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Sydney  All you need is love and animals. Mama-to-be •Yoga •Nature 🌱Event coordinator of @austinyogameetup🌵

Feelin BIG and beautiful☺️🤰🏻I love looking at the progression and transformation of my body; the female body is truly magic. #pregnancyjourney #8monthspregnant

#prenatalyoga is pretty much the extent of my movement/exercise these days, plus very short walks, and as of yesterday some very very light weights cuz I felt like my arms were getting weak. A moms gotta have strong arms! I didn’t feel up for a full practice today because I’ve got some pretty bad round ligament pain on my right side (baby’s favorite side), but I feel the most energetic I have in a while. It’s just difficult because while I have some energy, it doesn’t last long, and I have to challenge myself to balance any activity with equal rest. Particularly hard when it’s so damn beautiful outside 😍⛅️🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻So, now I’m laying down with my kitties for a nap. 😴 #8monthspregnant #32weekspregnant #pregnancyjourney #restanddigest #balance #yoga #myyogainvolvesnaps

Mt. laurel Blossoms and bumblebees 🌿⛅️ #springtime #Texas #sunshine

Morning waddle in the sunshine with Zara. She was talking to her shadow (and everything else as well). ☺️⛅️🌿 #auntielife #babyhugsarethebest #waddlewaddle #auntiesydneyandzara

I feel enormous. 🤰🏻The baby will still continue to put on another 3-4 pounds in the next 6-8 weeks, and I’m just bracing myself for this final phase of #pregnancy .... every day, I’m moving slower, feeling more, doing less (at least trying), and resting as much as I can. I’ll be cutting back on some of my classes in two weeks, and then stopping altogether by mid April/1st of May. I’m so ready to meet my baby, but trying to be patient as these last weeks are so important for development of vital things (fun fact: a baby’s lungs aren’t fully developed until 38 weeks and this is why we consider that “full term,” cuz... you gotta be able to breathe). Im keeping busy with nesting and just trying to enjoy this time before the baby arrives. I’m just so sad that I don’t have easy access to a (free) public pool because Good god I want to float and be weightless right meow. #32weekspregnant #8monthspregnant #thirdtrimester #pregnancyjourney #bumpie #babybelly #lovemybump #wishitwasntsouncomfortabletho

Every day it’s harder to slow down the process from my brain to my mouth. That being said, I regret nothing, and will apologize (to no one but my incredible husband) for nothing I say for these next two months. #thirdtrimester #dontfuckwithme

Sulking because I won’t let him outside. Beautiful emo cat. 😻 #bchejustwantstoeatgrass #thenimmediatelypukeitup

I miss arm balancing and deep core work 😫 but man oh man do i love my big baby belly. ☺️🤰🏻
#throwback to two years ago flying with @thesunexperience at @haveneastyoga ✌️#throwbackthursday #tbt #blackandwhite #teamwork #yogafamily #ekapadakoundinyasana #chaturangadandasana #yogibeastmode

Spring is my favorite, and it’s pretty damn magical being in the final stages of pregnancy during this time of year. Spring means growth, new life, transformation. Only fitting that as I transition to being a Mother, so too will a billion little squirrels and bunnies and such. ☺️🤰🏻🌿🌹🌺

I remember this day so clearly, and my mind is blown by how quickly time is flying. I was about #6weekspregnant here, and was (and still am) so overwhelmed with joy I had to tell a stranger who quickly became another mother to add to my community. I can’t wait to take more pictures with @genineshort of my big ol’ baby bump in a couple weeks! . #Repost @genineshort ・・・
The girls and I were at the garden center this morning plotting our #happierathome makeover- when this mysterious Mrs. came over to us and announced, “I have something to tell you.” Meet Sydney. She just found out she is going to be a mommy ♡ Sydney has been keeping it on the DL since it’s still early- but she couldn’t contain herself when she saw me with my babies. In a few moments we went through it all- the joy, the fear-the divinity. It was such a perfect happening. I felt so connected and joyful seeing her radiant as can be. As I looked though the lens at her- two things came to mind:
1. This is her first professional photo as a mother.
2. Not long from now, being in a photo with her child will be a luxury. She will be on the other side, documenting as they grow.
It felt like such a gift to my own love of motherhood taking this photo. Happy Friday, don’t forget to be in the picture ♡

#30weekspregnant and loving it. Baby is clearly growing bigger every day and I’m starting to feel movements all over (instead of in the same sort of quadrant of my belly), and all throughout the day and night. Baby likes; spicy food, Ice cold bubbly beverages, Dixie chicks 🎶 and daft punk (anything with a good dance beat really gets the baby waking up), and meditation time. Every now and then I’ll say something to the Baby and I swear he/she responds with a kick or thump. My little one is listening, dreaming, and I believe, very very happy.☺️ #pregnancyjourney #almostbabytime #preggolife #happymama

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