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Travel soft.. I need a page in that catalog.. they told me tuck your chains @ the travel Lodge! They got blood stains at the travel Lodge.. sheets and the pillow cases coming off.. other than that Im not involved. This isn't squa .. this is GOD..I wish my song never came on.. now Im cursed to sing the same song..well rehersed but it hurts. The love of a vitange polo shirt.. & bed that don't work, gray hair semi perm. When will I learn..? It cooking until it's burns.. some bone heads got nerve, thinking there hip when they can't move. Playin that joint. Made a different mood..

#ZanGiefGang over errythang #theredcyclone own errythang, your wife & the wedding rings.. thats the part is unsettling when u settle for anything. He clinch his fist then he swing, he throw a jab & then he miss...must of drank to much @official_cannavis But this a red storm BOY!! BANNAVIS.. they monkeying around. UNTil they banana split.. get sprinkle with the whole clip..might her ya dawg nip, over tubs full of trim,Cat Nip!! the strongest player in "the Game" u don't Know shit! In a @destructobunny voice. Pretty nice with the vice, by choice.. tell her fuck that's delicious til she changing her voice..shout to @hichange we call him #bange since 2008, I feel for every tooth with no taste.. I fill up every room with some babes.. rocking bootleg storms with some authentic @bape_us! Patient in my gold plated chains.. still living out a boxes and some heftys glad the badge never came for the bags that I slanged..i swear serving got straaaange..

May25th my life changes again.. u yaawwww

It's hard motha f***in work!!! Thanks @cultured_one for opportunity

First Meal of the Day.. But y'all Grinding huh? 👌

Life is all about keeping your shorts clean... In case u have to eat them later...

I used to paint.. I used to do a lot of things... Time to get my groove back..

May 25th Merced at @lens360 #Aceyalone live plus @blackaesop of living legends @instagramthatshit @cmonkeedo the talented @esnine is holding down the night & we got some heat for ya!! @destructobunny in the HOUSE AS WELL!!! YOGA FOR YOUR EARS ALL DAY.. ERRY DAY.. OVER THE UNDER POR VIDA

If Fools Run up they Getting WET..

Like Clockwork... #444

Tell me what u need... Tell me how you feel...

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