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Building the brand @quantummottleatx // Day 1 of 2 photographing for Quantum #fashion

#sameinkdifferentday // words like hurricanes
spill from my lips
I try
Too hard to catch them
I find
Too much joy
in hiding in shadows
in darkness
in quietude
Those words come
Yet Craved
Yet bereaved
I laugh at their presence
And at the same time
White walls
Hold whispers
Of the me I can become
Undone I am
At the mere sight
of you
Dare me
Uphold me
Esteem me
This quietude
And true words will flow
I promise
I will not let them go
I cover my lips.
Not now
I'll put my hands
on my hips
And sing them so loud
I'll make you proud.

What inspires you? What shakes you to your core and shakes you awake and screams "THIS is what life is about!!!" ? What does your heart want so badly but you just can't seem to reach? Why is it on your heart to begin with? What keeps you awake at night? When you're alone in the silence of a moment, on the train or walking to work or in your car and thoughts drift like clouds across your brain, what do you see? What do you feel? What seeps from your pores like sweat when you're not running? What makes your heart pound when there's no beat to follow? What matters to you??? GO. Live there. And if that tiny seed of a dream still lives in the damp darkness of the soil of your heart, you nurture that baby. A seed is a seed is a seed and it might take years but did you know that the world-renowned composer Philip Glass was a plumber for YEaRS simultaneously writing glorious scores before he was a full-time musician?? That's what this is about. You be the best plumber you can be until all of those notes seep from your being. Write, if your heart says write. Bake, if your heart says bake. Create. Create. Create!!!! #iamacreator #yesyouare #iamanartist #yesyouare #iamarisingtide #inspiration #inspire

Brown paper packages tied up with string. @etsy store is online, chickadees. Just a few fun things. I can customize stamps too AND can upload a print if you know which one you want! xo << Proceeds pay my rent AND benefit @thearchibaldproject 💕 ((I can't guarantee Valentines Day delivery BUT I can work hard to make sure it gets out the door faaaast))

@sxsw 2016 x @wildskyevents x @zendesk x @nickandpaigemusic // Looking forward to working with more great brands x bands in a few weeks! @sxsw content on the new site, link in profile. x

coffee. narcs. chocolate. caffeine. smoke. liquid.

they're all drugs. anything can be.
all you cannot
will not
to legitimately feel . #wearearisingtoseeanewhorizon
#betheArt #heal #allwehaveisnow #live #loveYourself #questionEverything #sameinkdifferentday #artistsoninstagram #art #handwritten #ink

"You can't give up" he yelled.
I stood back and watched it unfold...
"But I can't do it" the skinnier one yelled. "I can't do it!!" "No! You don't say can't! You just have to keep going! You have to try harder. You can't just give up!!" I wasn't at the park then, I wasn't pushing Emiliana next to two African American boys, the skinnier one pushing the taller one, giving the motivational speech about life. I was wiping away tears, for in the back of my mind they were talking to me, to this moment that was happening right here. Those words were for me.

Dreams. Do you have any? Do they feel like a disappearing act of a magic show, a rabbit jumping right back in that hat? It's one breath, sometimes only one breath the difference between failure and success.
Just breathe. One
Then another baby step at a time.
the sun will rise.

You'll be in my arms.

#abeyellen #sarahdavis

windows open wide
speak of magic we shall make
let's dream wide awake

#sameinkdifferentday #carlirene #dailyhaiku #artistsoninstagram #love #poetsofinstagram #poem #iamacreator

am i
the ocean
the moon to your tides
am i
the rising colors
in a creamsicle sunset sky
listen, she whispers -but not with your ears
look, she points to her heart
-but not with your eyes
we are our own
masters of disguise
build what you may
conquer what you will
strength doesn't lie in stones
nor power in congress and bills
we walk each in steps
on a path that is ours
though envy or rage
overtake us
the only truth is this:
through the storms on our seas
only we, our Own souls, can save us
a sister, a Savior, Buddha, a friend
we need only One to show
One to believe, to uphold to shed light
into the darkest crevices of our soul
and they, that One, shan't pull us out
but they make us believe in Their Light
Though they have yet to touch a hair on our head
They hold up a mirror, show Us all that is right

can we be that One
am i the moon
to Your tide
the rising colors
in Your creamsicle sky?

i will
be that One

For You
are mine

#carlirene #whileemilianaplays #artistsoninstagram #poetsofinstagram #poem #love #iamacreator #texas

"Chocolate cake" she smiled.
"Melt in your mouth perfection."
Yes it's good For You! // I'll share a vegan chocolate deliciousness with you this week, that might make you want to at least rethink the word vegan! #sameinkdifferentday #dailyhaiku #carlirene #inkedfingersadventures #austin #ifyoudontknownowyouknow

Blue light spills like darkness into the wide open window of my room. I'm sitting on my bed hearing crickets emerge as the sun plunges behind the city I'm swimming in. I'm not used to concrete being so reachable, but the parks here- there's 2 within a mile- the lakes, the wide boulevards here remind me of Brooklyn. The people: the walking, running, worrying, laughing, busying people. So much energy. And yet now, so much quietude on the 2nd floor looking down below.
2017 has begun. I know that I know... that I have already forgotten in the span of a day what I wanted to focus on this year.

Our thoughts roll into our minds at a dizzying pace and here is our truth: We think things - more often than not - that aren't true.

I've spent a great deal of time muling over this question the last year because the more I sit with my thoughts, the more I see how crazy they are. Have you ever actually sat long enough in silence, complete quietude, to write down what's rolling through that pretty pink flesh? It's fuckin scary.
At any given time... I'm no one.
I can't take pictures as good as __________.
I can't believe how many times I've forgotten ________. I'm shit.
Wow... how long has that looked like THAT? _
Wish I could be ____ as good as ______. _
Why can't I ____________?
I should have done ________ today._

Ugh. It feels self-conscious for me to write these things out even now but it's true. We are fresh souls in this aging flesh and every one of us has a scrolling feed. (It only takes one, ONE person to mention something negative about us in our lifetime to hear that line for the rest of our beautiful lives.) Somehow that just doesn't seem fair, does it.

Fences, my father said.
We are to build fences around the things in our lives we treasure. It's parallel to the reason why I got my anchor tattoo on my ring finger. We can either look at relationships as keeping us from doing the things we want, OR anchoring us to all that is good to not be eaten alive by the storms. [The folllowing is an excerpt from my newsletter. If you'd like to receive it, leave your email below OR visit my website, click on "you+me" ]