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Instagram  #WWIM16💌 is the weekend of September 8-10. Find an InstaMeet near you:

Photo by @ungdee
Hello, world! It’s time to meet today’s #WeeklyFluff: Ungdee (@ungdee), a 3-year-old French bulldog living and loving life in Boston. According to his owner, Ungdee passes his time eating, sleeping and 💩— what could be better?
Follow @ungdee to never miss a day in his life; this little Frenchie is obviously doing something right.

Photo by @stillvisionphotographycamb
Low temperatures and high winds didn’t stop surfers in the UK from catching a few waves over the weekend — and photographer Michael Thornton (@stillvisionphotographycamb) paused to notice. “It struck me that the weather, even in summer, had created an adventure for them.” 🏄 #WHPadventure

Photo by @dnym_
Alone with his camera on an Indonesian beach, a passing horse and rider sent Denny Muhammad (@dnym_) scrambling to click the shutter button. “This photo expresses my feelings about this world,” he describes. “In darkness, there is always a light.” #WHPadventure

Photo by @marinobambinos
You never know what you’re going to get when you take a photo in the ocean, but Queens, New York-based writer Monica Marino (@marinobambinos) was pleased with this one. “My daughter was having a blast catching waves, and I went out during golden hour to see if I could capture a memory of a pretty ordinary — but extraordinary — evening at the beach together,” she says. 🌊
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Photo of @erwnw by @jmmyylee
Erwin Widianto (@erwnw) and friends get some perspective from their vantage point in the Indonesian countryside. “We are only a small part of the universe,” writes Erwin. “Be nice and respect everything around you.” #WHPadventure

Photo by @wanderinglaur
Adventure can be found even on a train ride home, like in this photo by Lauren (@wanderinglaur). “These sweet little girls sitting across from me are reminding me that even things I take for granted, and complain about often, can be a great adventure when viewed from a different perspective,” writes Lauren in her caption. “There’s a lot to see outside the window!” #WHPadventure

Photo by @dave.krugman
Today’s #SolarEclipse traced its path of totality — the geographic line along which the sun is entirely blocked from view by the moon — across the United States, from the woods of Oregon to the fields of South Carolina. Its rarity inspired millions to turn their eyes and lenses skyward, including New York-based photographer Dave Krugman (@dave.krugman), who made a trek to Nashville, Tennessee, to see this first total solar eclipse in the US in 38 years. “This was a flashpoint moment I didn’t want to miss,” says Dave. “Seeing the sky go dark and a ring of fire suddenly appear was an extraordinary experience. The light was eerie, otherworldly. It’s surely a moment I’ll never forget.” 🌞🌝
Watch our Instagram story featuring @billnye to see scenes and views of the solar eclipse across the US. 😎

Photo by @wallopart
Dog mom Katie Wall (@wallopart) set out on a local beach sojourn at home in England. “Zero to not-quite-seagull-speed in 60 seconds,” she writes of her playful whippet. 🐶
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Photo by @peachystudy
As a student, Emma (@peachystudy) wasn’t satisfied with her school-issued planner, so she turned to patterned tape, brush lettering and collage materials to up her homework game. “I really got inspired by the study community itself before I was a part of it. I would think, ‘This is so cool, maybe this is a niche I can fit into.’”
Emma, who’s 17 years old and studying French, English and classical civilization at A Level in the UK, says that her journals, like her homework, are a constant work in progress. “Often when I do my pages, I’ll just start drawing things and counting all the squares to make sure it lines up. I don’t feel the need to rip out pages if there’s a tiny mistake — they all add to the overall spirit of the journal.” 📓
Watch our Instagram story now to take a peek inside Emma’s notebooks.

Photo by @yamacame
In Japan, summer is a time for suikawari. “It’s a traditional game that involves splitting a watermelon with a stick while blindfolded,” says Yousuke Yamamoto (@yamacame), who took this photo of his daughter with a film camera and developed the negative himself. 🍉 #TheWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @mximlr
A 4 a.m. wake-up call sent Max Müller and a friend on a three-hour road trip to western Germany. “It was raining that day, which I quite like. It brings a special mood to the photos,” says Max. “This scene looks very unreal, and that’s what I like about it.” 🌬 #TheWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @galvartt
Felipe Galvão and his cousin headed into the Brazilian countryside to capture this moment of stillness. “I like the relationship between the rigid and the sensitive,” he says of the softness of the flowers and the toughness of the metal. 🌼 #TheWeekOnInstagram

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