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Tyler Ellis  Entrepreneur 💵 | World Traveler 🌎 Catch Flights not Feelings 🛫

I like my cats like I like my women; not technically "mine" but still coming around when I'm ready to screw. (home improvement joke)

I'll think of a witty caption tomorrow, right now this buzz was too expensive to waste.

Happy birthday to the world’s least intimidating Viking. You were my first and best friend, my genuine brother, and eventually you would have been my best man. The past 6 1/2 months haven’t been easy without you. I can’t go a single night without getting nostalgic about the memories we shared (a fact that I know must give you an obscene amount of pleasure: “some god” feeling sad about me?!). I miss our two-hour long phone calls that made our parents question our sexuality together. I miss how an entire day of hanging out with you could be centered around a walk through the powerlines to get to 711 for you to eat snacks. I don’t even regret how we traded our first 16 years worth of social skills for playing online computer games together every night.

I just miss ya, bud. I’d ask you to be my guardian angel but you’d probably just drip ham and cheese on my shoulder. Happy birthday big man, we love ya.

Happy birthday to Nicole aka the fat lil meatball who stole 1/3 of my inheritance. My first sister. My favorite sister. The original burger. Still can't believe we tricked Joey into taking you off our hands.

Feat. My giant baby forehead.

I ain't even got any friends here yet but at least I bought a condo. #Austin #Texas #adulting

Staycation with my cousins ❤

First day of college 7 years ago today. The demon trio of Lefevre. Bonds were forged and secrets were formed that will be taken to the grave. #sus #tbt #cuties #college #niceguys

Artsy. Fun. Sensitive. Emotionally available.

Everyone knows sharks are scared of drunk people; snorkeling on the catamaran.

Just looking for my Jessica Day at the country's largest independent book store in Portland, Oregon this weekend. #portland #powells #smartgirlsarehotgirls

My new backyard pool; Fun game: See how long you can swim around by yourself before people start to think you're a sociopath.

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