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Hedley & Bennett (@hedleyandbennett), the Los-Angeles-based apron and chefware company, “was born to inspire a sense of pride in the kitchen and beyond,” says its founder Ellen Bennett (@ellenmariebennett). Recognizing how bland, generic and essentially disposable typical uniforms were in the kitchen, Ellen decided to do something about it. With the hope of making people feel as amazing as the food they prepare, she infused her personality and experience into every stitch of her aprons—resulting in Hedley & Bennett becoming a culinary phenomenon in just five years.
To celebrate this momentous occasion and the brand's worldwide success, Hedley & Bennett has partnered with Instagram to host a memorable, one-day event for small businesses to come together and become empowered through community and conversation.
Known as “School of Hustle,” the event will take place at the brand's HQ on August 14 and explore everything a small business (or individual) needs to know to make their dreams come true—including workshops, crash courses and speaker panels filled with notable experts from various industries. But with only 200 spots available, the event is sure to fill-up.
That's why we're giving away a pair of tickets to this spectacular happening. To enter the contest, simply use Instagram Stories to explain why you want to attend the “School of Hustle” and share it with us. Don't forget to tag @instagramforbusiness and @hedleyandbennett in it as well. On July 25th, we'll announce the winning submission, so make sure to stay tuned.
To experience “School of Hustle” and learn how to do more for your business with Instagram (and beyond), visit @hedleyandbennett to register, or go to

It’s the firm belief of everyone at The Partners (@the_partners) that strong brands are built through the seamless and continual combination of intelligent brand strategy and exceptional creativity. “It’s the balance and fusion of these skills that make us unique,” says Harriet Ghaui (@hgahooey), Marketing Manager at the brand strategy and design agency.
The Partners was founded in 1983 in London by five designers: Aziz Cami, Keren House, David Stuart, Malcolm Swatridge and Nick Wurr. Today, the agency has studios in New York and Singapore as well; and has worked with clients including Coca-Cola (@coca-cola), Revlon (@revlon) and The National Gallery (@national_gallery), winning 18 D&AD (@d_and_ad) Pencils and three Gold Lion at Cannes (@cannes_lions) along the way. The agency launched its Instagram account in 2014.
"Instagram has a flexibility and a spirit that lends itself to the creative industry, and to branding agencies in particular – it’s a space to practice what we preach,” says Harriet. “With our posts and our Stories, we want to give people an insight into the diversity of talent and perspectives from across our three studios in London, New York, and Singapore, and share our work in an inspiring way that reflects our creativity."
What advice would The Partners give to other companies that want to start an account or run ads on Instagram? “Think how you can celebrate not only the work you create, but the people who create it,” says Harriet. “Think about how your audiences are using Instagram, and ask yourself what you would want to see as you scroll down your feed. You need to think about how your post can fit seamlessly with other posts – does it seem natural or salesy? – and then avoid the latter at all costs!”

“Donuts Damari (@donutsdamari) was born as a combination of photography, gastronomy and advertising,” say founders Carolina Eneas Cabral de Vasconcellos (@thecarolvascen) and Marian Patrocinio Valasques de Carvalho (@marianapavesca).
The company was started in 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil, after Carolina and Marian – who loved to look at donuts on Pinterest – realized there was a void in Brazil for the popular pastry. They decided to turn an American product into a Brazilian one by changing and adapting several flavors to Brazilian tastes, and soon the company was receiving orders not just in Brazil but worldwide. An Instagram account was launched concurrently with the brand.
"We want our potential clients to drool, to see our pictures and be amazed,” the partners say. “Our strategy is to reach people through their stomachs; when they see a delicious donut picture, they’ll want to eat it. We noticed that when posting boxes full of donuts, our followers engaged more than when we post single donut pictures, so now we only post delicious boxes."
Donuts Damari says that 90% of its orders come from Instagram, and that successful partnerships with digital influencers have made them realize how one person can influence millions. What advice would they give to businesses thinking about opening an account or advertising on Instagram? “Know you audience and make your product one-of-a-kind, not just one more in the market,” they say. “Show how you brought something new to the world and make consumers want them.” Which is exactly what they’ve done.

