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Today, we're excited to announce our business community has grown to two million advertisers, up from one million advertisers back in March. As people continue to spend more time on Instagram producing and exploring content (especially mobile video), advertisers are finding new opportunities to reach and engage customers like never before. From Instagram Stories to Feed to Live, our immersive family of tools are helping people and businesses all over the world share their passions and connect with what matters.
To see how your business can use mobile video to stand out and inspire action on Instagram, check out the link in our bio to learn more.
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“From Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi and beyond, we aim to transform daily coffee routines into exciting discoveries, inviting people to enjoy delicious coffee from far off countries that you can't find on the shelves at your local grocery store,” says Jordan Rosenacker (@jdrosenacker), co-owner and executive creative director of Atlas Coffee Club (@atlascoffeeclub).
The monthly subscription coffee business was founded in 2015 to give subscribers the opportunity to explore a new country’s coffee every month. Atlas Coffee Club’s Instagram account goals are threefold: First, to inspire brewing better coffee at home; second, to build a more connected coffee community; and third, to ignite wanderlust and cultural discovery.
"Retention is a big part of our business,” says Jordan. “Instagram has essentially served as our virtual coffee shop, allowing our subscribers and fellow coffee lovers the opportunity to share their coffee experience with us in real-time.” The account features stylized coffee shots and "take them there" imagery in tones and colors that match the featured coffee's bag design.
What would Atlas – which recently had the opportunity, thanks to a follower, to brew at the Facebook headquarters in Austin, Texas – say to other businesses thinking about starting an Instagram account and using its tools? “My quick sip of advice would be to build community by highlighting it,” he says. “Spread the Insta love – as well as some Insta friends – by sharing followers’ posts and praising what you like about them."
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“Everyone was ‘born original,’ so rather than trying to fit into a society that stifles unique thoughts, we should be confident about what we are,” says Melvin Lamberty, founder and owner of Born Originals (@born_originals). “Our brand makes it easier to express your individuality and your style."
Born Originals is a German fashion brand founded in 2014 that specializes in customized sneakers and leather goods, both of the company’s own design as well as third-party brand products. The @born_originals’ Instagram account was launched before the brand was, and the platform – including Instagram ads as well as Stories – continues to be its main marketing platform.
"Instagram Stories is a powerful marketing tool for our brand,” says Melvin. “Users are likely to watch Stories, so we make sure they find all important release, restock and sale info there first. We often include links to make it easy for people to shop there directly, and location filters to raise brand awareness in key cities."
Melvin says that in three and a half years of daily activity on Instagram, he’s witnessed a lot of changes in the platform – and the @born_originals’ account. What advice would he offer other brands thinking about starting their own account or using Instagram ads?
"My two pieces of advice are basically to A) create good content and B) do your research about how to use Instagram’s marketing tools correctly,” he says. “Instagram can be used in many different ways and it’s often the most relevant network for B2C brands. And be clear about all the possibilities of using ads, and make use of them, since they are the future of efficient ads."
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“Our story is about the modern couple who wants quality wedding flowers but is also cognizant of financial and environmental waste,” says Julia Capalino, co-founder of Bloomerent (@bloomerent). “By joining the sharing economy, our customer can receive fresh beautiful blooms, save money and reduce this waste."
Julia’s Bloomerent co-founder, Danit Zamir, was planning her own wedding when – shocked by the high price of floral arrangements – she began to wonder why she couldn’t share her flowers with another bride getting married the next day. A brand was born, along with a flower-filled Instagram account.
"Millennials especially use social media to find their vendors on top of finding inspiration, so we knew that having a strong social media presence was important for our demographic,” says Julia. “The concept of ‘sharing flowers’ between two events is a new one, so on our account and through our stories we attempt to explain the benefit, both financial and environmental, of Bloomerent, as well as post inspiration for our future customers."
What advice does Bloomerent offer to businesses considering an account with Instagram? “Use your customer reviews and testimonials throughout your posts and ads,” says Julie. “By using photos from actual Bloomerent events, potential customers get a better sense of the quality of the florists in our community and the multiple benefits of sharing."
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“A SmashCake is new, different, exciting and interactive,” says Claudia Abrahams of SydneySmashCakes (@SydneySmashCakes). “It definitely takes any celebration to that next level."
After years of being inundated with requests for her dome-like, treat-laden cakes, which she initially created for her children’s birthdays, Claudia launched her own company two years ago. SydneySmashCakes’ success was instantaneous, and her Instagram account soon had tens of thousands of followers.
