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inspiredbyx  Alaina. Homeschooling Mama. Creative. Herbology Student. Following their curiosity and mine on a daily adventure!

Finding a little creative break during some side walk chalk time with the kiddos 😂

After carefully identifying this non-poisonous Giant Leopard Caterpillar we decided to more closely examine it and its beautiful red stripes. #naturestudy

Found something new on our tire, a wheel bug! Later, after reading that it's bite, if handled, can be ten times worse than a hornet sting and take months to heal, it was a good reminder that being an observer is always a good idea!!! Most especially if you haven't any idea what you're looking at.

It wasn't the best picture, but I wanted to share this piece of love I created for a dear friend and her first child. The littles hand dyed the squares (with a little help from me) and it took me a long time to finish it all. It's small, and durable, and the first quilt I have done in this way. I learned so much from the experience about quilting, and even about life. I love the way that making something has life lessons in it if we are paying attention. I hope the love and dreams it is infused with spreads to its' owner.

They might be 'done' for the day, but I'm not!!! #awesomeadulting

Brought this #royaltypewriter home today. Wasn't even able to clean it off before it was being used for scripts, stories, notes to be delivered, and secret messages. I am sooo happy. My eldest has so much to say and I wish I could sit and write it all down for him every day. His handwriting is evolving but not nearly fast enough for him. I am loving that they decided to set it up outside and make their own special space to create. ❤️

My homeschool planning portion of the week is quite colorful and involves a lot of sticky notes so we can adjust our plan accordingly without me rewriting anything! I have really tried to make it their plan and not mine. It's really helping us to create a rhythm to come back to when we need it.

Our garden did not fare very well this year. We had all kinds of problems. We learned all kinds of things because of our challenges that will hopefully make us better gardeners now. It also makes me oh so grateful for farmers markets and grocery stores! One of our most favorite surprises have been these beautiful sweet potato blossoms. I'm not sure how our harvest will be from them, but this has been our favorite part of the garden this year!

I foresee more laundry in my future..... Guacamole on the curtains #dinnerwithatoddler #youshouldseetheface

Obligatory #eclipse photo! We spent the morning in all things air and space and the afternoon with a picnic and eclipse glasses in the driveway. It was awesome.

A little post library afternoon green goodness.

Found taking shelter from a storm. A soggy and wet American Dagger Moth Caterpillar, we think?

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