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Brad Down

The final set of 5x5 with 105kg today.

A couple of technique changes to my normal bench set up. One I’ve learnt from @dual_strength - a slight tweak in the grip on the bar - normally anything over 100kg i would wrap my wrists but this feels way more strong and secure.

Another thing that’s been added is some neck and thoracic spine drills during warm up to help make sure I can get my body and scapula into a safe, sturdy position.

Exercises are movements. Movements are skills. Skills take practice. You don’t always need to go all out and to failure.

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Yes I know 🙄 Christmas is a little while away yet but the 1st of December is 23 days away which also means it’s 23 days until the Inspired Personal Training Advent Calendar begins again.

Each day a small piece of advice or information will be posted on here and Facebook to help you on your journey toward your goals.

Keep an eye out and see what you can take from it.

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I have time set a side each week to concentrate on learning. Currently the majority of my learning is spent studying with the @advancedcoachingacademy 👨‍🎓.

The more knowledge I acquire the more ways I can help people achieve, the more questions I can answer and problems I could solve.

The application of knowledge will bring about results. So what was the last thing you learnt that helped you toward your goal? What do you know this week that you didn’t last? You have a goal, so what are you learning to help you achieve it?.

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Knees to feet to 51 inch box jump ✅ challenge set and complete by @coach_dhw 😉. Jumping and plyometrics can help massively in sporting performances from generating power to absorbing it, important in keeping bones and joints strong and healthy.
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The jump forward is still there but the speed is much better. Normally time for a quick nap before catching the bar 😴. Improvements ☺️.
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It’s getting a bit chilly out ☃️. Available in light and slate grey. Convenient hole in the pocket for headphone cables. Mega cosy that your partner will likely steal it 🙄. DM myself to show your interest and stay warm this winter 💪🏻.
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“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a shame it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” - Socrates.

Your body is built to move in many different ways, explore them. Strengthen them.

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Acquiring knowledge is humbling - learning more makes you realise there’s still so much to learn.

This past Saturday we had the pleasure of learning warm ups, mobility and old time strongman techniques from @marklaws2011 at @progressgym. This was followed by a trip to the @combinedstrength lab on the Sunday for a day of kettlebells, clubs and maces with @ironmacfitness and @strengthcoachireland.

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Thighs are the new bi’s 💪🏻 so I hear.

Legs have always grown well for me. Maybe it’s genetics. Maybe it’s the fact that I really enjoy training them so pushing them hard with intensity is more than comfortable. Either way here’s a few of my top leg training tips.
1. Squat.
2. If you feel you can’t squat, learn how to. It doesn’t have to be with a barbell.
3. Single leg work.
4. A variety of rep ranges work wonders for me. Start the session with low reps and end it with higher reps.
5. Machines are great for overloading legs. You will leg press more weight than any free weight exercise. But don’t use them as safety blankets.
6. Intensity. Legs are, at times, uncomfortable to train. They make up a large portion of the body and can make you feel exhausted and even sick. I think for these reasons people stop sets early. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.

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Deadlift day 😍. Went like this 👇.

Singles with 200kg.
Singles with 200kg from the point where things feel heavy for me.
Triples with 120kg working on speed.

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View A - Machines have their place in training. A good way to overload a particular muscle/body part with less risk of injury or something going wrong. They offer support for the rest of the body while what you want to work gets worked.

View B - Machines don’t have their place in training. They’re a bad way to overload a muscle and joints leading to more chance of injury and something going wrong. They support your body while one part of it works and the rest doesn’t, your body is designed to work as a unit not in isolated parts.

There will always be opposing opinions on a subject, and that’s fine. Both of the above views are correct which gives no definitive outcome 💁🏻‍♂️. What matters is HOW you do what you do. What matters is WHY you do what you do. Always have a reason for doing something, and for not doing something. 👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻.

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Cheat/treat meals and foods - a few points from my own opinion on them.

1. Will it help or hinder you. You may have earned it and worked hard in the week but is it suitable right now?
2. If you start a new “diet” or eating pattern and a cheat meal is all you can think about then the strategy you have chosen probably isn’t sustainable.
3. Recipes are everywhere, literally everywhere. Don’t let laziness and convenience cause over consumption of calories. If you make something you can control what goes into it.
4. Someone else doing it is not a reason for you to do it.
5. Habits are formed over long periods of time and can take a long period of time to alter. Look for small changes. That 250 calorie chocolate bar you have after work everyday could become a 200 calorie bar. If you could find another 50 total calories to drop from the rest of your day, that’s 100 less calories a day consumed mon-fri and you still get your chocolate.
6. A food should never be “banned”. That will only make it more enticing and increases the risk of binge eating it. Learn to control your intake of it and find substitutes.
7. Do you have a Cookie Monster who comes out every now and then who over powers the voice of reason? Guess what, so do I. So does everyone you know. We are all human and we all love food. Its not the end of the world to have a bad day or week. But what is important is how you respond to that blip in the road toward your goal. Try not to feel guilty for stumbling, forming emotional attachments to food isn’t healthy.

Eat well, educate yourself and learn what works for you. Brad •
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