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Carlitos Alvarado 

So, I finally got the nerve to take progress pictures. I haven't been comfortable in my own sick for many years now. Still a work in progress, mentally and physically. I'm only able to work out twice a week, while I still pig out on food. Lol.
Anyway, part of me wants to do this to help prove that you don't need to follow this dogma that animals must die to be strong. I learned this misconception; plants ARE incomplete proteins, alone, but when you combine other plants, you will not only compete in protein to meat, but surpass the vitamins provided by meats and dairy. As I did, when I ate whatever I wanted, I never looked at the nutrient facts, which lead me to foolishly believe that meats and dairy are the only forms of calcium and protein. Lies. This government does not want the people to be healthy, just look around and see. Open your eye and mind to a new world where your freedom is not determined by a few men who could care less about the many of us. Which is why organised religions and governments put the fear in people to question the life they live in. It's easier to control if people believe a lie is the truth and the only truth.
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"But; where do you get your protein, our bodies need meat, milk builds strong bones." Etc. All lies. Reprogram yourself. There is a lot that the media and government propagate to keep us ill-informed and dependant of them. This goes beyond our eating habits.
I haven't even begun weight lifting, yet. Emma Dennis and I are on month 2 of Insanity, following no specific diet except for no meat nor dairy. I eat all I want when I want and don't even need to count calories. PS. There's a lot more food than grass and salad Lmfao. (: Checkout @plantbasedmodels for more living proof.
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We went on a ghost tour tonight!! New Orleans has some amazing history! I don't want to leave.

So much fun in New Orleans. We've met so many kind People. We still have 2 more nights to go. Aaaaannnnnnnd i had my first hand grenade drinks... Lol those drinks creep up on you. @edencole happy 21st birthday <3

Rainbow flick to bicycle kick. Or the aftermath of a bicycle kick, laying there in pain. Just got back from the doctor. Ended up getting blood drawn .____. I hate needles. I really hope my legs are simply just exhausted and not arthritis.

I was a bit intoxicated when I talked about this in California, and I don't know if I would have ever thought of it sober? We are Gods. We, ourselves, are demons. Fate is but a summary of the choices we have made. The creation of life is our own will, as well as decimation. The human race is smaller than a grain of salt when compared to the universe. But what if there's a smaller universe within our own atoms. Ever since this slipped out of my mind, when I had a conversation with my cousin, I never stopped thinking about it. It has never crossed my mind till that night so I forced myself to make sense of it. And it's still just a thought in my head trying to manifest a bigger understanding. Our actions are preparing new life, good or bad. I need a 40oz and a deep thinker to talk to. Lol @handsomedevil77

While I wait for Destiny Beta to download; @edencole reunited me with her keyboard!!! I've been missing my guitar and this is just as good lol. I've been trying to get this song down. I've been listening to it all morning and got most of it down. Now if I can get my left hand to play the background music. D: Serenade of Water - Ocarina of Time

Pretty, is what one considers pretty. Not just by what they see, because I and a lot of people think @edencole is pretty; but also her personality. The silly things she does that no one else gets to see but me, makes her pretty. I've had the luxury of being with her for over a year and I still admire the songs she comes up with. Lol. Not to sound conceited, but together we make a pretty cute couple. We've had our share of fights like every couple but we are still in love. And love itself is pretty. <3 beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether he or she knows it, you just feel it. I lobb you!

We're both missing Cali too hard right now. XD determined to go back to school and get moving to California.

@edencole calls this the old myspace pose. XD

$5 coronas on this mini cruise. We saw lazy sea lions! I enjoyed long beach as a visitor more than when I was a resident. ;o

My favorite pic of us at Disney land!! I am not ready to get back to work and do grown up things. ;( I miss my hometown. @edencole

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