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Not the first time someone got a tattoo in relation to my art or a #thursdaythinks quote, but the feeling is ALWAYS so special and new. Thank you to Sydney! 👳🏽🖤

I won't explain everything in depth. I get too emotionally responsive with my work to re-visit it again. Plus I don't like the delivery and connection between the viewer and imagination become to diluted or dictated with my reasons. It is whatever you want it to be. For me, just touching up on it, ...its based on the man-made society. The rules. The tricks. The politricks. Part of my series for next tour.

The World Went Bananas, Spreading Glory On Different Dramas (2015)

that can only mean one thing... 🤙🏽💕| www.inkquisitive.com

Taking you back to 2012 for this piece. Happy Birthday @2pac 🖤

It All Started With A Mouse (2017) | www.inkquisitive.com

Todays #ThursdayThinks | 70 is a special one as its 70 minutes long and in the form of a vocal thanks to the lovely ladies at @thedesioutsiders (Ankita and Meenal)... Apart from being impressed with their “professional stalking”/FBI investigative skills, I had the chance to speak about being jobless for several months despite having a BA and MA. I get to share my journey from that dark place to the colourful one I get to live everyday!
Hope you enjoy!
Please be sure to show your love to the girls at The Desi Outsiders! Absolute sweethearts with great energy.

Full link to interview can be found on Facebook: @Inkquisitive)

It's So Strange That Autumn Is So Beautiful; Yet Everything Is Dying (2017) | www.inkquisitive.com

I work extremely hard towards my art. Probably more than I need to. It's for that reason it really hurts when my art is publicised/printed without my permission. I get sent images by fans DAILY of my work being used without my permission and watermarks clearly don't mean anything to some organisations. I couldn't be more happier knowing the art has spread around the world but it would be so much more enjoyable if I was credited and if I could at least give a high resolution rather than a pixelated image.

My kind and humble request, please get in touch with my management if you've ever wanted to use my artwork for promotional use. Chances are I'd say yes and give you a hug.

Please care to ask.

Falling For You (2017) | www.inkquisitive.com *Deciphered and briefly explained via IG Stories*

sitting here reflecting on a sunday evening. the amount of beautiful people i've met through 25 tours in the last 6 years. the amount of valuable moments and experiences i've had with fans across the globe. small moments i find that hold such meaning. like this one. fill your life with experiences, not things. they'll last longer... i hope i get the chance to meet all 166k of you one day... #IsItTimeToTourAgain? [picture taken in NYC] 👳🏽🖤

Adam, you were my favourite Batman. You will be missed. Thank you... #RIPAdamWest #Pow

I'm Not Searching For My Other Half Because I'm Not A Half (2017) | www.inkquisitive.com *Briefly deciphered via my stories*

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