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For those celebrating ‘Bandhi Chorr Diwas’ and the victory of Guru Hargobind Ji freeing the 52 Hindu princes, here’s to wishing you a VERY colourful and happy year ahead. May love and colour light up the way...
(Print will be available soon)
Enjoy and stay safe!

For those celebrating Diwali and the return of Lord Rama... wishing you all a VERY colourful and Happy Diwali. May love and colour light up the way...
(Print will be available soon)
FYI: New ‘Bandhi Chor Diwas’ Illustration releasing tonight. Keep a lookout!

I was 19 when I first got to meet my best friend. Slightly scared but also extremely excited. I knew I’d be experiencing a different type of relationship when introduced but I never ever imagined what type of love we would share.

Kaiser was there when I used to play cricket for Essex and he would be there in the garden stealing all the balls from me and my nephew so we couldn’t practise, he was there to do absolutely nothing when I used to pretend I was getting attacked, instead he would jump on me. He was there when I needed advice and his silent presence would give all the answers I needed and he was also there when I used to talk to him about this thing called ‘Inkquisitive’ I wanted to start.

He gave me 12 special years that I’ll never forget and while touring the world, even fans asked on how he is. Today, I’m so so SO sad to say I’ve lost my best friend. I’ve never experienced such a feeling of losing a family member and my hearts broken in a million ways.
Thank you to my brother Bobby for allowing me to experience his love. Forever would not have been enough. I love you so much Kaiser. Here’s thanking you for shaping me to become who I am. The saddest moment is when the one who gave you the best memories becomes a memory. A million tears won’t bring you back, I’ll miss you forever baby. 😢😞

Inkquisitive x AWM x Porsche x SK (The Official Interview)
I’ve always been into ‘Luxury Cars’, I blame my younger days playing 007 racing on playstation and being obsessed with Bentleys and Porsche’s. Last year, I was fortunate enough to find myself in a position to purchase a Bentley, which also led the wonderful team of Asian Wealth Magazine and Porsche to collaborate with me on there new ‘Panamera’, and to critique the difference and review its own luxury.
I was also in collaboration with the wonderful fashion of Saran Kohli and had Rahul Khona follow the adventure through his beautiful photography while I drove through London in the Panamera. My full review, in interview format can be found in a link within my ‘Insta Stories’.
Not going to lie, its one heck of a ride and would certainly recommend it for the thrill seekers out there. Please be sure to follow @asianwealthmag who have been supporting me and my work endlessly. Right, now that I’ve found my new career of being a car model, when’s my next shoot? ...just kidding, paints drying, back to work! 💪🏽👳🏽

Remember last year when @djkhaled recognised a #MajorKey in an Inkquisitive Illustration? #GoodTimes | www.inkquisitive.com

Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul - Ezra Taft Benson | #WorldMentalHealthDay

Rani Mehlan Di (2016) | Inspired by my homie @iammickeysingh track with the same title - Limited Edition pieces are available by mailing my management at INFO@INKQUISITIVE.COM

Last night was extremely special. I was invited to the Khalsa Aid annual dinner where I donated two of my Art pieces for auction. I am over the moon to announce, the first ever release of the signed ‘The Golden Woods’ alone, raised £3000! ALL the money will be going towards the organisation and it’s future ventures in serving humanity.
Congrats to Ravi and all the team behind Khalsa Aid for another successful year in serving humanity and also providing each of us with enough inspiration to believe in humanity. Happy my Art could be of some service towards the growth of Khalsa Aid. Many thanks to all the fans who waited patiently to meet me and take photos. ✏️ A separate post will be going up of the buyer within the week, it’s a special one!
PS. Glad everyone loved my ‘Ribena sponsored suit’ joke in my speech! Oh, and ‘The Golden Woods’ will be releasing in 2 weeks!

King Of The Fall (2014) | I ‘think’ this is one of my all time favourite Illustrations and it was even sweeter when @theweeknd saw it and found it ‘dope’... #GoodTimes

Don’t worry, I got you @LeonardoDiCaprio - Cheers! (2016) | www.inkquisitive.com

Candy Cotton Potion (2014) | Any idea what I was trying to represent here? What words do you read?

Heartbreaker (2014)
Throwback to my style back in 2014. I used to LOVE illustrating songs, picking up parts of lyrics and converting them to visuals. A song, but in the form of art. Might bring this style back as showcased in my commission of Mariah Carey.
I'm working on a big project this week and will not be uploading any new pieces so enjoy me taking you back in time with some of my classics.

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