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Networking Made Easy  Skip the expensive networking events and build a massive network on autopilot. Connect, Engage, Maintain. Click the posts with (read more)

Networking is a great way to get ahead in life, because as they say it's not what you know, but who you know that matters. And The Instamarketer can help you connect with the people you would most want to be networked with.

The Instamarketer is an Instagram Marketing tool that allows you to automate the tasks of liking photos, following people, and leaving comments, ultimately gaining your Instagram massive exposure.

Used by hundreds of businesses and solopreneurs, it's fast becoming an essential tool to growing your personal brand online.

See our other post for details on how it can help you maintain relationships as well as create new ones!

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We know how hard it is to maintain relationships with your entire network, especially when it starts getting into the thousands.

One of our favorite features of The Instamarketer is it's ability to target your follower's posts, and engage with them by liking or commenting. You can target your own newsfeed to target the people you are following, or target the feed of your own followers!
And of course, there is the ability to create new relationships. See the next post for more information, or visit the link in our bio if you're ready to get started.

The most powerful feature of the Instamarketer is it's ability to target your ideal followers based on the hashtags they are using.

So how does that work? Let's say you are a health coach and you want to build up your personal brand and influence as a health coach, even gain some new clients. You could target people using fitness hashtags such as #fitfam, #abs, #summerbody, and #fitlife. Everyone using those hashtags is at least interested in health and fitness, so it's safe to say they would probably be interested in your page as well.

By being able to engage with up to 40,000 targeted people a month, it's only a matter of time before you're the king of your niche.

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