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🕊Memorial Tributes🕊  Remembering our loved ones 🕊IG accts are tagged in pics (if they had an acct) 🔺Leave your sympathies, not judgments in the comments.

In Tampa, Florida on September 14, 2017 little Yanelly 'Nelly' Zoller, 4, was rummaging through her grandmother's purse looking for candy. Instead of candy, she found her gun and accidentally shot herself.
Her father told the Tampa Bay Times that she was shot in the chest. "I was driving to pick her up with her bathing suit in my car to take her to the splash pad," Shane Zoller told the Times. "When I pulled up, that's when I saw all the police lights."...
Nelly’s loved ones say that "she loved playing with her puppy, watching Shimmer & Shine, playing at the Splash Pad in Tampa, jumping on the couch and doing her make up.”...
She leaves behind her parents, brothers and grandparents to mourn her tragic passing.
Please keep your weapons unloaded and out of the reach of children. Rest peacefully Nelly...

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Early Sunday, September 17, 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota a vehicle driven by a driver described as 'super drunk', crashed into a pole at a traffic light.
The passenger, his girlfriend, 20-year old Ria Patel, died at the scene.
The driver, Michael Campbell, 21, ran from the scene of the crash.
The entire passenger side of the car was crushed in the accident and the roof had caved in on Ria's side.
A witness to the crash's immediate aftermath saw Campbell running away from the car and toward a nearby McDonald's. Soon after he returned though, and was seen "digging for something inside the driver's side area of the car." (Cops later found Campbell's wallet, with his drivers license in it, at the scene of the crash.)...
When Campbell noticed the bystander, he told her to call 911; informed that she already had, Campbell fled the scene again on foot.
When police tracked him down on Tuesday, two days after the crash, Campbell admitted to drinking before he got in his car that night. He said he'd left the scene "because he was traumatized by seeing the state of Ria after the crash."...
He was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, one charge coming for "grossly negligent" reckless driving, and the other for leaving the scene of the accident.

Campbell's roommates, who had been with him and Ria hours before the accident, reported Campbell had been "super drunk" when they'd seen him.

In the past, Campbell has numerous speeding convictions, plus a failure to stop, careless driving, and, earlier this year, a hit and run conviction for fleeing an accident.

Ria was a student at the University of St. Thomas, where she was a junior majoring in finance. She is originally from England. Friends say she was always smiling and happy, and she brought much joy to the lives of others.
Our deepest sympathies are with her grieving loved ones and friends. Rest peacefully Ria...

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Juan Chunillo, 44, passed away on Thursday, September 21, 2017 when he fell 29 floors to his death from a luxury apartment building under construction in Lower Manhattan.

Juan, a carpenter and father of five was originally from Ecuador. He had been working at the construction site for about a year and a half...
"He was getting ready to leave, for the crane to bring them up, and what they told me is that the platform caved in so they could loosen it," his cousin said. "And when they got back inside, the cable for the crane was very tight, and as they tried to loosen it the cable hit him and knocked him down and he fell."...
The building under construction is called 1 Seaport.

On Wednesday, a partial stop work order was issued at the site due to the unsafe operation of a crane.

The site has received nine construction-related violations since January resulting in fines, including a $10,000 fine for using a tower crane without a warning light system.

Our deepest sympathies are with his grieving loved ones. Rest peacefully Juan...

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Karma Lilly Little was diagnosed at 3-years old with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma.
She captured many hearts in Georgia and beyond with her sweet and courageous spirit.

Karma went through many surgeries and treatments in her battle against this disease. After she failed to respond to frontline treatment/protocol in Georgia, her family made the decision to start experimental clinical trials at Sloan-Kettering in NYC.
Recently, she was told that there were no remaining treatment options. Karma then created a bucket list of all the things she wanted to see and do. She and her family were in California completing items on the list when she passed away on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. She was just 7-years old.
Her parents posted the following heartbreaking note after her passing: "Our souls were shattered Tuesday as Karma passed away in her daddy's arms. It was sudden but peaceful. She was surrounded by LOVE and for that I am blessed.
We are in California fulfilling a bucket list dream but God truly had other plans for her. We are grateful for each and every moment we have been given with our sweet Karma.
Karma is a beautiful fighter and our lives will be forever changed by her fearless spirit. She is with us constantly and we will carry her in our hearts.
Karma took her first earthly breath within her daddy's arms; and she took her final breath being held safely in his arms again. That is how God intended it to be."...
Our deepest sympathies are with her grieving parents and loved ones. Fly high Karma...
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Kariellis 'Kari' Jimenez, 25, of New York is remembered as a beautiful soul who brought much joy, happiness and laughter to everyone she met.
Her friends say that her "energetic, vibrant personality was contagious making it possible to create the best of any moment, not only for herself but for those around her."...
Kari was suffering inside and on September 18th she ended her pain. Her decision has left her loved ones and friends with immense grief and many unanswered questions.
Please keep her family and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. Be at peace Kari...
If you or anyone you know are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741. There is help for everyone. You're not alone!
#kariellisjimenez #ripkari #ripkariellis #suicideprevention #RipKhari #suicideawareness #instamemorials #depression #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness

