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“We’ve had many moments of extreme frustration through rude peers, disrespectful landlords and ridiculous bankers who have asked where our ‘daddy’ is during business meetings,” says Mriga Kapadiya, one-half of NORBLACK NORWHITE (@norblacknorwhite), a female-owned business based in Delhi, India, on a mission to celebrate indigenous art and immigrant culture through handcrafted textiles. “It’s important to identify and contribute to making sure evolution doesn’t simply mean working towards colonial ideas of greatness and success, including the mass manufacturing of everything,” explains Mriga. “We wish to work with communities around the world, but we will always be committed to promoting Indian artistry.”
Despite the daily challenges, Mriga and her business partner Amrit Kumar are lit up by their female peers. “We are all coming together in such a meaningful type of sisterhood. It makes our hearts explode,” says Mriga. “We are super excited to keep creating, building and creating space for the goddesses around the world.”
This post is in celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting the stories of women doing extraordinary things around the world.
Photo by @norblacknorwhite

“I was born in California, but had a nomadic existence growing up. I find it reflective of my Somali background and ancestry. I find I keep moving, myself. As I once heard someone say, ‘Home is where my sole is.’ That statement resonates with me because my family is a mixture of immigrants and refugees — many of whom were displaced when the conflict in Somalia began in the early ‘90s. They are now sprinkled all over the globe — throughout the United States, Europe and all over Africa. Therefore, I have many homes, for which I am grateful.
There is a famine unfolding in Somalia right now, among other countries. Close to 20 million people in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria are threatened. When you live beyond borders, it hits close to home.” —Idil Ibrahim (@i_am_idil), documentary filmmaker #whereIcomefrom
Photo by @i_am_idil

Crop top, bodysuit, skinny jeans — Nadia Aboulhosn (@nadiaaboulhosn) wears any little thing she pleases, keyword “little.” “People try to shame me with, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t be wearing that,’” says the 28-year-old Los Angeles-based blogger, model and fashion designer. “I’m not gonna feel guilty because someone feels uncomfortable.” Half-Lebanese, Nadia grew up surrounded by women happy with their shapely hips, yet she soon realized there was a dearth of cute clothing choices for them. Instead of shrouding their curves, she thought, why not flaunt them? “When I started blogging in 2010, there weren’t a lot of people who looked like me in the fashion industry — 5’3” [1.6 meters] and thicker, with bigger eyebrows,” she explains. “I’ve helped normalize girls of all sizes to be able to wear whatever they want and be unapologetic for it. Your life isn’t for them. It’s for you.”
This post is in celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting the stories of women doing extraordinary things around the world.
Photo by @nadiaaboulhosn

Last week, with 600 colorful feathers and a whole lot of love, Simarron Robertson (@dreamkeepersllc) crafted this #myinstagramlogo . “I was inspired to create this today when I read about Instagram’s intention to make this community a safe environment that fosters kindness,” says Simarron, a maker and mama who lives in Montana. “I love that intent and it makes me more proud to be part of this form of social media.” 💕
Photo by @dreamkeepersllc

It was the everyday, vibrant diversity that brought photographer Narisa Ladak (@nooristan) to Harlem, New York. “There’s so much to learn just by eating at restaurants and listening to music,” says Narisa. “It’s cultivated here. You can learn by walking down the street and paying attention.” Narisa self-identifies as South Asian, but her background extends globally: She was born in Canada, her parents in Tanzania and her grandfather in India. Her own family’s diversity helped to draw her lens toward minorities and immigrants — “people in between, like me” — when her previous work in marketing took her to live in Kabul, Afghanistan. “In taking a picture of someone, they’re trusting you, and you’re building a relationship with them,” she says. “I believe in the power of human connection.” Narisa now lives Harlem, and brings that to life in a recent photography project where she documents Congolese musicians in her neighborhood: “There’s something about live music that brings people together. It has a universal nature no matter what language you speak.”
Watch our Instagram story to see more of Narisa’s project.
This post is in celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting the stories of women doing extraordinary things around the world.
Photo by @nooristan

Lilian Martinez’s (@bfgf) playful tapestries aren’t just modern-day, digitally printed cave drawings — they do double duty as throw blankets you can wrap up in or picnic on. “Art wasn’t very prominent in my childhood. My main interests were eating snacks and watching TV,” says the Los Angeles-based artist behind the unisex art brand BFGF (Boyfren Girlfren). While she does paint canvases and show in galleries, things took off when she removed her art from the wall and transferred it onto fun, functional home goods and clothes like pillows, rugs and sweatshirts. Lilian does love famous artists like Paul Cézanne and Henry Moore, but she’s just as inspired by a good Stilton cheese and some fruit as she is by sculptures. “Art is everywhere,” says Lilian. “Take time to explore. It will make you feel good!” #MadeToCreate
Photo by @bfgf

Regardless of what language you speak, “we can all come together to share, enjoy and engage,” says Coral Malfaz (@citomegalovirus), who gathered artists, photographers and friends for a #WWIM15❤️ in Spain’s Canary Islands.
Photo by @citomegalovirus

For Maya Wardhani (@mayaraniaa), a day of fun on a playground in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, is just one manifestation of kindness, #WWIM15❤️’s theme. “Kindness is about creating happiness with friends,” says Maya.
Photo by @mayaraniaa

Bad weather couldn’t stop Gary Lin (@s_way045) and his friends from joining forces for Taipei’s #WWIM15❤️ this past weekend. “The rain is heavy,” he says, “but the hearts are stronger.”
Photo by @s_way045

Hello, world! It’s time for another edition of #WeeklyFluff . Meet Bono, the newest edition to the @lorylorikeet family. This sweet, snuggly bird lives with his siblings, Lory and Theo, in Vitória, Brazil, and loves a good head scratch from his human. (Who could blame him?!)
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New friends and fun Boomerangs were made by Alfan Erdi Jozuna (@alfanzu) at this #WWIM15❤️ in Jakarta, Indonesia.
#Boomerang by @alfanzu

Let’s play “how many hands are in this photo?” with Anna Egorova (@egoorushka) and her university friends in Russia. #WWIM15❤️
Photo by @alex_akimenko via @egoorushka

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