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instagood 💎  #watchthisinstagood #instagood10k if under 10k gems on stories (turn post notifications on) camera 📸giveaway see link below 👇

@davieg8 Tallest building in the world 🌎 photo by @davieg8

@travel_bellauri Lavender fields

@katrina_smolla If you never try you will never know

@prozipix We spent last four days exploring Spain (Alicante, Calp and Valencia) with my bros @agentnoz & @lukaszburdziak. This place is called Muralla Roja and it was always my dream to check out this place. 💯🔝💯

@evy_rivera My favorite part about Morocco was spending the night in the Sahara Desert. 🐪

@flaviapavanelli Energia renovada ✨ ph @lucaspinhel

@photoadams This was definitely one of the most amazing experiences. Ice making all these shapes and the light making this extreme blue. Can u spot the giant skull behind me?

@fabiomluz Ticino, Switzerland.
“You can do this. Stop sabotaging yourself and your dreams. There will be risks, there will be stress but go on and actually pursue what you want to do.” You will not regret having tried, all things considered. Self-doubt can destroy so much of your life. don’t let it.

@soturg When we arrived to Bali, @sveklina told me : «Bali is where the dreams come true. You just have to ask and you’ll receive»

✨Well, I think she was right! There something about this place. ✨

📸 @hansonchengg .🎨 👩🏼‍🎨 edit by me

@deileni Summer my endless love❤

@love.christina.xo “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” Rumi
How incredible is this naturally occurring figure of 8 rock pool? I got this one with the drone!

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