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In Search of Fellini  A girl sets off on a journey across Italy to find filmmaker Federico Fellini - see it now on @netflix based on an adventure taken by @Nancy_cartwright

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A very happy birthday to the amazing @taronlexton our director of @insearchoffellini
There’s nothing like that first cup of morning coffee while shooting on location in Italy 🙌🏻❤️ Cheers!

Do you own @insearchoffellini on DVD? Grab your copy for special behind the scenes features as well as a talk through with co-writer and producer @nancy_cartwright and director @taronlexton !

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Without Nancy's knowledge, the crew hid Bart Simpson “Easter eggs” in various scenes. @nancy_cartwright has been doing the voice of Bart Simpson and Nelson Muntz, Todd Flanders, Ralph Wiggum, Data Base, Kearney and Maggie on the iconic show " The Simpsons" since 1987. For more @insearchoffellini trivia, check out the link in our bio!

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Pietro was a real man who continued to write me love letters upon my return from my trip to Italy. Pictured is one of those letters. The beautiful Ksenia Solo and Enrico Oetiker portrayed me and Pietro in the story inspired from this very trip. @InSearchofFellini avail on Netflix

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Dear Mr. Fellini, I’m coming to Rome. This is one of the real letters I sent to the office of Federico Fellini in 1985. Who knew that a young woman’s dream to do La Strada on the stage would turn into a life-changing adventure that would one day end up on the big screen. @insearchoffellini

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Behind the scenes with @nancy_cartwright and director @taronlexton #MakingMovies

@InSearchofFellini starring @therealksolo , @officialmariabello , and @marylynnrajskub based on a true adventure taken by @nancy_cartwright now streaming on @netflix

When tomorrow is the weekend and suddenly everything is possible. #FridayFeeling - Travel to Italy from your living room! Watch @insearchoffellini on @netflix now!


#tbt on set of @insearchoffellini with cast and crew for the stunning  Fellini festival sequence! See the film now on @netflix

Interview skills 101. Thanks mom.
@InSearchofFellini streaming on @netflix now.

@therealksolo @officialmariabello @marylynnrajskub

#MotivationMonday Where do you want to travel to? In Search of Fellini is streaming now on Netflix to help stoke your wanderlust ⭐️

Ready to go down the Rabbit hole this weekend? @insearchoffellini now streaming on @netflix

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