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Chelsea Mudiwa Chitanda 🇿🇼🇿🇦  18.📍Cape Town, South Africa. 📩: chelsea.chitanda@gmail.com

I miss my pretty gym background, that made my post gym selfies somewhat cute🙃😂. Anyways I finally tried this whole, flat soled shoes, strength training thing and what a difference it actually makes, so I’m probably going to carry on wearing my pink vans during all my strength training sessions since they seem to match with @womensbest bottle 💕and they’re basically one of the shoes I’m actually okay with wearing at gym that have a pretty flat sole 😌.

#AD even though the day might have been gloomy and super cold, there’s nothing like a Sunshine moment with Sol Beer and @justxxlulu @likhonaaa and Andani to brighten up your day🍻. Hanging out with them makes my SOLshine. And how about you? #SolBeer #FreeYourSol @solbeersa

In my favorite @womensbest joggers, with one of my favorite people @likhonaaa 😌❤️

I’m pretty sure that @likhonaaa only caved into coming to the @thecreamerysa with me because I had been talking her ear off on just how badly I was craving ice-cream 😂😌

#AD New Journey, New beginnings, New surroundings but the same old @womensbest Ice-tea peach BCAAS because I can’t live without my #womensbest products so I’m taking them obviously with me 😌😍
📷: @shalomchitanda

#AD Restoring my skin with @womensbest @womensbestbeauty beauty collagen 🌸

We FINALLY took pictures together 😂❤️. ( please note that I go out with @megs564 more than anyone, yet we NEVER take any pictures🙃😂)

New chapter = New beginnings 🌱.

#AD it was a super chill, @womensbest strawberry kiwi BCAAs type of day 😌 ft @blvck_rxmvn pants which I’m absolutely obsessed with 🙋🏾😍

So the reason for my name change from “thechelseapursuit” to @insearchofchels was because when I came up with the name “thechelseapursuit” it was the most suitable name of what I could think of that summed up this whole, (selflove, confident, happiness) journey I was on, without having to make my name “Chelseasjourney” or something like that which so many people already have☺️. So the name worked but in hindsight I blindly started to chase this fictional version of myself that was always confident, happy and loved herself, when rationally speaking that version of me does not and will never exist. Also there’s a massive fashion blogger named Vanessa Hong who’s name and brand is @thehautepursuit so it felt like I was copying her which wasn’t fair. Hence why I changed my name to @insearchofchels because It was pretty much in line with what “Thechelseapursuit” actually meant to me as, I will always be on this journey where I’m overcoming certain insecurities of mine that I’ve had for the longest time ever. Which will take acceptance, patience and understanding to actually rewire my brain into a new type of positive thinking and towards myself and the way I view certain things and aspects in myself. Which I shouldn’t be so pressured to change in one year or so, because it took me about 11 years to drill all this negative thinking and screwed perception on life and who I’m supposed to be and it’s going to take a heck of a long time to overcome it.
Basically @insearchofchels is a reminder to myself that I will always be on this journey trying to figure out and place myself in this world and that certain things in life happen that my alter my way of thinking because life can be a pooh sometimes, but that’s the beauty of it and I’m only 18 for crying out loud so it’s unrealistic and unreasonable to me to want to be this magical “Perfect Chelsea Mudiwa Chitanda” when she’s barley even experienced life yet and the world still has a lot of good and bad ( but hopefully mainly good) install for her, because no ones journey is ever set and stone so we are all searching for ourselves and always will be, otherwise life would be too easy, hence the name insearchofchels ☺️

Hey guys so I have officially changed my name from Thechelseapursuit to @insearchofchels 💕💕 I’ll explain the full reason in my next post. I’m too lazy to type out a whole long story on how the name “Thechelseapursuit” came about and why I have changed it and all that 😳❤️

Can autumn just arrive already😍🙋🏾.
I’m over summer and it’s 30 degrees Celsius weather and it’s fashion trends 🙃.
📷: @shalomchitanda

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