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I N K A  Earth Lover Virgo ♡ 🇫🇷+🇦🇺 Raised in Bali/Indonesia Recently moved to 🇬🇧 IMG Worldwide 🌏🌱#peoplechangenotclimatechange •

1 more day of 🌞😪

⏰💭🕘💭 @thebeachwoods

Me n beautiful baby Fiji 🌸

Got sick today so decided to play dress up @home and rest 👼🏽 which one’s ur fave? 1,2or 3 .... 🤔🌡🔮🛋

We really need to find a solution to plastic 😭 do you know how hard it is to find clear waters like this now in Indonesia? (Especially Bali). Plastic/Single use plastic is soooo lethal. You really see how destructive it is when You live close to the ocean. We use it once, and it doesn’t decompose for 450years or more... When I go snorkelling now a days, I see more plastic then fish, and all the coral is dying/bleached from the chemicals we use in the shower/sink/washing machines everyday. I know this may look like just another video of a girl in a bikini, but im really just enjoying being able to swim in pure clean water while I can. I see drastic changes and a scary amount of pollution increase every year. I really want to put the word out there and of course want to start really pushing myself,changing my habits, fighting the system and find ways around this horrible substance that companies mass-produce and overuse. After all, thats all I can do for now. I have to start somewhere : my own will. ( idk why this quality is so bad 😭😭😭)

Always Lovin’ my green’s 🌿🌴🌱🌵🥦🥦🥦🥦🥑🥒🥝🍏

Les mythes & les athées sont doublement divins & mourants
Nous vivons, nous mourons & la mort n’arrête rien
Nous poursuivons notre voyage dans le
Jim Morrison

Taking over @BondsAus instagram tomorrow! Ill be sharing my day in Bali with you guys. 💛 #Bondsbodies #bondsaus • 📷 @lifewithoutandy

Ur girl’s all grown up. 🎂 #19 • growing, falling,learning,shining more every year. Lucky to have good people surrounding me in life. Thank you for making me feel the 💓 I have a big journey ahead (i can feel it) and im going to have to work very hard for it. In the meanwhile, I’m charging my batteries, learning to protect my sensitive-self , preparing for that world so that I can bring in the best version of myself. The strong version of myself. The flame of passionate love in my heart can keep burning high up, but my head will always stay on the ground. Truly In Love with this earth, the animals, the nature of it all and my intention will always be to do my best in caring for it. 🌏 Thank you for following me for another year around the ☀️. Its been a long journey. Slowly but surely as they say ❤️

Life’s a beach... look @ how much im suffering here

My mom really wanted me to post this.... for anyone who doesn’t know,I’m wearing a traditional Balinese headpiece and makeup 🙃 my lil tribute to this spiritual Island that I am proud to call home. #anakbali #Baliraised

To think I’ve had this photo in my camera roll for almost 2 yrs and never wanted to post it coz i thought i looked too skinny. Its how i am, i dont care what anyone thinks anymore

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