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A house fire in Montgomery County, Texas on May 12, 2017 claimed the lives of three young children and injured several family members.
There were eight people in the home when it went up in flames around 4 a.m. Most of them were sleeping on the second floor.
Family members said homeowner Bobby Johnson broke out an upstairs window and got half of the victims out.
The flames were too great for Jones to reach his three grandchildren still trapped in their bedroom on the other side of the second floor – the place where the fire started.

As the fire raged, police officers arrived on the scene and tried to help family members rescue the children trapped inside. They tried to climb the stairs to the second floor but were driven back by smoke and flames.
Family members and police were able to rescue 10-year-old Adrian Mitchell, who suffered burns. His siblings, 13-year-old Terrance (TJ) Mitchell Jr., 6-year-old Kaila Mitchell and 5-year-old Kyle Mitchell all perished in the fire.

On Saturday, May 27th, hundreds of people gathered to say a final farewell to the three siblings.
Their only surviving sibling, 10-year-old Adrian Mitchell, was among those at the service (swipe left to see a photo of him and his father). Family remembered Terrance as "our star." He served on the usher board and in the youth choir for Theregood Memorial Church of God. "His heart was so big you had no choice but to love him and a smile that would light up a room," his family said. Kyle was also active in the church and always went out of his way to make people smile, family said.
Kaila "was such a joy to be around forever, giving hugs and kisses. Our one and only little girl," family members wrote.
We extend our heartfelt sympathies to the parents, grandparents, brother and many loved ones of TJ, Kaila and Kyle. Please say a prayer for strength and comfort for this family. Rest well, together forever...

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Susannah Jean Murray of Grand Rapids, Michigan was born on May 4, 2017 and on May 26th she was killed after one of her family’s three pit bulls attacked her while she was left unattended with the dogs.

Authorities said she was left alone in a bouncy when one of the dogs attacked her.

Adults in the house say they had just checked on Susannah five minutes earlier and she was fine. She suffered severe injuries, including a bite to her head, which an autopsy confirmed is what killed her.

One of the family’s pit bulls was found with blood on its mouth, reports said. 
Susannah was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery but she died hours later, she was just three-weeks old.
Residents who lived in the neighborhood told the Detroit Free Press that the dogs were a dangerous nuisance, calling them “mean and vicious.” “I’d be scared, because when the dogs get out the fence, they used to chase us,” one neighbor told the paper.
Police took all three dogs to be quarantined at the local animal shelter after the attack.
Grand Rapids Police Department spokesman Sgt. Terry Dixon says, “This serves as a critical reminder to never leave a child unattended around a dog.” Rest peacefully baby girl...

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On May 26, 2017 in Victorville, California 27-year old Robert Curtis, a well known basketball/football player who played in the U.S., China, and Canada was shot in front of a Home Depot.
At approximately 4:54 p.m., Deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department responded to reports of multiple shots fired.

Robert was found lying on the ground unresponsive suffering from gunshot wounds. He was transported to hospital where he passed away.
“The shooting suspect was with others and they fled together in a black 4 door vehicle,” police said in a press release Friday.

Robert was interviewed by FOX5 San Diego in 2012, where he shared with the station that his father was shot and killed leaving him fatherless at the age of 5, while his mother was diagnosed with brain cancer.
Feeling that life was too short, he heavily pursued sports with an ultimate goal of playing for the NFL.
Robert played basketball at Saddleback College where he won a state championship in 2010. One of his many accomplishments was joining the newly-formed National Basketball League of Canada.
He lived in Guangzhou, China where he played for a basketball team where he was well known.
Detectives are currently reviewing surveillance and following leads in hopes of capturing the suspects responsible for his murder.
Anyone with information regarding this investigation is urged to contact Homicide at 909-387-3589.
Robert's friends remember him as positive, ambitious and a great friend who loved life. Our deepest sympathies are with his loved ones. Rest easy Rob...

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Beranton Whisenant Jr., 37, a federal prosecutor was found deceased along Hollywood Beach near Miami, Florida on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. Officials say he was found with head trauma.