“We offer customers the opportunity to brighten up their days by delivering a surprise bouquet of seasonal flowers to their doorsteps once a month,” say Ben and Ludovic, the owners of Monsieur Marguerite (@monsieurmarguerite).
These two entrepreneurs use their Instagram account to highlight the beauty of “country flowers,” and say that the platform is their main tool for developing Monsieur Marguerite’s reputation.
"Not only does it generate traffic for our website,” they say, “but Instagram allows us to build a real relationship with our clients, by regularly inviting them to share their views. In this way, they are involved in the development of our business, which is invaluable.”

“We want to raise awareness about visual impairments and we want to cure blindness, and we are trying to do that one shirt at a time,” say brothers Bradford and Bryan Manning, founders of Two Blind Brothers (@twoblindbros).
The legally blind brothers, who were diagnosed at a young age with a degenerative disease called Stargardt’s that affects their central vision, founded their company in New York in 2016. The company sells luxury causal wear made in the USA and gives its net profits to pre-clinical medical research to cure blindness.
"We started an account for Two Blind Brothers (@twoblindbros) right when we started the company, so our followers could follow our journey and grow with us,” say Bradford and Bryan. “Instagram has helped us connect with our followers on a more personal level, and also helped us garner press from Richard Branson (@richardbranson), Ellen Degeneres (@ellen_degeneres) and Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk). We’ve had a lot of amazing things happen to us on Instagram that we haven’t seen on other social media platforms."
Two Blind Brothers offers a few pieces of advice for businesses looking to start an Instagram account or advertise with Instagram. “Figure out who you are and what your brand stands for, as these principles will drive your content strategy and give you a unique voice,” say the brothers. “Test, learn and adapt. Instagram gives you a direct line of communications with you and your audience, and as a company, you can take great advantage of that feedback loop. And lastly, always remember to be creative; being different gets you a lot of credit and attention.”

Today, we’re introducing two comment filters to help keep Instagram a safe place for businesses to express themselves and share their stories with the world: an offensive comments filter and a spam filter. These tools are the next step in our commitment to foster kind, inclusive communities on Instagram.
Many businesses have told us that toxic comments discourage them from posting on Instagram and expressing their brand freely. To help, we’ve developed a filter that will block certain offensive comments on posts and in live video. The spam filter removes any obvious spam in comments written in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.
These filters are powered by machine learning, trained by our team to recognize certain types of offensive and spammy comments so brands of all sizes never have to see them. They will improve over time, enabling the community’s experience to improve as well.
Our work is far from finished and perfect, but I hope we’re helping businesses feel safer and more welcome on Instagram
Kevin Systrom
CEO & Co-founder

“Tøast was born of a passion, a fascination for sourdough, from a personal search for simplicity and dedication to manual processes,” says Flávia D’Angelo Maculan (@flavia_maculan). “Bread, for me, represents that simplicity."
Flavia started her bakery, Tøast, in her native São Paulo, Brazil, to share her love of bread, in all its forms. She is so passionate about her products that she makes a point of signing her loaves one by one at the time they are sold. Her Instagram account reflects this crafted, homemade feeling, with an aesthetic she calls “simple yet complex, with Nordic features and symbolism."
“My account has always been very personal, even before it became Tøast's showcase,” she says. "I'm zero business and 100% emotion. With my account, I am trying to capture the beauty of a simple bread, made from only 3 ingredients. I only share what I love – that which captivates my eyes.”
And Instagram is a great way to do this. "Instagram is an amazing tool for spreading work and also for connecting people around the world with a common passion," says Flavia. "I think it's absolutely worth creating an account to advertise and share your story."

“Jewelry is not just superfluous, it’s a way to express your personality and communicate who you are, to feel empowered and understood,” says Anna Laskin, founder and designer of Vimeria (@vimeria). “I wanted to create affordable pieces that would give the wearer an ability to exude confidence and enhance their sense of identity."
Anna, an industrial designer, founded Vimeria in 2016 after years of studying under some of Toronto’s leading fine and fashion jewelry designers. The brand strives to bring high design and quality pieces to the market at approachable prices. Its Instagram account was created when the idea for the brand was conceived, beginning first as a visual inspiration board that set the tone for the brand.
"Instagram has helped me better understand the audience that would be inspired by the same visuals that I am,” says Anna, who describes the account’s aesthetic as minimal and bold. “Through the Instagram platform, I'm able to reach a wide audience who can see the brand from my visually curated point of view,” says Anna. “The overall reception of each new post gives me further insight into my customers, enabling me to better select content for future posts and continue to grow my audience. I wouldn’t be where I am without it."
When it comes to advice, Anna believes that "curation is key. Since Instagram is a visual platform, it’s important to pay attention to the visual language that is being used. The images that are put out there should be carefully selected to tell the story of the brand."

