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Caroline  It always warms my ❤️ when you write. Sometimes I write back under YOUR pictures instead. It gives me more time to enjoy your pictures...smiling.

After rain comes sunshine...smiling. (The second after I took this picture the poor guys in the "catamaran-like" boat tilted...and filled their sinuses with freezing icy cold water....smiling but also feeling for them)


Now we've been here for nearly one and a half month. I still open the dishwasher every time I want to get a fork from the cutlery drawer....grinning.
Not sure if it is the kitchen that is "topsy turvey" or just me....laughing.

Night night...sleep tight...don't let the bed bugs bite.

Light and Bright
Sun and Spring
Lemons and Tulips indoors
....and outside the rain is
pelting against the windows
this icy April evening....smiling

Yesterday's sunset as lovely miss Spring was making her way towards us up here in Stockholm.
Today quite a few parts of Sweden will be having snow again🤣. Right now raining and poring and raging winds.
Have a lovely evening or day everyone...smiling

The last waking sight
for my weary eyes
this Thursday night.
Tomorrow morn
my Love's Birthday I
shall adorn.
Sing for and kiss
There is nothing
he shall miss.

Good night smile😘😘😘

Some Days remain forever perfectly a piece of amazing Art...smiling

I long for Her...and soon she will be here.
Beloved Miss Spring....smiling

And the World continued to turn...

As the light of the sun turns off...the lights turn on...smiling.

Golds and Green
I'm living my Dream
Greys an Gold
Let the future Unfold.

Big Monday hugs everyone😘😘😘

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