His career with the U.S. attorney’s office was only a few months old. His death, which is being investigated as a crime by the Hollywood Police Department, was devastating news to his family and friends from Miami to Jacksonville, where he was raised by his parents, both medical doctors.
It’s unclear where he died because his body was found close to the shore.
An eyewitness told NBC Miami of finding the body: “When the tide came in he obviously was caught in the surf and tumbling,” describing him as “very well dressed wearing a sort of a casual business shirt, black pants, and all of his personal effects were on him and that’s what we found unusual.”...
He worked for the U.S. State Attorney’s Office in Miami in their major crimes unit. Before working in Miami, he worked at the State Attorney’s Office in Jacksonville.

According to ABC News, Beranton "had been working on visa and passport fraud cases, according to court documents.” It was also said that he was investigating Democratic National Committee (DNC) voter fraud in Florida.
He received his law degree from the University of Florida, where he served on the Honor Code Committee, was president of the Legal Team, and was in the Phi Alpha Delta fraternity. He also studied at the University of Cape Town. He taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami law school. Throughout his life, he was a volunteer for Habit for Humanity and did pro-bono legal work.

In addition to his parents, he leaves behind his wife, who is a physician and their three children. He is remembered as being motivated by public service, an exceptional attorney and an even better man. We hope those responsible for his death are found and prosecuted. Rest well Beranton...

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Pepe Salgado, 18, and his sister Frinzi Salgado, 15, of Mulberry, Florida passed away in a car crash on Thursday, May 25, 2017 and a third teen was critically injured just hours before Pepe was set to graduate high school.
The driver, 18-year-old Edilberto 'Eddie' Nava-Marcos, is in critical condition. He was a senior at Mulberry High School and was also supposed to graduate that evening.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, the driver of the vehicle that Pepe and Frinzi were passengers in, was trying to turn left when they were hit. Surveillance video from a nearby store shows the impact, a cloud of smoke, and then a third car spinning out of control to avoid the wreckage.
Frinzi and Pepe were the only fatalities of the crash.
The principal of Mulberry High School, where Frinzi attended said that she "was a friend to everyone at Mulberry High. She had a great smile, a positive attitude, and worked well with her classmates. She also loved her agriculture class and enjoyed working with animals. Pepe was a former student at Mulberry Middle and Mulberry High. We knew him as a talented athlete with a passion for soccer. He loved his family deeply. Pepe was outgoing and had a great sense of humor. He also was a focused young man who was determined to better himself."...
Our deepest sympathies are with Pepe and Frinzi's grieving loved ones and friends and our prayers are with Eddie for a speedy recovery. Rest well, together forever, Pepe and Frinzi...

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Tyvitta Dischler, 27, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was found murdered in her home on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.
Her father says the system failed her after she repeatedly asked for help for domestic abuse and found little.

According Todd Dischler, Tyvitta was trying to divorce her husband after a pattern of abuse. "There's a life here that's gone because nobody listened," Todd told WTMJ.
He says his daughter did not have to die - that she was a victim of domestic violence, but was not getting any help. A month ago, she filed a temporary restraining order against her husband, but that order was denied.
"The whole system failed," he said. "The court commissioner said no, there is insufficient evidence. She called me Monday and said, 'Dad they wouldn't listen to me. I have the evidence but they wouldn't listen to me,'" he said.
That evidence, according to her dad, included dozens of text messages threatening to kill Tyvitta. She also wrote a statement of abuse, and in one instance Tyvitta said she was hospitalized after a beating. 
She eventually went to the police and contacted a women's shelter. But after her restraining order was denied she wrote WTMJ-TV a letter saying she needed help.
"While I was sleeping my husband hit me in the head twice with a wooden rolling pin,” Tyvitta wrote. “For another five to ten minutes he continued to strangle me."...
Tyvitta appealed the denial of her restraining order Monday. Two days later she was found dead in her home. Her father says she was shot and burned.
Police visited the home on Wednesday to arrest the suspect for child abuse of Tyvitta's five-year old son who was beaten and hospitalized. They searched the home and Tyvitta was found deceased.
Her 49-year-old husband was arrested by Milwaukee Police but has not yet been charged.
Tyvitta is remembered as a positive person even though she faced so much adversity in her life.
Our sympathies are with her parents, siblings and friends. Our prayers are with her son for a full recovery. Rest well Tyvitta...
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This little angel is 2-year old Adelaide Chaney of Jefferson County, Missouri.
She and her older brother were raised by their grandparents. On May 10, 2017 her mother, 19-year old Cheyenne Cook took her from her grandparents. The grandparents thought Cook was finally getting her life together as she had decided to move out with her children and move in with her boyfriend, 24-year old Richard Gamache Jr. (neither child is his)

