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InstaGod Ministries  We are a nonprofit Christian organization. Our Mission is simple, “Share The Love of Jesus Christ & Give Cheerfully To Those In Need.” (since 2012)

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#PressPlay: I came across this video this morning that encouraged me. I'm #reposting in hopes to encourage someone who's also in need up some uplifting.
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@tarajiphenson is not only a beautiful woman, but talented and strong. ❤️

Many of you should've been so far from where you are right now but it's your attitude that has held you back. God doesn't bless disrespect, greed, selfishness, a nasty disposition and stubbornness. God is Holy, He will not honor you for that.
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He allows trials and tribulation to happen to strip you from yourself and pride. How can you expect to have more and to be in higher places but you can't pass the small test... You don't know how to talk to people respectfully. You roll your eyes and pout when someone of authority ask you to do something. You cuss folks out when they look at you the wrong way or when say something is said that rubs you off the wrong way. Then you wonder – why am I still in the same spot. Why is everybody else moving ahead of me and I'm still in the same position. Why can't I keep a man or woman. Why do I always have trouble on every job. Why don't I have friends. Why does my family no longer want to be around me; it's your attitude!
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Aren't you tired yet? You love the chaos, the disarray, and the arguments. If nothing bad is happening it scares you because you grew so accustom to trouble. What's going to have to take place in your life in order for you to give up your attitude? You wake up tired, you go throughout your day tired, you go to bed tired, and dream tired. Several people including those close to you have told you about your attitude. That in it of itself should be enough for you to want to change. Let it go! Listen, at some point in your life you have to mature, stop making excuses and accept the fact that you're the problem. Your attitude is nasty! It's not the people you encounter, it's not your environment, it's not the devil, it's not the job, it's you.
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Whenever you come against a difficulty that you know is an area weakness, God is using it to build your character and to shape you into His likeness. Speak the promises of God on every test and trial and respond in love; smile sometimes. Kindness and love is what pleases God, because to whom much is given much is required. God is getting you ready for something that's bigger than yourself. #GetReady (Words by @shawn.mckenzie)

#PressPlay: Lion King ministry 😂😂 (via: @annacdouglas)

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