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Barnafoss - translating to Children’s waterfall, there is a powerful folklore story behind the name of this waterfall. The saga has it that two children fell off a bridge that went over the falls while their parents went to church. With overwhelming grief their mother demanded the bridge to be torn down. Like with many legends, we can’t be sure what exactly happened, but it’s always equally worth it to stay safe when out there #westiceland #inspiredbyiceland #icelandicpledge 📸 @landlopers

All love stories are unique and perfect in their own way.
Love in the way that rings true to you and always follow your heart!
Today we celebrate love in its infinite forms, and enjoy the signs of love all around us, especially in Iceland!❤️🇮🇸
Happy Valentines Day!😍#inspiredbyiceland 📸 by @kristjanpv

Ice caves are one of the most breathtaking phenomena one can experience while in Iceland. They are only possible to visit during the winter season as this is when they form, and thanks to very experienced guides that monitor them, one can safely enjoy the visit #inspiredbyiceland #icelandicpledge 📸 by @morzonn

Covered in snow from all possible sides - doesn’t this sound like a skiing paradise? Troll Peninsula in the North of Iceland has got you covered ⛷ 👌#northiceland 📸 by @icelandic_explorer and @elevenexperience

Cooking on the beach in the middle of the winter? No problem! - as long as cooking means digging a pot underground, letting it stand there for 24hours, until a delicious rye bread becomes ready to serve. Geothermal is the way to go 👌
#inspiredbyiceland #tasteiceland 📸 by @southiceland

Fresh layers of snow covering this lone standing volcano can easily disguise its powerful past #inspiredbyiceland 📸 by @jcpieri

Hallgrímskirkja is one of the iconic locations in Reykjavík but even though many have photographed it, the church always manages to pull off a new look 😍 It’s design was actually inspired by the Icelandic nature and it’s name comes from Hallgrímur Pétursson, one of Iceland’ s best know poets!
Check out our stories for more info on how to see Hallgrímskirkja’s illuminated version 🤩#inspiredbyiceland 📸 by @tom.the.explorer

The highest settled farm in Iceland is located at 469 meters above sea level and is called Möðrudalur. Since the settlement of Iceland there has been a farm here and there have been plenty of mentions about that in the Icelandic Sagas📖 ⚔️ Finding yourself in a place like that, so out there in the open nature, really brings a wonderful perspective #inspiredbyiceland
📸 by @visitausturland

Most Icelandic horses grow up being out in the nature all year round to make sure that they put all their best qualities to use in all conditions, and these include: sturdiness, strength, double layer coat and readiness to perform in any weather 🐴 🇮🇸 #horsesoficeland #inspiredbyiceland 📸 by @ponyliebe_fotografie

Perfect winter adventure definitely includes loads of snow, whether it’s ice-climbing for those with experience or hiking with a view for those at the beginners level 🧗‍♀️ 🥾 ❄️ #inspiredbyiceland

Oh let it snow ❄️ ! Proper winter conditions are finally here and they make everything around just a little bit more beautiful 😍
Definitely the time to enjoy all the winter activities out there, just remember to stay safe 😁 ❤️ #icelandicpledge #inspiredbyiceland
📸 by @icelandic_travelers

When in Iceland there is no need to blend in - the more colours the merrier 😎🥰
📸 by @hybridyang

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