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Integrity Music  We are a record label all about the presence of God through worship and songs of substance. // New Music : @therealherebelions & @martinsmithtv

You’ve got to check out @riversandrobots! They just posted a lyric video for the song “Dreams” on YouTube, and its incredible! Link in @riversandrobots bio. 🙌🏼
#riversrobots #dreams #discovery

⚠️ New Video from @worshipcentral ⚠️ O the mystery, I can't explain Your heart
O the beauty, of everything You are
@worshipcentral featuring @joshgauton
#StirAPassion #WorshipCentral #Majesty

Are you still hungry after all these years? 🔥🙏🏼🔥🙏🏼🔥 THE STORY OF THIS MOMENT by @nicolebinion // Twenty years ago God came and disrupted our ordinary, going-thru-the-motions Christian life. Don’t get me wrong, we loved and served Jesus, but everything changed when we experienced His glory in 1997. We couldn’t go back to church as usual. We left everything we knew to become part of a revival movement that was sweeping the nations. We sang songs like “I’m Hungry for You” and “This Is The Air I Breathe” and spent hours leading congregations everywhere into the depths of God’s presence. When I heard this song HUNGER that our daughter @MDSNmusic co-wrote, all of those “first love” moments came rushing back. Now a new generation was expressing their desperation for Him using the same language we used all those years ago...full circle moment. I had been contemplating this, and even journaling about it, leading up to our live recording.
That’s how this spontaneous moment was born. It’s a simple question: Can you still be hungry after all these years? The answer is yes. Spiritual hunger is unlike natural hunger: the MORE you experience Him, the MORE you desire Him. My challenge to you: don’t be lulled to sleep with going-thru-the-motions Christianity. There is a vibrant, fiery, God-life waiting for you if you just press into Him.
#afteralltheseyears #istillwantmore
#iWillDwell #davidnicolebinion #hunger

No we won’t stop until we ENCOUNTER you! @therealherebelions #Encounter #HereBeLions


Here’s a clip of Martin recording the @mozaiekworship choir in Holland 🇳🇱! It truly is a Love ❤️ Song 🎵 for a city 🌃
I’m convinced that if God wrote a Love letter to a city, it would be addressed to every occupant by name. It would note every dream, reference every sadness, highlight every secret act of kindness and be full of endless “I Love You’s”. And every page would be drenched in Holy Tears – tears spiked by the pain of separation and the injustice that exists.
So as we sing, we are fighting for what is right. As we dance, we connect with each other. As we shout, the walls come down. Its like the old song says, “Do you feel the darkness tremble, When all the saints join in one song, and all the streams flow as one river, to wash away our brokenness?” So keep singing. Keep singing over your family, over your neighborhood, over your city.
Because this world needs it.

On the earth, as it is in heaven
Let it be here with us right now
Where Your word is fulfilled
And Your glory's revealed
Let it be here with us right now!

#Repost @alisaturnermusic: "Getting to teach this song to new churches, reminding them they do have the authority to call Heaven down is a sweet, sweet thing 💗
#asitisinheaven 🎵🎵
#graceredeemerchurch #alisaturner

Beautiful weekend at #Lifest2018 with @michaelfarren @travisryan @mdsnmusic @davidbinion!
We are so in awe of His presence!
Check out one of the testimonies below by @fibigerbarry 🙏🏼 Repost @fibigerbarry: "I was not prepared for today. Gathering with my brothers and sisters-in-Christ on the final day of #Lifest2018... the Spirit was so heavy upon us that I could not stop weeping. The power of His presence in our worship with @integritymusic was astounding! The gatherings at @lifest2018 have always held a potency that speaks to the Lord's anointing, but today especially so. And although my wife, @kerems_fibiger, and our youngest son, Abel, were not able to be here as we finish their VISA process, I know the Lord was speaking to me of patience and perseverance, for He holds all things in His hands. Just so very thankful for the opportunity to gather as one before Him, and as the lyrics of the song He gifted upon me speaks: We are one, gathered in Your presence, Spirit come, anoint us with Your essence, for the work at hand... for the work at hand. Until next year, my family-in-Christ.


Sweep me away
Sweep me away with you - @mdsnmusic ❤️❤️❤️
HUNGER from @davidbinion @nicolebinion’s upcoming album DWELL

#Hunger #iWillDwell #DavidNicoleBinion #MDSNmusic

"Come Holy Spirit" is a really special song because it's the most prayed prayer in the history of the Christian Church.
All through the generations of people having faith in God, the church always prayed that small phrase "Come Holy Spirit". There's nothing better than expecting the Glory of God to come! Check out this song by @martinsmithtv #ComeHolySpirit #LoveSongForACity

Shout out to our @bethelmusic fam and the one only @darlenezschech worshiping at #WorshipU! ❤️❤️❤️ Repost @bethelmusic: "Nothing compares to the promise I have in Jesus. What an honor to have @darlenezschech with us, reminding us that absolutely everything is about lifting up the name of Jesus. He is the only way. What an amazing week! Can’t wait for week 2. #godmakesoriginals

There is a generation of people waking up with an insatiable hunger for the MORE of God!!! 🔥

You can pre-order @davidbinion @nicolebinion ‘s new album #Dwell today and receive HUNGER (featuring MDSN) as an instant download.
#iwilldwell #hunger

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