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Feeling a little lost today without my tribe. #MSW #pajarito #canwehaveapassondiscussionsandassignmentsfortheisweek

#hipsterpreschooler just sleeping like a man.

It feels as though parenting wins are becoming fewer and far between. But moments like this when she was frustrated she hadn't been able to read all day because she was playing at grandma's and goes for her book instead of her tablet or my old iPhone...this is what makes it worthwhile and gives you that little push to make it through the next bout with attitude.

Some say sweater vests aren't normal wrestling practice attire. #hipsterpreschooler disagrees.

Wishing it were still the weekend. #hipsterpreschooler #swingingfordays @topgolfdenver

#hipsterpreschooler isn't tired and doesn't need a nap before tonight's festivities!

Outtakes of our Christmas card. #hipsterpreschooler #epawa

Obligatory feet vacation pic after the bike ride for booze & snacks, but before our kayak adventure.

#hipsterpreschooler just getting ready for bed.

The things I get from school employees.#thiskid #hipsterpreschooler

#hipsterpreschooler eating through the the nose before it was cool. It's gonna be cool.

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