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radiance jeanette  basically id rather pretend im an explorer who travels the globe saving the world and riding on elephants than a highschooler so yeah. my adventures👇

hello! signing into this account was such a blast from the past! i just wanted to let you guys know that im still in to taking pictures, but they will all be posted on my account, @allforonecm! this is the account for my new social entrepreneurship, All for One. it'd mean the world if you checked it out @allforonecm 😊

finally got out to take pictures😊

i want to go far away it's a problem

{ let's celebrate the irony that everything is going wrong and yet we're so happy }

winter break photo in honor of spring break! yes i was wearing a shirt chill. ay in my next pictures ill be tan😋👊

hey yall i have a great opportunity! im an ambassador for this World Vision photography campaign and id love for all you photographers out there to get involved. ive put the link in my bio, please go check it out! contest is open february 20-april 30. grand prizes include a digital dslr camera, opportunity to work with a professional, your photo in an 18 month calendar that will be sold to raise money for World Vision, or your photo as a part of a touring exhibit through the americas. to learn more about the theme, the prizes, and how to enter, visit the link in my bio. id appreciate it if you spread the word about this contest as well! a simple repost or word of mouth would do the trick. cant wait to see yalls entries😊

{ and burnt out flames should never be reignited }

city lights💫 qotd: do yall prefer city life or country life?

{ i wanted you to see what real courage is. instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. it's when youre licked before you begin but you begin anyway. and you see through it no matter what. you rarely win, but sometimes you do. }

{ and i am in love with you }

{ as if the sun is particular about for whom it appears }

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