Breanna Bradford, 22, of Fresno, California was found deceased on Sunday, September 17, 2017 inside her parked car, two days after she was reported missing.
Fresno Police Chief Dyer says she appears to have died of “traumatic injury.” Breanna's family reported her missing Friday after she didn't show up for her morning shift at work.
She was last seen arguing with her ex-boyfriend at her apartment. Breanna's family told police that the ex-boyfriend showed up Thursday night around 11 p.m. He had a heated argument with her. Apparently he was trying to get her to give him a ride out of town. At some point, they left the apartment. Police said she might have been forced to leave with him.
James Gonzalez-Gay, 35, is the main person of interest and he is expected to be charged in her death.
Police arrested Gay on Friday for felony carjacking and weapons charges and he is currently in Fresno County Jail. He carjacked a mail truck on Friday around 11:15 a.m. He was caught by police after the mailman fought him off. Police found a gun at the scene.

The police chief said Gay is a known Bulldog gang member with a history of burglary, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of a firearm. He was also currently on parole.

Breanna's family and friends had been sharing pictures of her on social media all weekend, pleading for her to come home.
Our deepest sympathies are with her loved ones. Rest peacefully Breanna...
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UPDATE: Steven Figueroa, 3, of Elk Grove Village, Illinois was beaten to death at his home on September 13, 2017.

An autopsy found that he had two deep cuts or tears on his liver and multiple bruises on his head, abdomen and back. The cause of death was ruled blunt abdominal trauma from assault.

Doctors said Steven's injuries appeared to have occurred the night before he was taken to the hospital.

Authorities have now charged his mother, Joy Ramos, 22, with first-degree murder.
She admitted to authorities that she and her boyfriend repeatedly struck him and his siblings with a belt.

Ramos said she hit Steven repeatedly with a belt, although she claimed to have stopped hitting him as much after her boyfriend (not Steven's father) moved in around July.
She said the boyfriend also struck Steven and her 6-year-old son frequently with a belt. Ramos also said she repeatedly struck her 22-month-old daughter.

Her 6-year old son told authorities he did not want to continue living with his mother. The boyfriend has not been charged and has not been publicly identified in court.

In addition to the murder charge, Ramos also faces two counts of aggravated battery to a child. She was ordered to remain in jail without bond.

Sleep peacefully baby boy...

#stevenfigueroa #justiceforsteven #stopchildabuse #endchildabuse #childabuseawareness #restinpeace #gonebutnotforgotten #restinparadise #instamemorials #kidslivesmatter

One of the tragedies that occurred last week after Hurricane Irma hit Florida was the death of 8 patients in a nursing home.

Here is the story of Bobby Owens that was shared with us by his granddaughter.

Bobby “Foxx” Owens, 84, worked in janitorial services at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami for more than three decades and loved his job.
He got his nickname because “he used to dress up real clean and nice,” said his granddaughter, Tynisha Owens. “The ladies thought he was attractive.”...
Mr. Owens was among eight people who died Wednesday, September 13, 2017 in a Hollywood, Florida, nursing home that had no air conditioning after Hurricane Irma knocked out power.

He was born and educated in Georgia. He was married twice and had five children, two of whom died. He also had nine grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren.

Mr. Owens loved his family, liked to fish, played gin rummy and other card games and he loved his work at the hospital.

His granddaughter said he had a stroke about 10 years ago and lost his ability to speak, which led him to be placed at the Hollywood facility. He also had trouble breathing and other issues, but knew what was going on around him, she said.
“He did have a great life, and we hate that it had to end the way that it did,” she said.

The Rehabilitation Center said the hurricane knocked out a transformer that powered the air conditioning.
A member of the housekeeping staff, said employees fought the lack of air conditioning with fans, cold towels, ice and cold drinks for patients.

State records showed problems with fire and safety standards, as well as more serious issues with generator maintenance and testing, according to February 2016 reports by Florida Agency for Health Care Administration inspectors.

The State is investigating this tragedy which many say could have been prevented if proper protocols had been in place and followed.
Our thoughts are with the families who lost their loved ones. Rest peacefully Bobby...

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🔺Graphic details🔺

Steven Coleman, 32, of Baytown, Texas was last seen the evening of August 16, 2017.

Police determined that he was fatally shot and then dismembered by his girlfriend, Cierra Sutton, 30, before she left his remains in dumpsters at her apartment complex.
Court documents say a witness revealed Sutton initially told them Steven was missing, and later admitted she shot him in the head while he was sleeping, after they had an argument, then cut his body up into pieces with a machete, wrapped his body parts up in sheets and duct tape and disposed of him in the dumpsters.

Steven's credit cards were used at a Harris County Walmart after he was reported missing, and the woman caught on surveillance camera buying duct tape and a mattress pad with his card matched Sutton's description.

