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Life is built one brick at a time. Small steps go a long way.

Many of us make a big deal out of little things. However, if you are telling yourself that you want more peace of mind, then you will have to let the little things go. Save yourself from an argument, a confrontation or even a headache. Just let it go. Also the more you let things go, the bigger the "letting go muscle in your brain gets" and then it become easier and easier to let things go. Peace of Mind is Priceless!

Give your intuition a chance!!! Focus on the first step no matter how small is it!!! Don't worry about perfection nor failure that's irrelevant. Just take action!!!! ;)

Fast, faster than average, really really fast or can't think of anything. The speed doesn't really matter is just a reminder to remind yourself of being grateful for the things you do have. Happy monday!!

Many of us get stuck in Perfection in order to do things we really want and it really sucks because many of us are so talented. I have learned and am still learning, that the more I do "without thinking about doing things perfect" the more I get done. There's so much freedom in just doing. Have courage and fuck shame :)

It's ok to feel lost when trying to achieve something. Just keep moving forward one step at a time. Creating and doing something we have never done before takes time. Every delay and setback is all part of the process. Enjoy it :)

Life is not about peaches and cream. Pain and suffering is part of our human experience. When it knocks in your door aka "life" feel it and see it for what it is then move on from it. Remember everything is in a constant state of change. Whatever emotions you are feeling now, soon will change to some other emotion. Enjoy your present moment :)

Happy Friday!! :)

If you knew today was your last day on earth, how would you spend it?

We all have two options at all times. A positive or negative option. I like positive :)

Make sure your environment is helping you achieve what you want :)

If you are not failing, then you are not trying hard enough. If you are succeeding, then you have failed enough :)

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