On May 16th, police responded to Addie's home with a report that she was having seizures. Police found signs of visible trauma on her. She passed away on May 19th.
Police have now arrested the mother and boyfriend for the murder of Addie. Police said she died after Gamache performed "wrestling moves" on her.

Gamache admitted to performing several wrestling moves on Addie, including a body slam and a 'Batista Bomb". Investigators also found digital evidence of abuse exchanged between Gamache and Cook. They say the text messages reveal the two tried to hide the signs of abuse. “It is pretty obvious, pretty serious. There were photographs taken along with apologies and there was talk about how we can cover up the bruising,” Sheriff Higginbotham said. “This child was essentially tortured,” said the Sheriff.
Gamache was charged with abuse of neglect of a child. Cheyenne was charged with endangering the welfare of a child...
"It’s terrible. I just couldn’t understand how somebody could do that to a 30-pound baby. I mean, it looked like she got run over, that’s how bad she looked,” said Addie’s step-grandfather, who she and her brother lived with prior to her mother taking them away. “They removed part of her skull to relieve pressure off of her. I didn’t get to see her until four in the morning and it looked like she was in a bar fight from head to toe.”...
Her organs were donated to save other children.
Our deepest sympathies are with these grandparents. Rest peacefully Addie...

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UPDATE: Ra'Mya Eunice, 12, of Jacksonville, Florida was shot in the head at a sleepover on April 30, 2017.
She was at a home for a sleepover when an 11-year-old boy shot her with a gun he found at an abandoned house, family members said.
She had been declared brain dead since undergoing surgery following the shooting. Ra'Mya died about 6:45 p.m., on Thursday, May 25, shortly after her family instructed hospital staff to remove her from life support.
“She went quickly,” said cousin Davett Gordon. “As soon as they took her off, it wasn’t five minutes before she was gone.”
Ra'Mya was attending a slumber party at a friend’s home in the city’s Lackawanna neighborhood when at about 1:45 a.m. on April 30 the shooting occurred, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
She was sleeping on a couch when she was struck by a bullet fired by the homeowner’s 11-year-old nephew in what was described as an accident, according to First Coast News.

The boy found the loaded gun in an abandoned house which is located a few feet away from his uncle's property.

The State Attorney’s Office has not charged anyone in the case.
We had dearly hoped that Ra'Mya would recover from her injuries. We offer our sympathies to her loved ones and friends. Rest well Ra'Mya...

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Lewis Scott III, 12, of Jacksonville, Florida passed away on May 16, 2017 in Belleville, Illinois while playing a game in a pool.
Lewis and his family were on a trip to Illinois for a family member's graduation when the tragedy occurred.
Close family friend Sandy Stewart said Lewis died after playing the “hold your breath” game in a pool.
“He was an avid swimmer,” Stewart said. “He loved the beach. He did have some medical conditions, so they’re waiting on an autopsy report to come back.”
Lewis was known to many as an energetic sixth-grader who knew how to make everyone laugh.
He loved playing baseball and was known for his sportsmanship on the field.

His family said this about him: "Lewis was a joyful child who loved life and his family. He enjoyed swimming, playing baseball, basketball and Xbox Live, traveling to the beach and spending time with his cousins and friends. He earned a purple belt in karate and was a Boy Scout. His smile and big heart will be remembered always and he will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him."
Our deepest sympathies are with his parents, brother and sister and many loved ones who are grieving his loss. Rest well Lewis...

