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Carli Rene  Paper is patient.

"I think it needs to be broken in half!" As I ran the lake I passed a woman with her puppy, who carried a stick twice it's size. The darling little pup was struggling and it was cute to watch the pup drag the stick along. Another runner yelled to her as she ran past "I think it's too big. I think she needs it broken in half..." and all I could think is this is what I sometimes do with Emiliana. Suddenly I could see it from an outsider's perspective. Instead of letting her struggle with the problem, I try to fix it for her. I think we all need to be able to carry whatever size stick we want, to let each other do things as we will do, each in our own way and not assuming the task is too big. I think it's beautiful to watch Emiliana even try to do things on her own and when she doesn't figure it out hope I have taught her to say "Help please, Mama." So many lessons to be learned... // Photo from my garden of sunflowers in 2012

I've been working on something for weeks and weeks... and weeks. I've tried to keep it close to my heart and ... This is one of many inspiration boards I've created to inspire me to keep going... Hope to reveal it by the week's end. Hope it inspires you. Hope not just this hardwork but everyone else involved inspires you endlessly... update shortly. Have a fabulous morning... xo

Just a little something beautiful as you rise... // Shot for @petals_ink at @grassdaletx

We are dying. We are living.
We are story-tellers. We are bigots.
We are students. We are experts.
We are messy. We are organized.
We are humble. We are recognition-starved.
We are loving. We are hating.
We must not judge our thoughts. We must acknowledge every good or horrible aspect of who we are and not judge any of it. We recognize it and allow it to be. Many times, most often we don't even act on our thoughts, we merely observe them... take a moment to gain perspective and step outside of the situation. We will come to realize then we are our breath. We are our heartbeat. And so is everyone else... 151214 #sameinkdifferentday

We are whole not so much for ourselves, but for the well being of others. // Shot for @delightjenny at @hiatusspa #inkedfingersportrait

Remebering Rome.
All roads... #inkedfingersadventures #2015

I had a dream I lived a top this balcony, and light streamed in as waves of oceans might surround me. I looked out at the tiny people far below and wished they knew the pleasure too that I did know. But alas, here I stand 100 ft below, a balcony my heart shall never know. This story alone awakens as much life in me, as if I had lived high a top that balcony. xo, c #inkedfingersadventures #italy #venice #venezia #architecture #latergram

This was the first time I put an apron on her. I'm off to another city this AM and she is at Ms Anne's and I miss her soft cheeks and baby lips. I know working and letting her be with other people makes me feel more whole when I can step away for a bit, (have to pay those bills), but she is so healing. Miss those lovings. #whileemilianaplays #ifportrait #inkedfingersportrait

#notestoself Reading this was a defining moment in my life. I wish I remember the first time I read it. It is currently hanging on my wall.
It reminds me of Kiersey's first page in Please Understand Me II, that we are all so very different and our strengths are to be valued and we are not to be judged or leveled up to another because the life they are leading is their story, and we are in the middle of ours... It reminds me that AI algorithms, when in experiments and in research, in the next song we listen to, to what is pulled up as the next event on our phone, when we are connected to brain-computer-interfaces (BCI) and the computer, our phone, device, sees we are looking at the same thing and induces an action... despite what we are seeing, how we, you and i, arrived at that thought is never the same and the next step in how we are guided to believe or what image is pulled up next is not neutral because the person that coded it is not without bias. I know for those not in the coding world that sounds irrelevant but I wish we knew how much of our lives in this year is based on a line of code... This quote reminds me that other people's comments and reactions are of their own lives. It allows me to give grace when otherwise I would have not understood. It reminds me when I shoot with others and even though we are standing in the exact same vantage point our two photographs are never the same.
We see things as we are. (AI induced "So let us be light.")

We found our summer hideout.
#whileemilianaplays #ifspring

@delightjenny for @hiatusspa Working her magic. PS: Self-care is the best medicine.#inkedfingersportrait #ifportrait

Shot @delightjenny for @hiatusspa
When I left my house in 2004, I moved to a $350/month shed turned apartment to fully support myself, put myself through school, take on as many jobs as I could to make it happen. I lived in Olmos Park, San Antonio then, as my father had retired from the AF and enjoyed being close to the bases. A few years later I returned to that house to see they had built a coffee shop a few hundred feet from my apartment called Olmos Perk. That is where I met Mark Vollmer, one of the baristas who made the perfect latte every damn time. (He now owns @theorycoffee)! Always a hustler!! I frequented the coffee shop and met Mark's talented wife @lemonyellow who took pictures and sewed. Her name is Kristen. Kristen 2nd shot with me for some time, had her first baby (sorry to almost kill us on the drive home from Katie's wedding when we almost hit the deer and you were SO car sick and did you even know your were pregnant then??) and put up with me trying to learn how to run a photography business and employ someone. It was Kristen who referred me to @delightjenny, her friend who has just moved from NYC.
Jenny needed images of her screenprinted tipis she just created under her new company, Little by Jenny. We shot in Zilker on a bright sunny morning. The images were published in a few online blogs and even one of the Coldplay members was seen wearing her screenprinted shirts! Jenny was into yoga even back then and came with a sort of "this life is mine to own" vibe.
We lost contact, ended up with babies born a few months of each other, and still find parallels in our lives. I joke my daughter is more like her than me. She recently became the lead esthetician at @hiatusspa in San Antonio and I recently had the best facial of my life by her last week ( complete with a 15 nap on the spa couch and even though we were supposed to shoot her headshots that day Jenny said she couldn't take me out of my "spa vibe" so we postponed them to a week later) What a friend... So grateful for you Jenny Little. Grateful our lives keep paralleling all these years. Grateful to have you as a #soulsister. Love you!! xo

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