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Bram Stebbings  I haven’t eaten an apple in weeks. The doctors are closing in. I can’t hold them much longer. Tell mom I love her.

Mom wasn’t there to make us take a “nice one”.

I’m going to carry her around like a baby for two weeks when I get home.

Greatest place on the big blue rock.

Little dude next to me is the best part of this shot.

Never forget the D.L. Beckwith Middle School Spring 2011 Spelling Meet champions. #sphygmomanometer #electroencephalograph #triskaidekaphobia #sedan #feisty

Using a spyglass as a fuzz free zoom. Just one of many tricks from the innovative @maestebbs

It’s safe to say my log pillow was more comfortable than the hammocks.

Essie got the new dispensary LEGO Set! It’s so lit!

You know Koda did something naughty and Elo’s tryna cover.

Geez, what a princess. JK I love you so much Momma!!! Happy birthday ;) 👌🏼

The right way to end a day. Disclaimer: Don’t end everyday like this that would be very unhealthy.

Even elevators need a little exercise.

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