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Ins E Yazdan  His is the creation, and His is the command👆🏻 🙏🏻 BELIEVE | MYSTIC🔥|GENESIS OF A BELIEVER|| Twitter:@InsEYazdan

We are a band. A still from our first concert. Everything went great except for there was no audience 😆 #bandboothfail @aaimamushtaq

That look when she walks in & she’s a perfect 10 #lordforgiveme #Dooobai

From Australian sand dunes to Dubai @asfand_saeed 🏜


It's aaall water above us. Don't you look at the sky?☯

roasting at 43 degrees celsius 😎


What an entry shot.. met Xoe yesterday in Sydney cinemas, going again tonight.. so so proud of you my M!! @mawrellous #JPNA2 miss you.

What dreams are made of !! 🦅

#tb Disney world Paris 🏰 July '16 - aur aur Apni toh yaari atrangi hai re.. ooh @mawrellous ❤❤

By the sun and its radiance. And by the moon as it follows it. And the day as it reveals it. And the night as it conceals it.☀️☯ |BELIEVE||

In my element Fuego🔥

@sarahaizad1 @theofficialfk

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