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Inspire Hope  Brushing Smiles 😊 Painting Hope ⭐️ Program to ignite hope and inspiration for pediatric cancer patients of Cancer Institute through arts and crafts.

What is your definition of art? Here's @artsynathan's take.
"Art is within our hearts - artsynathan"

Every one of us is different. Every one of us has weaknesses. Every one of us wanted to be like others. But God gives us hope. He shows us how to be strong! God wants you to know who you really are! He wanted you to let that " art inside you " shine brighter than the sun. Because He knows that you can do it! Do it step by step because in each step there is something that will complete you. Something that will help you grow spiritually and learn from your mistakes.

Hindi kinakailangan maging katulad ng iba para lang magustuhan ng mga tao. Dahil hindi ito nakakabuti sa iyo. Maging matatag! Maging malakas! At pinaka sa lahat ay "Mahalin mo ang iyong sarili" dahil dito magsisimula ang panibagong bangon ng buhay mo.

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

Let us bring joy and hope to Pediatric Cancer Patients of Cancer Institute of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to lighten then up!
For more info on how you may be able to help, check out their accounts:
Facebook Page: Inspire Hope PH

Dong-A My Color - @donaphilippines

Inspire Hope and Calligrafriends Philippines are heading to South to bring an Art Day Camp for a Cause! Join us at Treseville on the 13th of May 2017 at 9AM as we teach you how to stroke brushes to paint smiles and hope for the chosen beneficiaries of Inspire Hope!
Make your Summer vibrant and colorful more than just dipping on a pool! Let's all spread the joy of giving while enjoying an artsy day that's so cool!

Link in bio for registration 😊

The bright colors of the watercolor pop against the bright white lines with a very satisfying result, even if your original drawing seems simple. One of the therapeutic benefits of art-making like this can be the resulting feeling of mastery and enjoyment.

Calligraphy is something you can learn at any age. Inspire Hope thought of this medium as a catalyst of stress that can establish bond between patients and their families. Since learning is impaired by age, Neuroplasticity (changing of the brain) occurs whenever you learn and memorize something new — no matter what age you are. Anytime you learn something new, you’re broadening your horizons and being good to your brain. it’s important that kids know how to write using script — with the possibility of developing that script knowledge into calligraphy later.

Inspire Hope tailored an expressive art takeaways for the patient and their families to ensure efficiency of our program.
Our Art Therapy may be facilitated by pool of artists and advocates but the principles and activities can be translated to home life. It is our sincere vision to teach the family households to encourage your little patients to explore their artistic and creative side by doing craft projects with their siblings and relatives on any typical day gathering.

We strongly envisioned that being creative in this type of safe, therapeutic environment can be revitalising and often lifts mood to our chosen patients. The sense of freedom and lack of judgement that is felt within art therapy is far unique when compared to other more traditional forms of therapy that we believe is vital to be practiced by patients with strong support of their own families.

Inspire Hope believes that the versatility of art therapy makes it accessible to a wide range of different people. It is because it tends to look at issues in a different way that can help tap the emotions of the chosen participants that needs to be given importance. Many people say that art therapy have a greater sense of control and choice when compared to other existing therapies. #inspirehopeph #inspirehope #arttherapy

Inspire Hope defines Art Therapy as an advocacy. However, it is scholarly defined as a type of psychotherapy that uses artistic mediums and materials to help people explore their thoughts and emotions in a unique way.

The idea behind this type of therapy is to use art as a primary means of communication, something that can be useful for those who find it difficult to put their feelings into a spoken word because of physical, mental and emotional conditions.

In this light, Inspire Hope thought of being practical to use inexpensive physical objects, such as paintbrushes, water color and paper, to help children to feel more connected to the world around them.

And the winner of our giveaway is *drumroll* @jake.zeta!!! ❤ We all loved your work guys! Continue to create beautiful masterpieces 😘 -
As for @jake.zeta please DM @pnrafols your details and we will ship your prize as soon as possible ❤
Thank you all for joining!

Kudos to the InspireHopePH Core Team and Volunteers! 💙

Loot bags for our little fighters 😍

Preparing for our little fighters. I'm both excited and nervous! 😶 -Jovy

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