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Caroline  It always warms my ❤️ when you write. Sometimes I write back under YOUR pictures instead. It gives me more time to enjoy your pictures...smiling.

I never thought that the Autumn ofMy Life would be The Summer of My Life...smiling

The Centre of the World...smiling

The Love of My Life making a funny face...I swear I fall in love every single time we are together...every time I see Him...every night we sleep entangled side by side...smiling

Before the work day begins...smiling. It feels different to have ordinary clothes at work...and not my regular "pyjamas"...laughing. May the Goddess of Today smile at you...as I hope She will smile at me.

Could the sunset be better...smiling. Soon going home with this boat⛵️

An evening with this gorgeous boat to an amazing restaurant in Stockholm's besutiful archipelago. Gotta go...my sea bass is arriving now...laughing

There is a beauty in simplicity. In not overworking something already perfect.
A feedom in an untainted horizon
You can nearly hear the unrestrained life force in the lushness of the vibrantly green grass.

It was a quite hot summer day...that turned into a velvety and lukewarm summer evening. They had spent the day in the sun and pleasantly eaten dinner down by the water.
The chimney on the sauna let out a cozy ringlet of smoke up into the summer evening sky as the logs happily burned and warmed it up. Soon they sat in the sauna...relaxed and content...easily chatting and laughing and occasionally even singing together. The girls went out to take a cooling dip and came back in dripping chilling drops as they came back in. Life was like a delightful and warmingly charming summer story...smiling
(Old pic from last summer...but I just love the reflection in the water)

The Marina all dressed up in pink and blue...just like a pretty young thing...smiling

She was a water creature....friends with star fishes and mermaids. At the tender age of 5 she had with serious candour told her parents that she wished she was a fish and could sleep in the water. At 8 she competed in crawl and breast stroke and spent every single free minute in the water. Sometimes even her parents wondered how it came that she adored the ocean and swimming so much ...but as long as she was happy....so were they.

Calm water this evening....so we will only be rocked gently to sleep....smiling

She walked up behind him...but it was as if he sensed her closeness and as she came near he turned around and she walked straight into his tight embrace instead.
"We started our dream alone...he whispered against her cheek...but from now on our lives, dreams and bodies will always be as one, just like they are all through the night". In her last relationship individuality, debating and motivating your standpoint had been main ingredients of a life together....and now she revelled in the new and infinite closeness she now shared with this man. Their shining eyes intertwined as he put a hand in the small of her back...spun her around in a giddy dance....both of them laughing with shining faces.

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