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Today we lost a family member in Aspirin the cat. This picture sums up my feeling on him. Always in the way, to the point of me thinking he spent the last 7 years sarcastically fucking with me. I'd often joked about offering to let friends take him (because everyone loved him), but he was there for Silje when I couldn't be, and for that I love him. RIP to a worthy adversary ❤️. I'll take care of her for you.

Here's the promo for our Barbershop Quartet cd coming out next month. I have to do the part that hits the high notes, due to the other three being straight edge, and they refuse to get high. Solid crew of dudes at @gelynmo and @edgelandpodcast wedding. Photo by the supremely talented @ashleyjenningsphoto . Such a great day.

This picture doesn't do justice to how much this statue's face says, "Bitch, you ain't a messiah".

Another one with my dude @jtxvx shot by my dudette @middlexfinger #litfam

Had an awesome day of jumping off of things and into other things with @jtxvx and @middlexfinger today. Capped it off with a proper celebration of free slurpee day. Will Smith would be proud of this Summer Summer Summer Time.

Pie Hard 2: Pie Harder

Yo, Spider-Man was so good last night that I was inspired to make this really awesome #cosplay . But for real, it's seriously so good, and is in play for the best comic book movie ever, in my opinion. #theundieswereclean

Happy 4th of July from my life. #theyhavethesameface

Someone on the Internet photoshop combined Guy Fieri and Hillary Clinton...and somehow it's just straight up Lars Ulrich. #shouldvebeenhim #somekindofmonster #imwithflavortown

Yesterday @sillysilje put a tiny filler of our dog #cupcakeramone as Bart Simpson on me. Cowabunga, dude.

"Danger". Our song was cut short by a commotion involving an ambulance and a fire truck. I can only assume it was a grizzly murder. But like the kind that doesn't involve grizzly bears. @all_rad_days

Straight conjurin'.

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