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Brad Down

The best way to set a PB? Make it look like a warm up. 250kg deadlift✅. Congratulations to @_kong_strength_ and what you achieved at the @f.i.t_martock strongman day and throughout this program.

I love being a part of helping people achieve their goals 💪🏻.
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Scapula control and shoulder health go hand in hand.

The scapula, or shoulder blades, have quite a large range of movement and where they sit and how they move while you train can directly impact the safety, strength and stability of a movement.

See them move first here in the pull up, my body moves before my arms bend - the scapula being pulled down and together. Rather than pulling with the arms leaving the shoulders all hunched up and rounded at the top.

Practice moving your scapula unloaded first with your arm in different positions. Your shoulders will thank you in the long run.

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This is currently my favourite exercise for hitting the lats. As the arm straightens I feed the dumbbell across the body slightly for more of a stretch through the lat. The shoulder blade moves back first then you pull the elbow back and down toward the hip. The slight twist of the palm facing backward to forward helps me keep the elbow in tighter to the body.

I feel this a lot less in my biceps and significantly less in the forearms compared to the normal bench supported, slightly ego lead 1 arm dumbbell as you won’t be using as heavy weight.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.
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@_kong_strength_ has come to the end of his current programme and here are some of the amazing PB’s he has turned out so far.
Log Press - 125kg
Bench - 192.5kg
Front Squat - 200kg 😱😱 video shown.
Andy came to me already very strong but wanted to be stronger with a barbell and the log. So I made him plank, do bird dogs at the start of each session along with other floor based movements before even touching a weight 💁🏻‍♂️. Thank you Andy for trusting me and the process laid out before you. I take my hat off to you with the results now being displayed. 👊🏻
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Functional training - people have different ideas as to what these words mean. To me it means that training assists you to function optimally in your daily life. This can be done alongside focusing on improving the aesthetics of your physique, your squat max or your sporting performance. Training techniques and methods don’t need to be mutually exclusive.
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Nice little chest, shoulders and tricep pump session this afternoon with @ignitepersonaltraining .
Incline Fly.
Fat Bar Floor Presses.
Isometric Ring Holds.
It was nice to go by how we felt at the time rather than worrying about how many kilos are on the bar.
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First part of the video ❌ - a weird movement that’s not really understood by the person performing it. The exercise is therefore seen as a waste of time and done quickly so they can move on to the less “boring” part of the session and lift the heavy things.

Second part of the video ✅ - the person realises that the exercise has a purpose and has been put in their programme for a reason.

This exercise is called a Bird Dog. It’s a great way to learn to move your limbs while you keep your torso still and braced - just like most movements in the gym. Opposite limbs are moving therefore it aids coordination. The shoulder is put in to external rotation, a different position to where it probably spends most of its day internally rotated while sitting at your desk/car/table/sofa. The straightening of the leg and extension of the hip helps to activate the Glutes which are often inactive because of sitting at your desk/car/table/sofa. And lastly as the leg extends it’s a great way to pull the toes up toward the knee to stretch out the Calf and Achilles aiding in ankle mobility and range of motion.

If you don’t understand an exercise or what you see someone else doing then research it, enquire about it. It may be exactly what you need. There’s often more to it than just going through the motions.

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Top - worlds fastest man.
Bottom left - worlds strongest man.
Bottom right - the 2 most current Mr Olympias.

The other people in the photos? Their coaches.

No matter what point or level you are at you can always learn from somebody else. It always baffles me when someone turns down help, especially when it’s free, like the welcome session we offer at @progressgym. You may learn one thing, you may learn 20, but you will learn.

Great things are hard to achieve alone. I learnt more in a day spent with @phillearney about running a PT business than I have in the few years I’ve spent actually running a PT business.

Don’t be stubborn, the best way to know more is to seek out those who know more.

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It doesn’t need a name, it doesn’t need a time frame, it doesn’t need to feel like a “diet”.

Look for consistency, create good habits that fit your lifestyle. Be patient, work hard and the sustainable results will come.

Or you can follow an “8 week shred” which leaves you feeling like 💩 and at a loose end when the 8 weeks are up.

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Longevity. If you love training like I do then you’ll most likely want to do it for the rest of your life, ideally without getting broken along the way. Take care of your body. Warm up and cool down appropriately. Prepare your body for the stress it’s about to go through and give it the means for it to recover efficiently.

“A lot of times, the press guys ask why I take an hour and a half to come to the interview room, but if you don't do the massage and the ice baths and the stretching and the cooling down and the eating, and your opponent is doing that stuff, they already have an advantage.” Andy Murray.

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Pick something up from the floor and get it over head. Probably one of the best ways of training the whole body and get it working together.

Never focused on the log before but I really enjoy it. Any pointers will be gratefully received.

Hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday 💪🏻.

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Here’s a few things I focus on when I’m deadlifting that can hopefully help you all with your lifting.

1. The lats - the “wings”. With these engaged it will help keep the bar close to your body. The closer something is to you the easier it is to control and the lighter it’ll feel. I like to imagine there’s a lemon under my armpits that I’m trying to squash throughout the set. Also I think about trying to bend the bar around my legs. Also the more muscle you activate the safer your joints and spine will be.

2. The glutes 🍑 - these help to bring the hips forward into the bar (hip extension). If the glutes aren’t contracting optimally then something else has to pick up the slack and that’s normally the lower back which can often lead to overuse and injuries. When in the bottom position think about pushing the knees out into the locked elbows. The action of taking your knees away from each other is one of the roles of the glutes and will activate them before the movement even begins. In the top position/lockout squeeze them hard.
3. The bar needs to move up and away from the floor - every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If the bar needs to move away from the floor you need to press down into it. Push the world away and once the bar is past the knees drive the hips forward into it.
Happy Deadlifting 🤘

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