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Osi™  "Styling in all it's eccentricity" #POOPSTYLE

They say; A hunter with one arrow doesn't depend on luck. Remember, they said! #sabiBoy #thePoops #poopstyle

Aside wearing a very stylist outfit, having comfort is very vital as well that's why I could sit on that rail. #sabiBoy #thePoops #poopstyle

It was an honor to be a part of the newest internet wave CASSIUSLIFE. Also, it was an amazing experience working with @goldbergkyle and @skylerisbrown the super talented duo on this project as the direction was very professional and detailed.
CASSIUS, wanna know about that LIFE? Head over to
Directed, shot & edited by: @goldbergkyle X @skylerbrown CC: @ganjatune @cassiuslife You just gotta HIT PLAY!

''Tis the season 🌞 #sabiBoy #poopstyle #thePoops

I developed more interest in fashion when I knew I could stand out, be respected and also leave a good impression without saying a word. Just by looking sharp #sabiBoy #thePoops #poopstyle

The thought that came to my mind when I took this photo was; what if I was pushed up to the cashier, how much would I be worth? Tens of millions? A couple thousands? Or perhaps I'll be on 50% off. Knowing your self worth has nothing to do with ego but simply, it is putting a tag on the standard you have set for yourself without any bargain! #sabiBoy #thePoops #poopstyle

This must be the Golden Hour. #sabiBoy #thePoops #poopstyle

I'm not gonna keep posting contents like I didn't hit 10k the other day. Every blogger/influencer or anyone using this platform as an avenue to showcase their craft knows well the importance of numbers. Numbers on here actually means 2 things, especially when your numbers are going up; either you're inspiring your subscribers or you're influencing their style or lifestyle but either ways it simply means you're doing something GREAT!
I would love to thank my IG fam from the deepest of my heart whether you engage in my contents or not but most especially those that have supported my work from the jump when I barely had 500 subscribers, trust me I know you and I would honor you by mentioning your handle with every post I make from next week so you know it's REAL.
Also, a big thanks to @beaconscloset @ameyewear @jordwatches @happysocks @oscarwylee @giantvintage for appreciating my work and collaborating with me on projects I am grateful! And to whom it may concern, Hope I Do Inspire You!

PS: forgive my brevity for I was too excited writing this. I went to college!! 🤙🏿. #sabiBoy #thePoops #poopstyle

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We even found some tones on the rail. #sabiBoy #thepoops #poopstyle

As the temperature continues to rise each day, everyone seems to be gearing up for the summer. Whether you are shopping for new clothes, cleaning up last year's light footwear or even looking for new and trendy accessories, one item I suggest that everyone invest in is a pair of sunglasses. This simple accessory seems like something most people already know is a necessity for the coming season, but having a pair that is both durable and stylish can go a long way. "The Eyerony of Having a good pair of Eyewear". Read up on the blog! Link in bio. #sabiBoy #thePoops #poopstyle #eyewear #sunglasses #sunnies

Cats and Dog kinda rain never stop the show. #sabiBoy #thePoops #poopstyle

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