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For as long as I can remember I love watches, something I believe I have inherited from my grandmother.
One of my watches is manual winding, and recently I read an article about Jay Leno, who collects fine watches, where he mentioned that winding his watch daily made him more mindful about time.
My question to you is "does automation takes away mindfulness about things we deeply care about but become less involved with?". What are your thoughts? Thanks for sharing.
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I am currently reading the memoires of Phil Knight, the co-founder of NIKE, in my quest to learn something new everyday.
There was one small sentence that caught my special attention; "One task clears the mind". We are all frequently overwhelmed by things that happen around us. Getting the focus back to that one simple task can have a big impact on how you experience the moment. Try it for yourself the next time it is getting a little too much, "Just do that little task" and check back how you feel after you have completed it.
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One of the most revealing books I have every read is "Mindset" by Carol Dweck. It describes two types of mindsets, the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. We often get stuck in a fixed mindset. An example of a fixed mindset is to think in absolute terms like good and bad. A growth mindset allows thinking and a believe that nothing is fixed and you can always move up as long as you are willing to commit. So don't let anyone tell you that you can't do what you want to and become who you want to become. Check out Carol Dweck's work if you like to learn more. #caroldweck #mindset #growthmindset #fixedmindset This photo was taken by Jon Swain. This post is scheduled with @itspreppr.

Today's thought of the day came from a conversation with my father-in-law; "You need only two things to be successful in life; endless commitment and no excuses". I believe we all are so good at coming up with excuses for not doing stuff that after we don't even know that we are making an excuse.
What do you care about most and willing to dedicate your life to?
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Do you often feel tired and maybe even a little cranky? Did you know that people tend to underestimate the effect of sleep deprivation? Two to three weeks of too little sleep can already reducing your performance by 30-40% while we believe we might just perform 5% below our normal level. Sleep deprivation has hunted me for the longest time. I used to have a strong belief that replacing sleep by work was a good idea, but today I consider healthy living more like a marathon instead of a sprint. I recently started going to bed at by 8:30pm and wake up around 5am and what I learned is that I feel better because I am more rested and feel like ahead of the game all day.
Do you experience sleep deprivation and what do you do about it? I would love to hear your stories.
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It has been about 6 years ago when I started doing yoga for the first time. Many times I received recommendations by various people that yoga would be something for me. The fact that a doctor told me to learn to live with my lower back pain was a sign and a turning point to start doing yoga. It turned out to be a great recommendation as my lower back has never been better since I do yoga. Unfortunately it remains challenging to do it every day with great discipline, but with 1 step at the time I do get better. What are your experiences with yoga? Love to hear your stories! This post was published with @itspreppr #preppr This photo was taken by Julia Caesar

Are you using Instagram to grow your business? Interested to become a beta tester for our new Instagram planning and publishing tool @itspreppr? Send a message to @cva71 when you like to learn more. This post is published with @itspreppr #preppr . This photo was taken by @andersjildenphotography

Do you recognise knowing what to do, but not doing it, even if you know in your gut that it is good for you? I have experienced this for the longest time. Yesterday I learned about the 5 second countdown concept developed by @melrobbinslive. Applying the 5 second countdown anytime you procrastinate is going to get you in gear. Mel can explain this much better so check her interview with @impacttheory . Have a great day full of action. This post is published via @itspreppr. This photo is taken by @spacex

Today I witnessed snow falling in Shanghai. Looking at snow flakes up close you discover a whole new world of beauty in the seemingly simple things in life.
What have you discovered when looking up close today?
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What I learned from animals. Let me introduce Mr Darcy, our white tiger. We picked him up from the street about 5 months ago when he decided to follow me on my way home and half way home I decided to take care of him. What I learned from animals amongst many other things are trust, loyalty and unconditional love. What are your experiences? This post is published with @itspreppr

Spring is coming! What are you looking forward to this spring? This post is scheduled with @itspreppr

Todays question: What do you do to preserve life? I make an effort when i find any insect in my house to take it outside. The older I become the more obsessed I got with all living. To me life is a miracle and in our and future generations interest we altogether should do all we can to preserve it. #todaysquestion #ink361 This@post is published with Preppr @itspreppr