationallyME will be coming to a city near you sooooon 😉

Many things can go not according to plan when travelling. Having a life being on the road most of the time... this happens to me a loooot.

Like last week when me and my friend went to Okinawa hoping to enjoy some down time on the tropical beaches and camp but instead a big storm decided to hit us ⛈
So yes, that did mean we couldn’t go in the water as it was wayyy too cold and we had to cancel our BBQ plans on the beach which I had been wanting to do all winter.
But you know what, just because you can’t do what you originally wanted to do doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Travelling is about being flexible and adapting to the senarios and getting the most out of your time there 🙃
So instead of sitting on the beach, we explored and discovered cool new areas on the island that we wouldn’t have ever thought of going if it was a sunny day.

And since it was raining, we couldn’t have a BBQ on the beach so we looked for somewhere to eat. We went inside this hidden little shop and sat at the counter overlooking the kitchen where the chef/owner would cook the food.

I’m not really someone that is super into their food but when I took the first bite of my meal, I felt like it was something I’ve never tasted(cliche saying I know 😂). I started to pay attention to how the chef was cooking and how he ran the busy little shop all by himself. I was just in awe watching the chef in action - how precise he was, how focus he was when preparing each dish, and through the food you could really feel his passion for cooking.

We started talking and I found out the chef was only 27 years old and opened his shop 2 years ago.

I asked why he decided to come back and open his shop here on this island of 700 people when he may have had more opportunities in the bigger cities or even overseas.

His reply was this town was were he was born and brought up and that many people on this island don’t go out of the prefecture or country much so he wanted to bring the food to them and let them experience the flavours that are unknown to them.

So, what I’m trying to say is, if your original plans fall through, just think of it as an opportunity to make some different experiences.

So… you may ask… what the heck are you doing fishing in the middle of winter with a cucumber on your rod?! 😂
Let me explain and take you back to mid last month…
I was invited to go up to a lovely local town called Tono in the Tohoku region to review the tours in the region.
Tōno is known as "The City of Folklore" for its rural nature, its preservation of traditional culture and especially for the collection of folktales.
Which brings me back to this photo where I am actually fishing for “Kappa” a creature often found in traditional Japanese folklore and one that loves to eat cucumbers!
I started off the tour with Kappa ojiichan behind me, fishing at Kappa valley and then listened to his stories about the town.
After that I explored the town and everywhere you went the scenery would be so picturesque with all the snow.
And the best thing about the tour was that instead of staying at a normal hotel, I got to experience a local farm stay where I stayed with my host, Omori-san and learnt how to cook the local dishes with locally produced ingredients.
I feel like when you travel somewhere, nothing can make the experience more memorable than meeting the people there - learning about their hometown firsthand, seeing how they live and visiting the local areas 😄
I hope to do more of these experiences this year and if you want to experience the same tour check out the link on my Instagram story :)
#tono #iwate #tohoku #japan #japantour #japantrip #遠野 #インバウンド #がんばれ東北

Where is your hometown?? Is it on the sign? 😋
This photo was taken at the end of my camper van road trip in New Zealand.
A lot of my ideas and the projects I start are inspired by the stories I hear through the encounters I make during my travels.
And... this year I really want to plan a project and include as many of you in it!! I am so blessed to have a community of over 160,000 of you awesome people from all around the world and social media shouldn’t be an one sided thing - it should be a platform to spread messages, share ideas, bring people together to do BIGGER things that bring value and create a better change!!!!!!
So I am working on and brainstorming ideas of the things I would love to get you all in on but if you also have any ideas... please DO let me know down below 😄🌍❤️
P.s the face I’m making in the picture is not a “yayyy” face but a “omg this sign is hurting my hannnn....ds *snapp 📸* 🤚🏼🤚🏼🤚🏼🤚🏼😂

Happy Monday everyone! 😀
I am always so so so inspired by the artwork I receive and see. Not only am I blown away by the amount of talent one can do with just a blank canvas/paper but the dedication, passion and story behind each artist.
Big thank you to @rylee_art for this lovely artwork of my time in Akita🐶
Right now I am starting a new project that I would love to make come to life and I would love to collaborate and do what I can to help artists get the attention they deserve so....
If you are an artist reading this or have an artist you like, please tag me to the artwork - I would love to see the amazing stuff you are all creating!

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