"Videos play a massive role in my account, as people love to see SmashCakes in action,” Claudia says. “Whether it is a video of me making a SmashCake or a SmashCake being smashed by a bride and groom, my audience loves the interactive and revelatory nature of my products."
Claudia says Instagram has allowed her to showcase her work in a cost-effective way. What advice would she give to fellow businesses considering an account or advertising? “Don’t think twice – do it now,” she says. “Instagram is an amazing platform to showcase your business and work. Keep posting and keep tagging – there’s no better way to give your business a presence."
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“We’re bent on not being another one-for-one brand that simply donates material goods,” say Scot Tatelman, co-founder and GiveBackGuy (@justonetee), and Jacq Tatelman (@jacqtate), co-founder and creative director of State Bags (@statebags). “We go above and beyond by donating bags through our bag drop rallies, and by shedding light on tough topics to build empathy for those who could really use some love, understanding and support."
State Bags was a bi-product of Camp Power (@camppower), a nonprofit overnight summer camp started by Scot and Jacq nine years ago for kids growing up in Brooklyn's most underfunded neighborhoods. They launched the brand in 2013 after noticing a recurring theme of kids at camp carrying their belongings in trash bags or tattered shopping bags. Back-to-school is their “Super Bowl season,” says Scot, and this year, State is dedicating its entire giving efforts towards more than 30,000 children in Chicago’s most underfunded neighborhoods, and adding a layer on to its growing #WhatDoWeTellTheKids platform with a short film documenting the city's incredibly resilient youth.
"Instagram has been a fantastic platform to showcase State Bags’ product and mission,” say Scot and Jacq. “Our strategy is all about capturing moments in time – moments of happiness, moments of inspiration – as well as the fun of our brand. Our account, like our products, caters to almost everyone, built on the idea that we’re for the entire family - no matter what your family looks like."
State Bags utilizes hashtags, initiatives and partnerships to spread the word about its brand. What advice would it give to companies thinking about starting an account or advertising with Instagram? “Always be nimble,” Scot and Jacq say. “Every time we've felt like we've hit our sweet spot, we've been driven to change it up because of what we're seeing out there, or because of new features like Insta Stories. Much like a good business, your account should always be evolving and looking at what's next.”
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“Each piece I make is designed so that it remains timeless and accompanies you beyond the seasons,” says Alexandra Diollot of her company, Nalexthings (@nalex.d).
Alexandra began designing clothes while still a student, and three years later, began posting them to her Instagram account. The orders soon flooded in, and a clothing line was born.
Today, every item ordered is custom-made in France using ethically sourced materials, and Alexandra selects her fabrics with the utmost care. The brand's account reflects the ethos of the clothing, with a look that is playful, stylish and oh-so French.
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“After a trip to Paris, I developed an obsession for macarons, and found my passion for French pastry,” says María Fernanda of Vainilla (@vainilla). “After I came back to Venezuela, it became a personal challenge to find the perfect recipe for macarons and when I found it, it was my calling to start my dream business."
Maria, a self-taught baker, opened her French bakery Vainilla in Merida, Venezuela in 2013, and estimates the shop makes 800 macrons daily. Her products are rooted in the glamour of haute patisserie, and the look of her Instagram account reflects that, with delectable photography, a pastel palette and feminine details such as fresh flowers.
"When I first started the @vainilla account, I wanted to introduce my town of Merida to the macaron, but I soon learned that Instagram has the power to reach people nationally and internationally as well,” says María. "Today, our best strategy is creativity. We take care of all the details with the presentation of our products – I believe you always have to take a picture before the first bite."
María credits her Instagram account with helping Vainilla grow as a brand and connect with other businesses worldwide. What advice would she give brands looking to start an account? “Our best advice is to create an account with meaningful content, to share valuable information with your followers or clients and to take your own pictures. After all, this is what gives your brand personality."
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“Jewelry is very personal, and the industry is too,” says Caitlin Mociun, designer and owner of Williamsburg-based jewelry store Mociun (@mociun). “Creating experiences that are tailored and special helps me create a story unique to the moment and the people involved."
Caitlin started designing her jewelry line in 2009, and opened her brick-and-mortar shop in 2011, complementing her stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces with home goods, ceramics, art and jewelry from other artists. A second store opened last week on Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg. In her popular Instagram account, Caitlin features photographs, videos and stories of her designs (photographed on her own hand!) combined with travel inspirations.
