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TC Purple  An artist who is known for always putting pen to paper, sniffing coffee, and her ridiculously neat handwriting! Let’s write beautifully, book a class!

Golden hour in my workspace ✨
Which view do you love the most: sunrise or sunset?

is feeling inspired

My Passion/Purpose talk notes from the @bdjbuzz Launch Weekend! ✨ #MakeTodayMagical

Are you planner-ready for 2019? Let me know what planner you’re gonna use or wish to get for the next year! I’ll include a Belle De Jour 2019 Planner in our long overdue giveaway if majority of you guys still don’t have one 💖 (because everything’s so nice and it’s so hard to choose just one righttt lol)

Playing around with Portrait mode on my iPhone brb

Heck, let’s do a planner slash journal meet and share our spreads with each other!!!

My ultimate dream while I was studying Calligraphy as a beginner was to do envelope addressing for weddings, for me, it felt like I’m sending out a letter for my pen-pal! Although, I haven’t worked on much wedding projects yet, I’m still very happy to meet the needs of clients for every project– such as this birthday party favours that I’m working on.

I really love writing words on surfaces other than paper! So if you need an artist to write on literally anything, you know where to find me! #DareToShare2018

Pro tip: hang other artists’ artwork on your inspiration board too! I used to tape just my Calligraphy, Lettering and some botanical works up on the wall before, until I felt like something was missing. I got this wire grid thing from Divisoria (if you’ve been wondering for a while now) and just started collecting art prints, stickers, and postcards from different artists that I got inspired with! I try to organize a certain theme each month, and since then, my whole desk space seemed to be a little more livelier!

I can’t wait to refresh this one soon, let’s exchange art? #DareToShare2018

“Calligraphy is a lost art that's finding it's way home with TC” – Nigel Ong, Photographer

It was late year 2004, I was on my school bus ride home when my senior showed me her glittery pink and blue pens. I can still clearly remember her writing my first name- "Trina Cassandra" in Faux Calligraphy on a sheet of Grade 1 paper. Of course, I didn't know what it was really called back then but I knew, from that moment, I wanted to write beautifully like her too. Today, I'm very blessed to share my knowledge and my humble creative journey with everyone through my art workshops. I hope to inspire more people to rekindle with their artistic self again and to keep expressing themselves with every pen stroke 🖋 #DareToShare2018

Photo by @nionphotos during my Modern Calligraphy Workshop at @springboard201

Giveaway! I took down the previous post to make way for another BDJ product that I‘ve also worked on for their promotional material– but don't fret, you’re still in for the giveaway if you have shared your entry already!

@bdjbuzz partnered with me to give you guys a chance to win (1) one Basic Ticket to the BDJ launch weekend (which I’ll be attending too!) A Basic Ticket gives you access to:
1) BDJ Planner of your choice
2) Passion/Purpose Talks
3) Craft Booths & more!
4) Glitter Tattoo
5) Glambooth

Mechanics to join:
1. Like this post
2. Take a screenshot
3. Share with the hashtags #BDJLaunch2019 #MakeTodayMagical #MTMxInksAndCoffee
3. Tag @bdjbuzz and @inksandcoffee

That’s it! We'll choose (5) five lucky PH-based followers of mine via randomizer. Winners will be posted on BDJ’s Instagram Story tomorrow at 2PM!

“Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean that you’re enjoying it” agree? Read this if you’re also going through a creative slump like me lol 👋🏻

Uhm.. has anyone seen my sense of purpose? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Surprised that my hand still remembers how to illustrate these florals. I guess we’re bringing this forgotten hobby of mine back to life again lol 🌸i

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