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The Inside Out Project  Helping people stand up for what they care about, one portrait at a time.

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Sometimes, artists take risks to create an art pièce and raise a question. But every single day, journalists are targeted because they want to inform us about what happens in countries where freedom is restricted. I 2018, already 40 journalists have been killed and 167 have been jailed. We need them to understand the world. @RSFinternational asked me to work with them, and together we have done a nice magazine with 100 of my photos, sold for 10€. The proceeds will help reporters suffering from censorship and violence. Worth it !! « spécial tribute to our friend, the Tunisia reporter Sophia Baraket who was part of Artocratie. She left the world yesterday at 35. We will miss her energy, her humour, and her smile. RIP »

YOU ARE THE LIBRARY • Buffalo, USA • 100 Portraits • Libraries are not just a place to find books, but rather, they are the communities they serve. They are the people themselves, blue collar, white collar, immigrants and indigenous, of all genders and colors. You are the library, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. #jr #insideoutproject #library #community

If you are reading this, you probably already know what IOP and JR are all about.
This is your chance! We are looking for interns to join us in our New York City studio starting mid-August for a minimum of 6 months.
Please send us an e-mail at with your resume. Candidates should speak English + at least one other language (bonus points if you speak fluent French) ! It will also greatly help if you have designing skills ! A lot of exciting projects our in the works for the fall, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to work on inspiring initiatives with great people!
We look forward to hearing from you all!

Si vous lisez ce message, c'est que vous êtes déjà passionnés par le projet Inside Out et JR.
Ça tombe bien, nous sommes en ce moment à la recherche de stagiaires qui puissent travailler dans notre studio à New York à partir de la mi-Août et ce pendant 6 mois. Envoyez-nous vite un e-mail à avec votre CV.
Les candidats doivent parler anglais ainsi qu'une langue supplémentaire (idéalement le français) ! Également un grand plus si vous avez de l'expérience dans le design ! Nous allons avoir besoin d’aide sur plusieurs nouveaux projets débutant à la rentrée, alors ne ratez pas cette occasion en or!
A très vite!

LA JEUNESSE • La Chapelle en Vercors, France • 60 Portraits • An Inside Out action seeking to shed light on the youth of today, their vitality, their questions, their will and their energy. “Youth is an art” -Oscar Wilde #insideoutproject #jr #youth #community #france

Students in Montpellier are using the Inside Out Project to leave a message for new students to build the future. “The oldest pupils are going to leave our school. They have dreams, hopes and plans. They have qualities and values. These are the bricks that will make them build their future.”
#jr #insideoutproject #art #community #france

VISAGES EN FÊTE • Clamecy, France • 95 Portraits • Visages en fête est un projet Inside Out qui reflète la diversité, l’identité et la vitalité des villes. #jr #insideoutproject #art #community #france #clamecy

THE VILLAGE • Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, France • 200 Portraits • An Inside Out exhibition honoring the inhabitants of Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges. This medieval city hosted "The Village," an innovative and dynamic event where public and private decision makers tackled the major issues of our planet. #insideoutproject #jr #community #france #art

CONNECTING THE DOTS • NYC, USA • 50 Portraits • This group of graduating 8th grade students from PS397 was part of the pioneer effort in rebuilding the community in lower Manhattan in the aftermath 9/11. The dots in their portraits represent their connectedness to one another, their past, their community, and to the futures that lie ahead of them as they leave the school and move on to make their mark on the world. The portraits capture each child's individuality - hung together they capture the diversity and spirit of NYC's youth.
#insideoutproject #jr #art #community #nyc

AMCATS INSIDE OUT • Paxton, USA • 214 Portraits • We are bringing people together on the campus of Anna Maria College as a cohesive body while accentuating the unique qualities of individuals throughout the community. We are committed to embracing differences and sparking conversation as a pathway for learning. We are here. We are one. We are AMCATS Inside Out. #community #insideoutproject #jr

ON LIT COMME ON RESPIRE • Poitiers, France • 122 Portraits • Une action Inside Out démontre que les livres sont essentiels à nos vies. Lire nous relie, nous rend libres et ouverts au monde. Nous pensons que les librairies indépendantes sont des lieux indispensables de rencontre, de création et de diversité. #insideoutproject #community #reading #books #france

DIFFÉRENTS ET ENSEMBLE AUTOUR DES MOTS • La Couarde-sur-Mer, France • 130 Portraits • Une action Inside Out démontre que les mots (la littérature en generale) peuvent unir, réunir, gommer les différences et mettre des liens entre des personnes de tous horizons. La librairie est basée sur une île très fréquentée par des touristes français et étrangers : l'été, l'île devient un territoire où tous se croisent, la librairie est un lieu d'échanges de cultures, de points de vue. #jr #insideoutproject #france #community #art #literature

SOMOS UNO • Caracas, Venezuela • 600 Portraits • In 2015, Somos Uno was created with the help from @insideoutproject to show Venezuelans that each of us is important, that we all fit in the same country and that we are more similar than our political differences lead us to believe. We are raising awareness in NYC by exhibiting these images of the Venezuelan society from the marches and protests in 2017. These are the people whose human rights were violated and whose voices were silences by the regime. These are the people that are fighting for justice. They are political leaders, congressman, elders, mothers, fathers and groups of young activists. They are the resistance. #jr #insideoutproject #venezuela #community

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