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(n.) /brùh-zēttē./  //makulit na ako, but it's whateva.// △nmhs△ snapchat:heirofslytherin ;;

happy 2017 bitches (3/3)
📸: @baez.joe

happy 2017 bitches (2/3)
📸: @baez.joe

happy 2017 bitches (1/3)
📸: @baez.joe

turned the brightness up bc dark asf but couldn't have asked for a better date
hoco (3/3)

always snapping my wife
hoco (2/3)

hoco (1/3)

look @ me cheeseballin' while my girls look cute
spirit week day two (3/3)

"why are you pulling on my dick, veronica ?"
spirit week day two (2/3)

heather, heather, and heather.
spirit week day two (1/3)

i don't look as good as i felt today here but my jan and my girl looked bomb af
halloween (3/3)

kenickie wya ?
halloween (2/3)
📷: @dscstars

catch rizzo with ur new supreme on AHS: Coven
halloween (1/3)