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Instagrafite  The biggest public art platform of the world • Currently in Madrid for Urvanity

@latlas_art new mural with the help of @galeriemartineehmer for @urvanityart in Madrid, Spain #urvanityart

Amazing Collection by @MontanaGalleryBarcelona at @urvanityart fair in Madrid, Spain • Join us also at @enricsant talk now! #urvanityart

'Lavapiés' new work by @einesigns with @vroomandvarossieau for @urvanityart in Madrid, Spain #urvanityart

Meet the artists from @stolenspacegallery at @urvanityart fair happening just today and tomorrow in Madrid, Spain • Swipe to see! #urvanityart

Impressive artists of @fousiongallery at @urvanityart fair in Madrid, Spain • The talk of the gallery and the artist Miss Van @vanessa_alice is today at 1 pm at Palacio Neptuno, come and join us! [Swipe it!]

The unmistakable @isaaccordal for @mambogallery at @urvanityart fair in Madrid, Spain • Don't miss it tomorrow! #urvanityart [Swipe left to see more!]

Incredible work by @laurenceval at @station16gallery booth in @urvanityart • Madrid, Spain - Come to see this in person! #urvanityart [Swipe left to see more!]

Hello @urvanityart, we are glad to be here!! • Work by @nataliarakart for @montanagallerybarcelona • Madrid, Spain

Amazing piece by @rocco_and_his_brothers at PM11 'Radius' curated by @urbanshitgallery @1234just @c100art at @urbannationberlin, you must see this! • Thank you for having us in Berlin, Urban Nation! Spectacular moments and preparation for the Museum. We are very excited. See you in May! ✨☄️ • Fantastic pic by the super @nikakramer

'Radius' new exhibition at @urbannationberlin part of #ProjectM11 curated by @1234just, @c100art and @urbanshitgallery with incredible German artists. If you are in Berlin, don't miss it! [Swipe left to see more!]

Amazing piece by @low_bros for #ProjectM11 at @urbannationberlin • curated by @1234just @c100studio and @urbanshitgallery • Berlin, Germany

'A’o Mai I Kou Hewa' (Learn From Your Mistakes) by @telmomiel for @powwowworldwide in Honolulu, Hawaii