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kill em with kindness  Everything related to Selena and other celebs ‚ô°

Credits to my favie @ourbocaprincess ‚̧

No seriously her edits SLAY THE DECADE ūüėāūüíē

"Be like snow, beautiful but cold" ‚ĚĄ
I'm gonna be honest here, not a huge fan of this one ūüėā
It's kinda boring lmao
#Winter #SelenaGomez #IceQueen

All you need is Faith, Trust and a little bit of pixie dust ūüíź
2nd edit with Photoshop, not gonna lie but kinda proud of this.
#SelenaGomez #Fairies #Fairytale

The Harder, The Battle, The Sweeter, The Victory
So this is my first edit with Photoshop, I have so many ideas and I really want to edit them so get ready for more edits.


"You got a fetish for my love"

My feed is messy and I don't even care. Hehehe

Fetish is coming!
I'm ready!!!
#SG2 #Fetish #ComingSoon

I really missed editing like this so, I did one yesterday!
The details at the back of Sel's dress were so hard to do but I did it YAY! ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ
#selenator #recolor #SelenaGomez #Grammy2016 #Blonde

Happy 4th of July for the Selenators who live in America ūüéČ

#4thofjuly #america #selenagomez

Hey People!
Sorry For Not Posting In Forever, but I wanted my last post to get more attention. I kinda failed ūüėā
#Selenators #Edit #SelenaGomez

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