"When I first opened the store, playing with how customers interacted with the space and products felt special and unique,” Caitlin says. “Now that the brand is evolving, I have reflected on those pillars of storytelling, and have focused on creating an experience that is even more elevated and intimate, including concierge designing and appointments."
Caitlin says she has found the majority of her employees through her account as well as designed custom pieces for high-profile clients who found her on Instagram. What advice would she offer to other businesses considering an account or advertising with the platform?
"Create and do your own thing, and don’t worry about what other brands are doing,” she says. “Overall, my experience with Instagram has been very organic. By slowly building your following, you’ll have a more genuine experience and successfully grow your business over time.”
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“There’s nothing we love more than having people in our studio to experience hand-cranking each sheet of paper through our press,” say Erin Fong (@efong) and Taylor Reid (@taerizz) of Western Editions (@westerneditions).
Named for the Western Addition, San Francisco neighborhood in which it is based, the letterpress company focuses on custom designs and small-batch printing on its antique Vandercook press. Western Editions produces everything from wedding invitations to “super profesh” business cards, and also offers printing workshops.
"Our Instagram account is all about our time in the printshop: The custom projects we are working on, our wholesale card line, our art prints, and our events,” say Erin and Taylor, who recently participated in SF Magazine and Levi’s “Great Women of the Bay” project. They describe Western Editions’ account aesthetic to be reflective of the brand’s style: Modern, punny, clean, bright and undeniably cute.
What advice would Erin and Taylor give other companies that want to start an account or run ads on Instagram? “The best advice we would give would be to be true to who you are,” they say. “Instagram is super fun and a great way to show your personality and style to the world.
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“Zou Xou aims to make shoes that are an extension of the modern woman's creativity and which fit seamlessly into her life,” says Katherine Theobalds, designer and founder of Zou Xou Shoes (@zouxoushoes). “We’re trying to bring artfulness to her everyday wardrobe in a practical and lasting way."
Katherine, a shoe designer, founded Zou Xou in 2015 with her Argentine partner as a way to divide their time between New York City and Buenos Aires. (“It’s kind of a love story,” she says.) Drawn to the amazing materials and artisans of Argentina, she soon realized her dream of manufacturing her own collection in the South American country. The brand launched an Instagram account in in late 2014, upon finalizing its first design in the collection.
"Being able to advertise on Instagram has been major; it's been a great way to reconnect with customers that I've met offline and make them part of my audience, as well as build a community.” Katherine says it’s also led to serendipitous situations, such as the time a woman ended up at Zou Xou’s New York pop-up shop after complimenting a woman’s shoes on the subway and visiting the Instagram account.
With stories like this one in mind, what advice would Katherine offer fellow businesses looking to open an account or advertise on Instagram? “Really put energy into creating content,” she says, “and do not underrate its importance! Good content requires planning and experimenting, but it's worth it. And post regularly. The time spent on your posts is money!”
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“In this fast-paced world, the best way to send some love is through the mail,” says Rhea Abramson, chief paper officer of Mail More Love (@mailmorelove). “The lost art of letter writing will bring you a sense of calm and beauty to your desk, fill your mail box and connect you to your loved ones. It’s a full circle experience of joy."
Rhea — who also runs @devoteddiarist and @nycletterwritingsociety — started Mail More Love in September 2016 to fill an unquenchable desire to open her own stationery store in New York City. Not ready to quit her day job and make that financial commitment, she decided to start a subscription box service instead. Each month, Mail More Love subscribers receive boxes of perfectly curated cards and gifts from the best letterpress and stationery designers out there – with Rhea serving as a personal shopper for stationary.
"I opened @mailmorelove two months before I launched the business, to create a following,” Rhea says. “I’ve always been known by my friends and family as the Card Whisperer, a person who sends the perfect card for the perfect situation. On my account, I try to entice people to order a subscription by inviting them into my world so they know what they will be getting if they become a customer, and to show them all the beauty they can send out into the world."
Rhea credits Instagram with “allowing me to have the business I dreamt of having.” What advice would she give businesses looking to open an account or advertise with Instagram? “Make your look and feel consistent so people know they are coming home to you when they land on your account. Read every comment and respond. Study the analytics of the results of your promotions so you can tailor the next one for better results. Create beautiful content. Engage your customers. And be sure to test different words in your promotions and include a call-to-action!”
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