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I've been off social media the last week and the reprieve was needed for I've begun the slow joy of hand-writing the art content of my book. Here's a sneak peek. I had no idea there were so many types of lead, thickness and hardness and charcoal. It's been fun picking just the right pencil... the smallest of tasks that make writing this book feel like it will indeed take an eternity. One baby step at a time. :) Here's the full text:
"I tiptoed around conversation knowing she was about to show me her heart. That's what people do when they're about to expose their most raw, real selves… They involuntarily ask us for permission. They hesitate. They hesitate. And that's when the magic begins to happen. Because they're on the verge of sharing a burden that's too great to bear alone. This is the beauty of honor ability. It isn't for the faint of heart, but should we allow our hearts to blossom, under the bright sun have a kindred soul, I want to perceived bird and becomes a bridge that connects us to all of humanity." #sameinkdifferentday #art #carlirene #artistsoninstagram #handwritten #wearecreators

A journal I bought in NYC's @metmuseum last year. The paper is divine with a saddle stitch binding ~ made in Italy. Needlesstosay it's wearing rather wonderfully. Some women indulge in shoes and purses and I, I invest my heart in paper.

To define is to confine. “One who is immortal and who has control of everything that happens to him strikes me as self-condemned to eternal boredom, since he lives in a world without mystery or surprise.” - The Watercourse Way

I don’t remember the first time I heard this quote, but it stuck to me like glue. So this rolls through my head like the tide, of just letting things be, of not defining them, perhaps letting them breathe to be whatever it is they are… My mother just went through a major surgery and not having a complete list of every thing she’s been diagnosed with over her life and every surgery she’s had, limb operated on, medical condition annotated, I began a spread sheet last night to keep for us kids a record and this morning this all flows into my brain. So many things we are labeled in our lifetime, by ourselves, maybe by doctors, maybe by friends or former friends, rather, but we can choose you know, to step outside of that box.
Maybe it isn’t ill-will towards you but if feels like to you a definition that doesn’t fit or you’re working hard to break out of that mold (think Martha Stewart, Tiger Woods, any celeb that has undergone character drama for the world to see), someone wise once said “When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody may believe them.” So we take baby steps in the direction we want to go, maybe that isn’t even yet defined, and that’s all the better. We walk the path we choose to walk, every damn day, and it isn’t laid out, it can’t possibly be.
Let go of definitions today. Let go of the storyline you're writing in your head or think others are writing, of you. Relinquish a wee bit of control to your right brain. Choose to just BE. #truth #carlirene #inspiration #artistsoninstagram #atx #austin #socohotel #sameinkdifferentday

Don't tell me this kinda love is only in fairytales. Happy hump day ya'll. #ifportrait #atx #lovestory #reallife #love #makeportraits

@patikacoffee not only has a beautiful space and an updated brunch menu, they host events too! Their shaded patio in the back is divine even in this TX summer heat. Thanks for having me out to photograph @bluegoji! x #inkedfingersfood #foodismedicine #carlirene #atx #onthetable

Summer, in my eyes.
From one of my favorite shoots of all time (back story soon to be on @_carli) with @thewhittexperience
@willienelsonofficial's old tour bus

what i see x how ! see it
life's too short
just have to BE it
no swayin to the left or right
not wishing to be higher - when you're already the kite
just because you're looking doesn't mean you see
you can know it all: it's called mysteries
live it, walk it, breathe love in
bowing out of hatred will never be a sin
say the words you want to speak
be as quiet as a mouse if that's how your faucet leaks
be you
be you
be you and
close your eyes a time or two
so you can really feeeel it
almost doesn't count.
be it.

@elleluna says it so perfectly in her book "The Crossroads of Should and Must." Who doesn't ask at least once a month "Who Am I?" and in taking the time to sit in stillness and really evaluate where we're going, what motivates us, what we need to do to find peace and NOT just keep doing what we're doing , living in this rut ~because maybe it's all we know. Elle Luna's book is so inspiring like this... it asks really great questions to make us stir the pot of ... ourselves and see what it is we need to take out and add a little more of? It's beautiful. I'm basing a lot of my content during the group session of the June 8-10 Creative Workshop in NYC, on her book. Go to @margotblair's website to secure a ticket to the workshop where others like @tinaessmaker x @atasteofkoko x @clairezinnecker will be attending. In the mean time, go buy that book. Or better yet, if you leave a comment below I might just choose one of you to ship it too. It's so worth it. xo (More appropriately stated: You're so worth it.)

Over and over.
#inkedfingersadventures #latergram

#nowords Only the sound of the steady rise and fall of your breath

#foodismedicine Sometimes it's basil. Today it's cilantro. The fresh herbs of spring always revive my love of cooking. Frittatas are way too easy to whip up and it's a high protein snack that I can throw in any vegetable I might have in my fridge at the moment! I crack 6-8 eggs, add in a ridiculous amount of cheddar cheese (but you don't have to), salt, pepper, whatever veggies you have, cook it until it's about half done on the stove, then slide it into the oven at 350 for about 10-15 minutes until its puffy and perfection! :) side note, I add the fresh herbs on top and sometimes a handful of spinach just before it's done so the spinach doesn't get stringy! Also I never put avocado in it, just eat it with it after it's cooked! Bon appetite! xo #atx #carlirene #onthetable #whatsforlunch #breakfastrecipe #vegetarian #vegetarianrecipes #chef #inkedfingersfood

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