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Jehnins  ✨MUA Beauty💋💄/Special FX💀

💖#365daysoflove 💖

**DM ME FOR SALE** Size 35(5) $550 (originally $1195+tax)**BRAND NEW** I just tried them on at home. Wish I could keep but they were too high for my comfort lol and Too late to return so gotta sell 😩💔#saintlaurent #saintlaurentboots #ysl #saintlaurentshoes #forsale #selling #luxforless #buyshoes #bootsforsale

Best part of the day 🚉#metronorth home 🏠

Thanks for the Memories - Forever a #toysruskid

@vaccarosbakerynyc Fruity Pebbles “#Dannoli” (donut+cannoli) from the fair yesterday #BigVinny u made me a cannoli lover but only yours! I can’t wait to go try more flavors!!

Last week they laid to rest not only my uncle but my second Grandpa. I couldn’t imagine growing up without him in our lives creating such great and long lasting memories not only for us family but everyone who knew him. Living on 47th street just a few floors up from my aunt and uncle was the best time of my life. I remember hearing the ice cream truck from down the block and right after the phone ringing for me to go down because he already knew I would want one. After school visits he would always come back with a slice of pizza to make sure I ate before mom came to get me. Taught me how to make sorullos de maíz. I’d help him roll coins to take to the bank. He would always ask me for numbers to go play lotto n say if he won half was mine lol. He taught me to play dominos. I’d go play in the snow while he shoveled.It was always the little things. The smell of cigars in the hallway let me know he had just walked through. And till this day I love the smell of a cigar because it takes me back to those moments. The love he had for us will never be forgotten. His one of a kind humor and jokes will forever live on. How I wish I could have been there to say my final good bye. But I will always treasure every min we shared. The huge hole I have in my heart can never be patched up but I know I will have yet another angel in heaven watching over me. I love you so much. 💙R.I.P Tio 💙
“Don Jose que bien se ve “


23 years ago I begggged mother for a baby brother and my wish came true! This picture captures exactly how I was with him. My little doll, my everything to hold and feed and change and play with. I remember always wanting to just do it all with mom lol I cannot believe you're 23 already!!! Time flies and I wish I can put u back to baby mode and squeeze ur cheeks! Lol you've grown (literally and figuratively) into such a handsome and ambitious young man and I wish you nothing but all the success and for your dreams to come true in life. I love you so much.!!!! 🎂🎉Happppppy Birthdayyyyyyyyyy🎊

Finish Groceries and look up to find I didn't miss it! 🌘🌚

❤️Finally had my 💖Fruity pebbles 💜🤗 mix. 💚It's my fav flavor 💛everything! 💙

Beauty Summit ✔️ Cali see you in Jan 😎 for the next one. Excited for all the amazing newness coming to @yslbeauty this fall. Stay tuned 😏

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