Starting today, businesses on Instagram will now be able to share the replay of a live video directly to Instagram Stories—making it easier than ever for its audiences to catch up on what they may have missed.
When a business finishes broadcasting a live video, they'll be able to add their replay to Instagram Stories for 24 hours by tapping “Share” at the bottom of the screen. If they wish to not share this though, then they can simply tap the toggle and choose "Discard”—resulting in the live video to disappear from the app (as it normally would).
When a replay is shared, it will appear in the stories bar with the business profile photo and a play button. Tapping this will launch the video and display comments and likes from the original broadcast. The business will also be able to see exactly how many people watched the video—both live and in stories.
Since introducing live video on Instagram back in November, businesses from all over the world have used it to connect with audiences in real-time and in the moment—allowing brands to share their story with the Instagram community in a fresh, exciting way. Now with the ability to share these live videos (as replays) to Instagram Stories, businesses will be able to do even more.
To learn more about today’s updates, check out
These updates are available as part of Instagram version 10.26 available for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in Google Play.

After receiving a biscuit stamped with the message “approved by the chef” back in 2012, Shanty Baehrel, CEO & Founder of @shantybiscuits, had the idea to create biscuits that were more personalized and inspiring for people to enjoy throughout France.
What first started off as something fun and on the side, quickly took on a life of its own and transformed into a fully baked operation in just six months. With so much excitement and success surrounding her brilliant, new idea, Shanty left her full-time job at an aeronautics company to devote all her energy to her charming and delicious creations.
Since launching her e-shop in 2013, Shanty Biscuits has become a worldwide phenomenon and has allowed her to bring on two other associates to help take her business even further.
Using the power of Instagram's visual tools to tell and market her story, she was able to share her passion with people all over the world and reach new customers like never before.

“We want to show the Tutu way of being – a special way of walking in the world,” says Gustavo Krelling (@gustavokrelling), co-creator – with Fabiana Montalvão – of Tutu Ateliê de Sapatilhas (@tutusapatilhas). “More than just showing shoes, we want to express a lifestyle."
Gustavo, a costume designer and visual artist, and Fabiana, a shoe designer and plastic artist, started Tutu Ateliê de Sapatilhas five years ago in Curitiba, Brazil. Just out of college and inspired by the artistry and grace of a dancer, the duo set out to create timeless footwear in limited and engaging editions.
Gustavo describes Tutu’s target audience as women of all ages who want more than just shoes. “Instagram is an indispensable tool for our brand. It allows us to express our ideas and find people who think the same way as we do,” he says. “It has been crucial in launching, promoting and maintaining our brand."
When it comes to advice, Gustavo is succinct and straightforward. “Make amazing photos!” he says, which is exactly what he does for the @tutusapatilhas account. “Images are the soul of Instagram.”

“We knew there had to be a better way for people like ourselves -- modern, urban consumers – to get insurance,” say Michael Rudoy (@mrudoy) and Luke Cohler (@ljcohler) of Jetty (@jetty). “We set out to build the first insurance provider that’s truly built for the city and all of the hurdles that come along with it."
Michael and Luke launched Jetty in the summer of 2015, after both having extremely frustrating experiences with their insurance companies. The company’s mission is to protect its customers against setbacks of all kinds, from fire and theft to wasted time and money. “Most insurance companies were built for a generation of consumers that no longer exist and the old way won’t cut it anymore – especially for city-dwellers,” says Michael and Luke. But luckily, that’s where Jetty comes in.
"Insurance isn’t something people think about much, nor should they,” say Michael and Luke. “So, instead, we use Instagram to celebrate the cities and the lifestyles that we’re building Jetty for. It’s our way of showing our target audience that ‘we get it, we’re just like you.’"
When asked what advice they would give other brands interested in starting an account, the duo simply said, "Don't be boring. Use sight, sound, and motion to give your brand a unique identity. Instagram has already gone a long way in helping us lay the foundation for a brand that people identify with and are excited by.”

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