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Gabe & Anna Liesemeyer  Home design + family. Surviving with ☕️ and humor. Atlanta, GA Newly launched: @shopihod

I’ve been working on something for a while, and I think I can finally share! 😅 IHOD PRESETS are dropping in May! Which feels like a total blogger cliché these days (lollll.) I wanted to think of what you could use most, so I’ve made some that will help give your night time, indoor photos, portraits, and everything in between a little magic. ✨🎉💃🏽 I put the link in my profile where you can sign up to be notified when they release. Can’t wait to share them with you! *Photo from a few weeks before I had Azelie, edited with the Dusk preset.*

Happy Sunday! This week was a mix of birthday parties, soccer games, school projects, potty training, happy and sad milestones, and a lot of deep breath sighs exchanged between Gabe and I. There are weeks I wonder how we found time to shower, and yet I understand we are right in the middle of the golden years. Just doing our best for the people we love the most. #parenthood

(Part 2) One year ago we heard the words “your baby no longer has a heartbeat.” Words that seared into the deepest part of me and carved a hole that may never be filled earth side. We aren’t always given answers or happy endings in life, but we can allow difficulties to shape us into something new. We can listen to it’s sting, and step forward with greater empathy for the world around us. We named our baby Cecilia Rose, and the little magnolia tree we planted in her honor bloomed for the first time this spring. She gave me an incredible gift- a greater awareness to the fragility and miracle of life! I still marvel at the irony of shedding tears over an unexpected pregnancy (Azelie), and a short time later shedding tears over the loss of one. This is not the story I would have written, but it’s one that I have come to peace with knowing it is all part of becoming who I was created to be. ✨

If you are going through this, I wrote my experience and shared resources on the blog that’s linked in my stories. Please reach out to me if you need someone to talk to.) Thank you to all of you for your love and support this past year!

We have some fun news! This room has landed in the May issue of @hgtv magazine! (On stands now.) We can’t believe it. Learning to stop and celebrate the good moments as they come, so we had an idea! Snap a picture of pg. 54 if you see the issue, and tag us in your stories. We will be choosing a name and sending one of you a $100 visa gift card! 🎉 🎊 #homesweethome

Can’t believe we actually pulled it off! So grateful for each and every one of these women. We traveled from different states, all juggling many hats in life (quite literally and figuratively😉). No matter what phase of life you are in, I’ve realized how important it is to surround yourself with friendships that uplift and encourage you. These gems are the real deal! 👉🏼 @paigechristensen @taylergolden @jessiepennington @gparrish ————-
✨Thanks a mill to @wigwamresort for hosting us! #restretreat #wigwamarizona

Had no intention of this being a well traveled baby but here we are! Taking advantage of the second tri-high;) Spent the weekend in Phoenix, AZ @wigwamresort with some very dear friends. Women also figuring out motherhood and home businesses. This year I knew I needed to fight for the right circles of support. Really grateful to Gabe for encouraging me to go and taking care of the babes! Heading home feeling completely renewed. #17weeks #restretreat #wigwamarizona

Hey! 👋🏼 I don’t mean to go MIA so much this year, but I call it a healthy relationship with instagram. Only coming here when I have a positive mindset or something to share. I no longer feel obligated to post or anxious about keeping up. This app has no control over my life, and that’s when it actually becomes uplifting and fun! Wanted to share this because many of you have asked how we find balance here since it’s a part of our work. Well nothing is worth taking away the peace in your life. One day I’d love to step away altogether! Anywayssss, a snap from a biscuit making class with the whole crew! I’m so happy their share my passion for carbs. 😉 Best biscuits in the south right here. Enjoying our own city of Atlanta for spring break this year! Thanks for having us @callieshotlittlebiscuit :)

(Part 1 of 3) Azelie came as the biggest shock of my life. I found out I was pregnant with her when Rocco was only 6 months old. I felt overwhelmed, terrified, and incapable. I cried on the bathroom floor, and wondered how I would do it all. I felt guilty for these emotions. I remember Gabe wiping my tears and reminding me that if God created this life, He would bring good from it. Well, as you may know, we call this blue eyed belle ‘Zel’. She is 110% vivacious and full of light. She is my living reminder that sometimes the greatest gifts we receive in our life are not written in our own plans.

She changed our lives for the better as each of my children have, and she made my heart more receptive for what was to come. (Share your own surprise baby story below! I’d love to read them.)

Spring Fever? Baby Nesting? Whatever it is, I’m getting the itch to clean and shift around and tornado my way through the house. 🌪 😬✨Something much easier to change up than furniture though is bedding. We get a lot of questions about this duvet and it’s 50% off today! Sharing our master bedroom + 3 questions I always ask myself before making a purchase for our home on IHOD today. (Linked in profile.) #springfevaaaah

Pretty sure this place was ready to kick these troublemakers out after their very enthusiastic pursuit of every plant they could reach. 🙃 The weekend roundup is on the blog, and I’d love for you to weigh on Instagram vs. blogging! Link in profile:)

Sharing a Q&A on insta stories right now covering your questions on home design, marriage, and family! ✨ Realized we never shared this video of our basement studio room. It was unfinished when we moved in, and layer by layer it’s coming together! Brick and plaster wall by the incredible @emilypopeharris.

I can’t believe we actually pulled this off. Last minute (inspired by a month of perpetual rain), we decided to surprise our kids with their first ever trip to Disney World, and arrived 3 days later. Turns out a spontaneous trip with no expectations can still be a memorable experience. ✨
What I love about this place is that it has the ability to tap into the best parts of childhood in all of us! I am the pregnant emotional mother who cried when her daughter saw her favorite characters in the parade. 😂 I’d love to share an honest re-cap about making the most of Magic Kingdom in one day with different ages, so feel free to leave us Q’s if you have them:) #thesearethedays #waltdisneyworld

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