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Osi™  “exotics only”

your local bodega connect. make that hotline bling mami!!

make sure you “STAND WELL WELL”

switching it up however and whenever I want ya dig!!

Get yo PVC.....🇳🇬🇳🇬

what’s not in vogue.


There’ll always be wants,
There’ll always be needs
There’ll always be bills
There’ll always be something to make you feel like money is all there is to live for.
Looking for satisfaction when deep within, you and I know there’s nothing like it.
you drink a glass of water to quench your thirst you get thirsty again.
Can’t you see how temporary everything is?
Most people can’t remember using an iPhone 4 or a Blackberry, back then, if you didn’t have any of these you couldn’t pull a shorty.
Babies are being born, graves are being dug
Think again does money really define ❤️?
I stopped texting people I know are just a hug away
This is a decision I made in my mind just today.
I’m still here, and so are you, I pray the last time you see me wouldn’t be on InstaStory Views. 🙏🏿

light layering for these days and the coming! Let’s go!!

hi there, I’m Osi, let’s talk about Spring Style.

not all feelings I’m vocal/verbal about, but I can sure wear’em!

that urban rustic swag.

these guys don’t know what Bournvita is sha. Okay!

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