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instagood 💎  #watchthisinstagood #instagood10k if under 10k gems on stories (turn post notifications on) camera 📸giveaway see link below 👇

@michiganskymedia - Have you kayaked Turnip Rock, the iconic bucket lister?

@giuliogroebert A perfect start in the day!

The ground was a bit hard and the night pretty short, but this sunrise made up for it. Lets go camping?

@devon_loerop Rainbow mountain was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. EARTH is incredible! Who wants to add this to their bucket list?

@fprunkov Make sure your dreams are so compelling that they keep you awake at night!
Shakespeare wrote a great line for Hamlet, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” 🙋🏼‍♂️
Concentrate on how your life is and how it could be. If you waste time looking back at what it wasn’t, you’re not noticing the new opportunities all around you. It’s an extraordinarily simple concept, but extraordinarily difficult for some people to act on.
What in life have you achieved by accident? 👀
Yes, there are wonderful instances of serendipity – stumbling across something delightful and unexpected. That’s what makes each day a joyous adventure. However, whatever your objectives have been – learning to walk, read, driving a car, or using the newest digital device – chances are that you visualized yourself achieving them.
You intended to achieve those things and you were willing to put time and effort into these goals. 🤙🏽
- -
Enjoy and comment something useful 🙊

@simona_br_photography BeachWalk under the moodily Gothic Vestrahorn Mountain. ☁🚶🏼 Let's go and take a walk.?

@kegansovay Wishing this waterfall was made of coffee 🤘Don't you agree? ( just added one of his videos to the IGTV channel ) thanks @kegansovay

@d.a.f.e.r Place of Fine Arts photo by @d.a.f.e.r

@michiganskymedia We captured the 🔥“Mac Daddy”🔥 of all time! You can see the Mackinac Bridge, the blue ice mountains, steel wool embers, drone light painting, upper peninsula stars, and @d3imagery and myself in all our glory! Insta stories to come! . .

@zyrusmedina Caught in a mossy green forest🌲How far do you think @_cbarajas_ 🔴 got?

@lorenz.weisse I would come back only for the Icelandic glacier rivers. Would you like to explore this place?

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