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life ruined by a tv show  > ʏou'ʀe goɳɳɑ cɑtcɦ ɑ coʟd ғʀom tɦe ice iƞsiɗe ʏouʀ souʟ. 💕 Տƞixx is ɑƖƖ i ƞeeɗ. ✌ weʟcօϻe tօ ɑʟʟ ƙiƞd օғ sʜippeʀs.

hi guys👋
i havent been on IG since a long time (5 days i think?). the truth is, ive been receiving hate. you know, i do that for you. well, i do it for me too, i love this fandom and glee, but having this account isnt fun anymore because of the hate. if you dont like my account, its okay! i totally understand! just tell me what im doing wrong and i'll work on it. but saying that im a bitch, or that im not funny, etc wont help me. its totally useless. so yeah, i thought you guys should know why im not on IG as much as i used to! i still love all of you tough😊
have a good day :)

does glee start earlier today? im confused

am i the only one thinking that?😅

found it on internet, its flawless right?💕 ugh feels😩

glee day tomorrow✌
well this hiatus wasnt that bad, maybe its because of all the work i have and i dont see the time passing by :/

inspired of something i saw on tumblr, do you like it?😅

look how flawless she is ;-;

run out of ideas for edits😕

she doesnt even TRY to be beautiful
im sure we could take any angle or a enormous zoom on her nose and she would still be pretty as fuck

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