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Ink'd & Classi  I am a licensed and insured cosmetic tattoo artist specializing in Microblading! Check out my positive apparel graphic tee line at

LIP UPDATE!!!! Alright was definitely a hat day as both my lips and brows are healing!!! :)
My πŸ‘„ today still have some swelling and are a little tender. Following the aftercare instructions perfectly I am a little peely and tight. The color should start to soften soon.
#permanentlipstick #permanentmakeupkc

What a differance for this bombshell!
By raising her left brow just a smidge we were able to bring some symmetry and really open her gaze!
I chose a microblading shading combo which will heal softly with a powdery look 😍
PM to schedule to freshen up your look for the holidays and coming new year!

LIPS LIPS LIPS! How can you tell a client what to expect if you havent been through it????? Ill be posting tons about the healing of my new pout! πŸ‘„
* Pretty swollen post session. Feeling thight and numb. ;)

Get a jump start on holiday shopping next Sunday!!! BEERS & BOUTIQUES!
Sunday 10/21 * 12-5pm
@canoeclubkc in Lake Lottawana!

WARNING!!! Fresh Brows may cause sassiness! πŸ‘‘

YALL!!! MY FAVORITE EVENT every fall!!! Beers and Boutiques, hosted by my dear dear friends at @3_anchors_boutique
Sunday 10/21 from 12-5!!! . LAST EVENT OF 2018
. Huge Sale Racks

Lower Liner only.....yes please! πŸ™Œ
##permanentmakeupkc #eyelinertattoo

Every woman needs a mentor!
Not a career mentor.....a dont wanna tell your momma, go to gal for wisdom, what would you do kinda mentor! She is mine. Julie Wolff........thank you!
#soulfood #mentor

Selfie shout out to Calli!

Yes, even if you have full brows 😍
#fullbrowskc #microshadingkc

Her excitement when she doesnt have to pencil on her brows on this rainy Sunday!

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