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🎨❤️🎨  💌Inocente4life@gmail.com ❤️Inocente documentary 🏆Academy award winner 2013. ☀️🇲🇽San Diego, CA 🎨Art 🐇#endhomelessness #inocenteart #adoptdontshop

Whip it! Whip it good! #inocenteart #devo

Bunny Boy #devo #inocenteart

Happy 24th birthday to @mrdoodle !!! People always ask if I have a favorite artist! Last year I discovered this gem of a man! Def my new favorite artist! #art #happybirthday #mrdoodle #lovehim #obsessed #doodle #doodleman

Talked about the film, going to jail, divorce, art! All of it! @connectedwithrt go take a listen on their FB! I also shared it on my ART FB Incase you can’t find it!

Tomorrow I’ll be chatting with @connectedwithrt ! Go check him out, I have a lot to say.

I recently found out there is miniature versions of my cow, and I have no idea where to get one!!! Someone in Venice, Italy sent me pictures trying to find info on it, info I don’t have... anyone else have one by chance, also where did you get it? The persons uncle who bought this as a gift has memory loss so he can’t say where he bought this.

These used to be my favorite shoes but @vans stoped making them 😰😰😰 does anyone know where I can find some similar? Laceless... #vans #

With immigration comes a lot of hope and happiness but never without pain and suffering. Nothing is free. Today I gifted my mom a picture of her dad and his mom (thanks to my cousin who gladly send them over via FB so I could print and frame them) When my mom was very young her biological mother went out into town and was trying to sell her and her sister, her mother needed money...so she went out asking strangers to purchase her daughters, my moms grandma was having none of that bull sh*t and took both girls in and raised them as her own. Whenever my mom tells us stories about her mom and how much she loved her mother we know she’s talking about her grandma, because grandma was and still is the only mother my mom ever knew. When we came to the United States we had nothing and knew no one. My mom only migrated to the United States because her kids had been kidnaped and she needed her children. When our “father” was deported for domestic violence and we stayed in the United States he made sure to put threats in place, seeking my moms head if she ever showed her face back in the town she was born in. When he was deported we where not only advised to stay here but we had no choice, we suffered for many years here not knowing the language or being able to have a job... but we lived, we where alive. This year my mom finally had the courage to start planning/saving money to go visit her father, only to find out he had passed away a year prior. There is no comfort in knowing they didn’t die alone, because both my moms mom(grandma) and dad died waiting, waiting for her, waiting to see her one last time... this is the sad reality of families separated by a border, by injustice... (sisters: picture my aunt and my mom)

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