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Photo and words by @PaulNicklen |Emperor penguins propel themselves out of Antarctica's icy waters in astonishing leaps that defy gravity. Antarctica is often thought to be a highly isolated and pristine environment. Scientific studies have shown that this is not the case. Microplastics, bits of larger plastic debris that have degraded into smaller and smaller pieces, can be found in the region and are distressing wildlife. Seals and penguins can eat plastic debris and choke, or become entangled in it. Zooplankton, such as krill, also ingest microplastics, introducing harmful chemicals into the polar food chain. #TurningTheTide with @Sea_Legacy.
Entertainer and activist Zooey Deschanel (@zooeydeschanel), co-founder of the Farm Project (@farmproject), is guest curating the @natgeo feed today as we launch Planet or Plastic? (#PlanetorPlastic), a multiyear effort to raise awareness about the global plastic crisis. Check back throughout the day to see Zooey’s selection of powerful images related to ocean plastics and the threat they pose to the environment. #Repost @natgeo with @insta.saver.repost • • •

Photo by @FransLanting Two young cheetah brothers are crouching down to drink from a water hole in the Serengeti. Cheetahs may be able to survive for long periods without drinking water and rely instead on the blood from their prey, but they don’t pass up an opportunity to drink when they can. You can tell they are still young because of the ruff of fur along their necks, which disappears when they mature. Follow us @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more intimate encounters with cheetahs. @Thephotosociety #Cheetah #BigCats #Endangered #Wildlifephotography #Wildlife #Safari #Repost @natgeo with @insta.saver.repost • • •

Photo by @the_wanderinglens
This bright 🐥 went diving for Lisa Michele Burns’ (@the_wanderinglens) cookie crumbs in water off of Queenstown, New Zealand. “I sunk the camera and snapped this shot,” she writes in her caption, “then happy-danced on the shores when I saw the result.” 💛
Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPcolorpop. #Repost @instagram with @insta.saver.repost • • •

Photo by @aprettycoolgirl
The California sunshine inspired Margaret Bienert (@aprettycoolgirl) to take this photo of her sister, transformed into a blooming flower. “I love being playful with my photography whenever I can,” says Margaret. “To me, this photo represents a perfect spring day spent with my family.” 🌼 #Repost @instagram with @insta.saver.repost • • •

Video by @nellysnose
Hello, world! Meet Nelly (@nellysnose), a 5-year-old golden retriever who can balance just about anything on her nose. “The balancing act grew out of basic sit-and-stay training,” says Nelly’s human, Terry, a retired pediatric nurse. “Occasionally, I would add a prop: veggies from the garden, small toys and, of course, the ever-ready stick. Nelly took to our game immediately. She loves it.”
The trick is in the treat — enticing Nelly to show off her skills with a special snack. “If Nelly is willing, she can balance,” says Terry. “She has balanced a small sewing machine, a watermelon, helmets, a raw egg, wind-up teeth and, her personal best, 50 Pringles potato chips.” #WeeklyFluff
Watch our story to see what else Nelly can balance on that talented nose. Good girl, Nelly! #Repost @instagram with @insta.saver.repost • • •

Video by @sugar_boogerz
Slicing, sizzling, smoking — Laurel Driskill (@sugar_boogerz) cuts through meltable objects with a hot knife and revels in the results. “It’s seriously so fun,” says Laurel, a 24-year-old student of painting and animation who lives in Massachusetts. “It keeps me young. I love when my grocery basket is full of crayons, glitter and Play-Doh.”
Laurel turned to creating her #ASMR videos (that’s autonomous sensory meridian response, when certain sounds and visuals cause relaxing tingling on the head and neck) while she was going through her divorce. “I needed an outlet: something to focus on that was outside of myself and that gave back to the world,” says Laurel. “I get messages all the time saying thank you and expressing gratitude for making my videos. My ASMR journey is an example of a very good thing that came from a really bad thing.”
Watch our story to see Laurel’s ASMR experiments. #Repost @instagram with @insta.saver.repost • • •

Photo by @ropdz
With his flotation vest on, Rodrigo Pederzini (@ropdz) could only manage to dive 16 feet (5 meters) underwater in this Brazilian lagoon. “But some divers have gone 200 meters [650 feet] deep and still haven’t found the bottom,” he says. #TheWeekOnInstagram #Repost @instagram with @insta.saver.repost • • •

Photo by @bentibbettsphotography
Mountaineering, photography, drawing — it all came together for British photographer and alpinist Ben Tibbetts (@bentibbettsphotography) at university. “I was studying history of art and fine art, and to pay my way, I was working as a climbing instructor,” says Ben, who now lives part of the year in France. Just beyond his doorstep, he’s spent the past few years climbing all 82 of the European Alps’ peaks that are 4,000 meters or higher and is publishing a book detailing the journeys’ technical routes, historical context and personal stories. “The routes range from easy to really quite hard alpinism, and I’ve climbed every single one of them,” says Ben, who took photos of the mountain landscapes throughout his expeditions. “Being in these mountains is humbling. It’s so beautiful, delicate and majestic — and we all need to do our bit to keep it like it is.” Today on our story, join Ben on an alpine expedition. 🌬 #Repost @instagram with @insta.saver.repost • • •

Photo by @jiffpom
Hello, world! For today’s very special edition of #WeeklyFluff, we’re pleased to share this lil’ Q&A with the even lil’er Jiffpom (@jiffpom), the beloved Pomeranian pup and a Kids’ Choice Awards (@nickelodeon) nominee for Favorite Instagram Pet. 🐻 💗 Read on, fluff lovers:
Instagram: Hi, Jiffpom! What are your favorite activities?
Jiffpom: Shopping, taking selfies and skateboarding.
IG: What are your favorite snacks?
JP: 🍕 and 🍰.
IG: How would you describe your personality?
JP: Social butterfly.
IG: If you could be another animal, what would you be?
JP: Panda bear. 🐼 #Repost @instagram with @insta.saver.repost • • •

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