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Some off set loading today for overhead press.

My core was on 🔥as were my shoulders.

Challenge the body in different ways and see how it grows.

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Acknowledgment where it’s due to Sabelo.

After 3 months of training with Sab he has successfully lost at total of 4.5kg (that’s two of the fat model he is holding), lost inches across all of his body measurements. Added strength, improved fitness and gained a fair bit of that thing I’m holding, muscle.

Oh and his blood pressure has gone from high down to ideal and the threat of type 2 diabetes is now in remission.

Be Inspired
Be Inspirational

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I’ll probably watch this a thousand times before I deadlift later. A beltless 408kg.

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900 lbs in the Animal Cage! (408 kg)
Can you feel the hype!! Been waiting for this moment for a long time and it felt great to do it with my wife @bossladysparkle, training partners, friends and all the fans who watched and showed up!! •

#NOSKINNYCHAMPIONS #bossbarbellclub #animalpak #asf2018 #BOSSESOFBBBC #deadlift #conventional #beltless #arnoldclassic

One of my favourite meals - meat, veg and potatoes.
170g Raw Medallion steak.
300g Raw Sweet potato.
Some broccoli.

Protein = 40g
Carbs = 63g
Fat = just under 4g

plus gravy 👌🏻👌🏻

#beinspired #beinspirational #personaltraining #food #foodisfuel #protein #sweetpotato #steak

The cool thing about not writing your own programme is that you get given stuff you wouldn’t even think of giving yourself.

So imagine that feeling when I discover that my Friday workout this week when I normally get to pick something heavy up from the floor (my favourite thing) was replaced by this monstrosity.

80kg squats x 100 reps.
Every time I rack the bar I had to do 20 pull up burpees.

So 100 squats and 120 pull up burpees later it was over and I had a little moment outside 🤢. But I had an awesome feeling of accomplishment after finishing it 💪🏻.

There were times I thought of not finishing, skipping reps. But if I had, come tonight I’d of regretted not pushing and finishing the workout. At the end of the day it’s up to you to push yourself.

Did you push yourself this week?

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Just an absolute gorilla of a man working to a 375kg deficit 😱

211kg on the new hex bar at Progress Performance. Hex bar places a lot more load through the quads as opposed to the conventional straight bar deadlift.

The aim was to work up to my max on the day, no prep over previous weeks, just whatever I could pick up on the day. That was followed by 5x5 at 75% of that max. Done 👍🏻.

Cheers to @ardent_fitnessuk for the support 🙄.

#beinspired #beinspirational #personaltraining #hexbar #deadlift

Heres today's upper body warm up complex with kettlebells. Safe to say I was quite warm afterwards 😅.

Kettlebells are a great tool for conditioning circuits, strength training and anyone who is short of time to train. You can hit a lot of muscle groups fast with minimal equipment.

If you have any interest in learning how to train with kettlebells please feel free to get in touch.

#beinspired #beinspirational #personaltrainer #personaltraining #gym #kettlebells #upperbody

The last 4 reps of a total of 220 😅.
• Bodyweight Bench
• Pull Up
• Push Up
• TRX Row
• Round one was 10 reps on each, round two was 9 reps on each and so on until the final set of 1 rep on each (video shown).

This plan has put me out of my comfort zone a lot so far but I've enjoyed every session (accept the 2000m row for time, that sucked).

#beinspired #beinspirational #personaltraining #personaltrainer #gym #workout #training #strength

I like this 🏋🏼💪🏻.

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