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Intan Andini  act like a pro

You have all of my heart and I dont want to take it back my dear Medina

Trying to be cool after climb that hill and go down with runnin’. O my breath..

There’s no better place except your tight hug and holding arms, Papa. You deserve Jannah...
[in frame : Papa, Mother(s) & Lil Sist)

There are two reasons its called Jabal Noor for me; for the first revelation to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the real light (noor) came swipe away my tears. Fajr was so beautiful.

My lil bro, Alhamdulillah si pejuang yang kena cium Hajre Aswad ✊🏾

Assalamualaika ya Rasulullah.. let me took a pic of your loyal follower. I called him Amar. 😽

Trying to steal tap dance movement on ‘Swing Kids’ be like 💃🏼

All those chit chat about dramas, K-Pop’s crazy bitch we’ve been through and Harry Potter’s spell. American vs British’s shit we did. Sing-in-the-car partner, freaking laugh we’ve made and you saw me swipe my tears after all these years. Partner for all those, blood sweat & tears.

If someone set you apart from your goals, stay alone.

For someone who has to shine, darkness is more comfortable- .
(my another 📷)

Being hurt is a lovely place to find yourself.

Ready to throw this glass

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