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"No TV and no beer makes Homer something something...". Just finished this Shining carpet cross stitch that took like a month. It was all work, no play, and almost drove me crazy- but I'm hyped on how it came out. 🔪

Yo, fuck the North. (Edit: I mean the south. Man, fuck it. Game of thrones reference, because I'm hip to what the #millennials like) #blessed

Two days ago, my application for temporary residency in Norway was denied. The main issue is that the Norwegian government really only cares about whether or not Silje can support me if I turn out to be a leech on the system (during this application process, I have not been allowed to work). The problem is that Silje works in a profession that isn't salary based, so its essentially impossible to prove that over a year, she would make enough to support me. So in order to make it work, I would have to move back to the States, while she stayed here and worked for at least a year, documenting everything. On top of that, the government has decided that my reason for wanting to even be in Norway is insufficient, so its not guaranteed that even after this year apart, that I would be approved.

I have three weeks to leave the country.

That's a long way of saying that I'll be moving back to Portland in the coming weeks. Silje will stay behind for a few months and close up our lives here, while I start our lives in Portland from scratch. If anyone knows of a cheap room for rent (for a a month, or so, while I find a more permanent place for Silje and I) or know of a job thats hiring, I would be very appreciative. I wont be jumping right back into making coils, and would like to do something interesting, for a while, if possible. But I'd basically be down for whatever.

Please understand if I'm a bit hesitant to talk too much about the overall situation right now, as I've been talking about it constantly for the last few months, and I'm a little tired of the subject. Maybe we can talk about it over a beer or root beer some time. I will say that I'm not devastated by the news. I tend to think in realistic terms, and wasn't really caught off guard by the news. I generally hate the term, but "it is what it is". Life in Norway was an interesting experience despite not being allowed to work or leave the country. I met some rad people and did some cool things. But, honestly, I was starting to get the feeling that Norwegian society, as a whole, wasn't for me anyway....

Here's an old picture that I like, with the Riker to my Picard 🖖❤

Here's my cute as hell nephew getting #siqwitit. No, I didn't teach him how to hardcore dance. I'm assuming this is his best Donkey Kong? Either way, the video clearly needed some Integrity. @wormfost @criddlebug20 #dennisthemenace #thatcowlickthough

I embroidered this little monster dude for my buddy @tonybluearms, that his son drew for him, as a thank you gift. Its not perfect, but I hope I did it some justice! 👹
Unrelated- I've had some people ask me to do a cross stitch for them, and I really don't mean to be dismissive or rude, but I usually/always tell people "no, but thank you", because theres a ton of work involved generally. It can take weeks for some of them, because I'm not very good or fast at it. So coming up with a price seems so awkward/unfair. Im totally flattered, but for now, I'm just doing it for fun. ❤

I wish I could still live here in Oslo, but hug all of these people, and all of my Portland baes whenever I want. Star Trek needs to hurry the fuck up. I'm trying to get beamed up, son.

@sillysilje has been using extra milk in her Wheaties lately. This is also the average height of Norwegian women, FYI. #norwegianfacts

I wish I could do more at the moment, but Norway is as expensive as you've heard. The ACLU is doing some crucial work though, so if you can, kick down a few dollars and get that Karma credit score up. ✊️

I got this rad mug from my friend @christinekrieg - "Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man". Women, POC, LGBTQ, etc, don't let these dark days make you feel like you're not AT LEAST as important as this mediocre (mostly) white man. ✊️ #feminist #equality #fucktrump

Cool buildings are cool.

One of my favorite dudes @jacksjer came to visit, and after about 7 years of talking about it, today we were about it. @sillysilje put these "two glasses of ice water with ice" tattoos on us. Stoked! #fearandloathinginlasvegas #toomuchtootoomuch