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Good Night! 💋  Bloom into the beauty you are 🤜🏻Team 10🤛🏻 R.I.P. Asuma Hidden Leaf Village (DMs accepted) Rp 17- Rp 18- Takashi Rp 19-Shikamaru Rp 22-(💍) Naruto

(Stolen from @marina_hatake )
I did not choose these...

"It's truly been a while." a soft voice left the blonde's gentle smile. The breezes died down as the warmth of spring encouraged the greenery to bloom and sweeten the air. #animerp #openrp #narutorp

I'm sorry, to all my friends and acquaintances, but I won't be online much at all for a while.

"I'm sorry, I'm just not in the mood to go anywhere." The blonde's voice softly flowed through the empty space as you stood above her. #inoyamanaka #narutorp #animerp #openrp

It's now early summer, light breezes, beating sun, and sound of laughter and talk filling the sweet air.
The young woman kept herself closed off from the crowds, remaining in the training grounds to enhance her abilities. "I can perfect this!" She groaned prying out her metal shards from the decaying tree trunk. "How long have you been watching?" The blonde stood up, peering back where the crackling of dried twigs crunched. #inoyamanaka #openrp #animerp #narutorp

"Look who's finally come around to raise a little hell with me." The blonde woman lightly smirked with the playful mock. "Don't be afraid to draw a little red, darling." She blew the bangs out of her eye's view. (Private Rp with @heaven_and_underworld_rp )

"Not often a dazzling young woman wonders here without expecting compliments." He chuckled with a smug grin "So tell me, what ARE you doing here?" He asked with a raised brow #inoyamanaka #genderbend #openrp #narutorp #animerp

"Good morning my lovely lilies!" #inoyamanaka

"I know I haven't been around much, but that's no excuse why you've been slacking off." The woman looked upon you scornfully with her arms crossed over her chest. "You can't expect me to keep always watch over your shoulder." She slightly smiled showing a tenderness. #animerp #openrp #narutorp

Fall was finally making its presence known, the air was cooler, the days were shortening, and the leaves were falling. The blonde turned to see a familiar face (you), she crossed her arms over her chest "Problem seeing me?" She asked with a short smile. #narutorp #animerp #openrp

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