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Kala Thomas, 25, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania went missing on Saturday, May 20, 2017.
She was officially reported missing on Tuesday and on Tuesday evening she was found deceased on a hillside in the city’s Garfield neighborhood.
Investigators said someone found Kala down a 90-foot hillside behind her house. Her car was later found not far from that area. She had sustained a gunshot wound to the head.
Kala was a mother to two sets of twins. She had three-month old twins and eight-year old twins.
Family and friends said she loved her children and worked hard for them. She was a care assistant at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Her loved ones said she was a sweet and caring young woman.
No arrests have been made. Police have not announced a possible motive or identified a suspect in Kala's death. Anyone who has information is asked to call Pittsburgh police at 412-323-7161.

Four children, two of whom are just babies, have lost their mother. We hope the person responsible for Kala's death is quickly found and prosecuted. Our thoughts are with her children and loved ones. Rest well Kala...

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Jerome Singleton, 17, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana dying wish was to graduate high school and his family is deeply grateful he was able to fulfill his last request.
Jerome battled against a rare and aggressive childhood cancer known as Rhabdomyosarcoma or RMS.
He and his family faced the reality that there were no more treatment options left and that the cancer had spread throughout his body.
Despite the hopelessness of the news, Jerome did not give up hope on his one goal: to get his diploma.
Family members did their best to keep their sights on making his final days the best possible.

But as graduation was still days away and Jerome grew increasingly weaker, family members were concerned that he would not live long enough to live out his dream.

So Jerome's school stepped in to help. Last Wednesday, Scottlandville High School presented Jerome with a diploma during a special early graduation ceremony held at Jerome's home, where he was receiving hospice care.

All those in attendance were those who played an important role in Jerome's life and stood by him during his treatment, which included 47 rounds of chemotherapy.

Family, friends, nurses, and the high school principal were on hand to watch Jerome, too weak to stand, dressed in cap and gown, receive his diploma and officially become a high school graduate.
They gathered around him and sang his favorite song, "Oh Happy Day." Even after the special ceremony, Jerome held out hope that he would be able to graduate alongside his classmates yesterday, when the school held its commencement ceremony...
The family let him believe he would be able join his classmates, even though they knew it was very unlikely and that the end was near. 
On Sunday, May 21, 2017, Jerome passed away.
His last breaths were taken holding his 16-year-old sister's hand.

His parents attended his graduation on Tuesday and walked to receive his diploma.
Our thoughts and prayers are with his grieving parents, siblings and friends. Rest well Jerome. @hotboy_rome ...
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Dequante Hobbs Jr., 7, of Louisville, Kentucky was killed Sunday, May 21, 2017 when a stray bullet smashed through a window in his home and struck him in the neck.
He was killed as he sat at the kitchen table eating a piece of cake and playing on his iPad before bed.
Lt. Emily McKinley said during a Monday morning news conference that Dequante was an innocent victim of the “senseless violence" going on in the city.
McKinley said that a fight apparently took place just before 8:30 p.m. Sunday at a home behind the one where Dequante lived with his family. One of the people involved in the fight pulled a gun and opened fire...
"They just shot through my window,” Dequante’s mother, Micheshia Norment, told WLKY. “It hit my baby in his neck.” She performed CPR on her son while awaiting paramedics and was able to find a pulse. He passed away shortly after at hospital.
His mother said Dequante was excited for the end of the school year later in the week. He had already picked out what he wanted to wear for his first-grade graduation ceremony.
His mother spent Sunday washing his outfit and laying out his sneakers. The next day, she found herself planning her son’s funeral and trying to figure out how to explain his death to his 3-year-old sister.
Dequante’s extended family is no stranger to tragedy. He is the fifth family member, 18 years old or younger,to fall victim to homicide in the past year. 
Two of his cousins, half-brothers Maurice Gordon, 16, and Larry Ordway, 14, were stabbed to death and burned the night of May 21, 2016 - exactly a year before Dequante’s murder. Another cousin, Troyvonte Hurt, 14, was shot and killed last August. A fourth cousin, Jaylin Hobbs, 18, was shot and killed earlier this month.
So far no suspects have been identified in Dequante's murder. He will be laid to rest on Saturday. Our deepest sympathies are with his parents, little sister and many loved ones and members of the community who have been affected by this senseless tragedy. Rest well Dequante...

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