On Aug. 22, a male torso was found in a Chambers County landfill that receives trash from dumpsters throughout Baytown. Police said the torso matches Steven.
Witnesses reported seeing Sutton and other men moving furniture out of Steven's apartment on Aug. 20; by the time investigators searched the apartment on Aug. 24, most of the furniture had been removed from the apartment, but crime scene investigators did find blood in several rooms, including the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and in Sutton's jeep.

In an interview with detectives, one of Steven's friends told detectives that he "told her on numerous occasions if he was ever to go missing, she needed to make sure police looked into [Sutton] as the cause"...
A friend of Sutton’s also told detectives that Sutton called her one morning to tell her she shot Steven while their daughter was in the living room.

On Thursday, Sutton was arrested in Louisiana and charged with the murder of Steven.

Steven was a loving father to his daughter. He was brutally taken away from her, his loved ones and friends. We hope his family gets justice. Rest peacefully Steven...
#stevencoleman #findslimdadon #slimdadon #domesticviolence #gonebutnotforgotten #domesticviolenceawareness #instamemorials #loveshouldnthurt #justiceforsteven

Luz Cuza, 30, of Queens, NY was shot and killed by the father of her child early Sunday, September 17, 2017.
Luz was shot in the head as she sat on her stoop in South Ozone Park just after 2 a.m.

Her boyfriend, Robert Rodriguez, 30, fled the scene after the shooting but was later captured by police. Charges against him are pending, officials said.

Ray Garcia, Luz's brother, said he was visiting the couple around 1 a.m. where he saw his sister outside and her boyfriend loading a gun in the doorway.

He said Rodriguez was known to carry a firearm and often bragged about it, so he was not immediately alarmed by the sight of the weapon...
"I didn’t think nothing of it,” he said. “She didn’t say nothing. She was just sitting there. She had confidence that he wouldn’t hurt her — she’s his baby’s mother.” Garcia said Luz and Rodriguez had been together for around 18 months and recently had a son. “I looked at her and said, ‘What are you doing?’ She said, ‘I don’t think he’s gonna do nothing.’ So I went around house,'” Garcia said.
“Then I hear one shot.”...
When he came back outside, Garcia said he found his sister on the ground bleeding from the head. “I started crying. I told her, ‘I’m gonna save you, I’m gonna save you,’” he said to Luz.
“She took a deep breath, but couldn’t talk." Luz was taken to hospital where she passed away.
Ray Garcia speculated Rodriguez might have been drinking before he pulled the trigger.
“I guess it was alcohol,” Garcia said. “Every time he gets drunk he starts cursing, acting up. I told her he was dangerous. He was obsessed.”...
Luz's mother said she will now take care of her motherless baby grandson. Luz also has a teenage daughter.
Our deepest sympathies are with this grieving family. Rest peacefully Luz...
#luzcuza #ripluz #domesticviolence #stopdomesticviolence #enddv #domesticviolenceawareness #stopdv #instamemorials #loveshouldnthurt #gonebutneverforgotten
#gonebutnotforgotten #restinparadise

A man called Detroit police on Friday, September 15, 2017 and told them he shot his niece because he was “stressed out.” Police found Katherine Grimes, 42, deceased from a gunshot wound to the head in her grandmother's living room.

Her 57-year-old uncle is accused of killing her in the home he lives in with his elderly mother.

Police say the uncle called 911 around 10 a.m. Friday morning after he shot her.
When officers arrived, he confessed to the killing and stated that he was under stress and couldn't handle the pressure.

Katherine's 87-year-old grandmother, who has dementia, was not harmed. Katherine was the caregiver for her grandmother.
Katherine's mother said "that was her heart. She'd go every morning to take care of this woman." She said there's no reason why her daughter is dead and she wants the family member who did this to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Katherine leaves behind two teenage children. She was engaged and the wedding would have been held next month.
Friends say she was a sweet, kind and a loving person.
Our sympathies are with those who grieve her passing. Rest peacefully...

#katherinegrimes #gonetoosoon #gonebutneverforgotten #restinpeace #gonebutnotforgotten #restinparadise #instamemorials #stoptheviolence

Tashara Culbreathe, 18, lost her life in a hit and run crash in Georgia on Friday, September 15, 2017.
Tashara was on her way home after leaving a friend's house at about 8:30 p.m. but she never arrived at her house.
A motorcyclist found her body on the side of the road this morning.

Tashara was a senior at Brunswick High School and she wanted to become a nurse.

Her family and friends are devastated by her loss and they hope the person responsible for her death comes forward.
Anyone with information regarding the investigation can call the Georgia State Patrol at 912-262-2380, the Glynn County Police at 912-554-3645, or Silent Witness at 912-264-1333.

Rest peacefully Tashara...

#tasharaculbreathe #riptashara #justicefortashara #hitandrun #gonebutneverforgotten #restinpeace #gonebutnotforgotten #instamemorials

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